Dead Game News – Channel Intro

Dead Game News – Channel Intro

Hi! Welcome to Dead Game News,
the news channel devoted to dead games. I started this because of a trend I
hate in gaming, which is: killing them. So what is a dead game? It’s not a game that no one is playing
anymore; that’s just an inactive game. A “dead game” is one
that is IMPOSSIBLE to play because it relied on a
company server in order to run and the company has since shut it down. In the early days of gaming,
this never happened because no game was designed
with a kill-switch built into it. That’s why you can still play them now. But nowadays, games are
getting shut down all the time and we’re destroying gaming
history and sometimes good games. In fact, this is happening SO MUCH now, I think there’s room to
make a news channel on it. So this will be all the news I can
find about games that are either dying or have been resurrected
because every once in a while, some superfans used some coding
necromancy to create gaming zombies. It sure as hell isn’t the
parent company saving them. If you’re a gamer, you’d better hope
I’m NOT covering any games you like because most of what I’m going to be
reporting is going to be BAD NEWS. Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not going to
put a lot of production value into this. It’s probably just going to be some random
gameplay footage and me talking over it. Ta-da! That’s because normally,
I’m making videos with a script, editing, hopefully that’s something
that’s worth watching, so I don’t want to take too
much time away from that but killing games is getting under my skin so I want to at least keep a record of it. There won’t be a set schedule,
I might be late with the news… whatever. I’m the equivalent of an elderly night
watchman who’s not very effective, but he IS better to have around
than literally nothing at all. That’s kind of where
we’re at with this topic. In fact, I would LOVE for this
channel was made irrelevant because we’ve STOPPED KILLING GAMES!
THERE’S NOTHING TO REPORT! That would be nice. But until then,
I’ll report everything I find. Or hey, send me the news yourself.
Maybe I can give you a shout-out. So, yeah. Welcome to Dead Game News. [Subtitles by danielsangeo]


  • SpecLad

    Would you consider a game dead if it's still playable, but impossible to obtain? Like P.T., which was infamously pulled from the PS Store? I think there's more to game death than just shut down servers.

  • icthulu

    Looking at the dislikes for COD's new game, I would like to report that this game is dying and may need you to ferry the soul across the river Styx.

  • Michael Buehler

    It's also good to have another channel in case your main channel gets hit with something from YouTube.

  • Radioactive FistFoot

    Durk durk, they took our games! Just kidding, I love this idea. I know you said you ain't gonna cover games we like, I'm just pulling your leg here… but I'd love to see a tribes 2 related video from you sometime. It was a great game that had it's masterserver nuked and the fans made their own masterserver, so it kinda was dead and came to life some years ago.

  • xoyv

    the iorny is that i have a retail copy of warhammer online that i got for 99 cents, WEEKS before it got the noose

    also, would this cover bigger games that you actually pay for, or does it cover "free to play games" too?

  • Dleduc02

    The first online game I ever played was Tony Hawk's Underground on the Playstation 2. It had a small, yet devoted following until Neversoft eventually killed the servers for the PS2. But alas THUG Pro was released as a PC mod that incorperated all of the levels from previous tony hawk's games as well as many great features including full controller support. It would be awesome to see you cover this as a game that has been revived by fans in a great way!

  • Thomas Blithe

    I had one of the worst possible consumer experiences possible with Need For Speed: World. I preordered it for $60, hated it ant it's shitty pay to win mechanics (which, keep in mind were in place BEFORE the game was free) they went f2p and then killed it. I only wanted to go back to it after playing through most wanted to see the upscaled graphics. NOPE, it's dead.

  • Benjamin Kerger

    For anyone wondering the game in the background, it is called "Warhammer Online". It was shutdown in December 2013. If you still want to play it I recommend "Return of Reckoning" it is an all private server that "serves" as an emulator for the original Warhammer online. It has a pretty good population, a dedicated staff, and I think you should check it out.

  • mikemike9797

    when thq went down my favourite xbla arena shooter went down with it Nexuiz. was a great and active game that nobody seemed to talk about then bam no online access.

  • EarFarce4

    Lack of control.
    Basically my problem when Steam decides to completely download an 'updated' version of a game i own on disk, meaning i can't access it if i have no internet connection and lose it forever if i lose my account for some reason because the access codes are non transferable.
    Fuck Steam.

  • xweert711

    Ross, thanks for this. I've been sending links to this channel to various DRM supporters just to provide a list of examples why DRM can be bad.

  • Death Knight Ebonshield

    Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition has been pulled from Steam stores, gog, and other game stores online. This is favor of the Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary. M.E. contained the original episodes and the expansion which include Duke in D.C., Life's A Beach, the Birth, Nuclear Winter, and a level editor. The 20th Anniversary will only have the original episodes and a 4th episode with only 8 levels. I'm not sure if would consider this a dead game seeing how Duke is still available but the fact that this new Duke game is getting half the stuff removed and only replaced with 1 episode at a price of $20 it's pretty much a dick move.

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