If you are against Trump then you are against Americans which makes you a traitor. READ THIS https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/ DONT BE BRAINWASHED BY THE MEDIA AND DEEP STATE.

  • Sebastian Di

    Those women that are against Trump look like they went to a beauty doctor. Now they are looking like Daisy Duck and having the big mouth. I am not a republican. I am a social democrat. But it is easy to hurt Trump these days.

  • paul mc

    CNN, zucker says completely unbiased, you should listen to him,,,,, or he will fire you, or character assassinate you, on a side note, RNC members not allowed to ask questions without permission, call witnesses without permission, or to cross examine without permission. Sounds good lou.

  • paul mc

    Um, so the point that dnc leadership, was calling for impeachment before he even was sworn in,,,, has nothing to do with ,,,, impeachment,, you guys, are so funny :).

  • paul mc

    Why is the dnc/media, now want the whistle blower, who wants to speak, to be sileneced, and the rnc wants to hear from him????? oh that is not an allowed question,,, sorry.

  • C Lee

    You people are funny over here this far left.. Hows the Meme's coming along? -_- oh wait your not funny… Democracy dies in BARKNESS!!

  • Wasted Dude

    FIGHT THE ESTABLISHMENT: Forget Republican, Democrat, and Trump. On 11/02/19, I made up my mind. I'm voting Sanders because of what CCN and the DNC are doing to actively sabotage his campaign AGAIN! Freaking AGAIN! I'm so tired of all the BS! Everybody knows who's side he's on. The last time the DNC plotted against Sanders, Trump won. Why are they doing it again? Why? YOU know who's side he's on. Be an American! Live or die on your own terms! Ask yourself: WHY IS EVERYBODY LYING TO US!!!!

  • li zhou


  • shitz Mgee


  • Krisdaan 1

    Regardless of how all this turns out, the country is being destroyed From the Inside Out it will never be the same, and can only get worse. There won't be any United States left it'll be another shitholecountry that is broke and poor because well enough could not be left alone. Due to Donald Trump syndrome we will no longer have things in our countries that other countries used to have themselves . The United States is full of chaos confusion and lack of government control , because you could not wait for a president to finish his term it will not be worth it in the end, I thank God that I'm old and had a good life, because you all will be miserable in 10 years

  • Johnmatrix1000

    Trumps doing s good job, my salary went up a fair bit for the first time in 12 years and my 401K is great. Will vote for him again.

  • James Pine

    I read that transcript and no where in that whole transcript did Trump say he would withhold anything from Ukraine if they don't check on Joe Biden. And the first thing talks about Muller, that this whole thing came from Ukraine with the Muller investigation and Trump said to the Ukraine President that he wanted him to look into it. Trump never said if you don't look into that you get no aid. Also the Biden thing, President Trump said I heard Biden bragging about the prosecution to get his son off. And Trump said it's not fair if that was what happened and if he can find anything or look into that. He again never said this whole thing about How Biden like you liberal people are trying to say he did. Read the transcript before you believe this fake news crap.

  • neverend777

    SO why are none of the Democratic candidates talking about impeachment? (Specifically in Iowa) Also why are they not talking about the economy? Democrats and their mouthpieces like CNN suck at strategy…

  • Jay M

    During the past 20 years, China's government has dramatically improved the standard of living of their citizens. The same cannot be said of the US government.

  • huckle berry

    Polosi is too drunk and corrupt. She will be voted out and her son's involvement in Ukraine coming to light will be doom.

  • Jerrett Featherston

    Major concern, hundreds of years of history, socialism has shown over and over again, like Scandinavian countries, and Switzerland, these and every country taking a socialistic economy were no only in trouble, but more horrendous still personal freedoms were taken away. These countries mentioned had to implement a free economy to restore their country. In Switzerland one of these redos of theirs is equivalent to our social security, the fix was set up, which is akin to a 410K, a insurance, on permission, by the worker to take out of their wages for different needs of the person. Please pass this information on, because 70% of millennials think socialism is a viable choice.

  • A Queen Stands Alone

    Never forget that 2 Democratic Congressmen tried to have a vote to start impeachment of Trump. Pelosi told them both NO. AOC & Green wanted her vote out of the Speaker seat. The call of over 1,000 Ukraine soldiers killed by Putin while Trump held aid agreed on by both Republicans & Democrats pushed Pelosi. Even after Trump is in prison or dead the United States will never be looked upon by any other country as the leader of democracy. That isTrump’s legacy. Nancy Pelosi refused to let that be her legacy. Even if Trump is re-elected it will be to a Democratic majority House & Senate. Dark times ahead

  • Nick Nova

    Shame on you CNN every day that all you talk about for the past 3 years impeachment Breaking news Breaking news Breaking…LOL

  • M Fritz

    Pelosi is insuring Trump will win in 2020.Shes the worst speaker of all time and that will be her legacyBecause of her alone,a republican house and Senate is coming as well.All she can do now,is go get drunk with cnn

  • Mr233191962

    This lady is even more schizophrenic than Clinton.. it in hospital, Yes treated !! Her son. . how Biden's son stole Americans ' money in Ukraine !!! Ask her what HER SON was DOING IN UKRAINE !! ?? Her in prison and her son to put !!

  • Kevin Duggan

    Trump gave the green light to attack the Catholic kids “America First” in order to defend David Rubin and GlobalHomo “Turning Point USA. The idea is to keep the 80 billion going to Israel and Drag Kids story time.

  • robert jackson

    Dear Democrats and Liberals, OUR President helped Americans get wise to your tactics! The division you created with your fake news, indoctrination of the youth in our schools…Your corrupt cities, your hate groups ….Kkk, Blm , LGBT, Antifa and more! Are only for self gratification and votes! Division at its finest! However, it's over! Americans have opened their eyes and have seen the ugly truth of your Left-wing, Globalist and Communist ideas! We as Americans aren't Gay, straight, Black, White , Asian , Hispanic, Native ..Jew… Muslim… Christian… Catholic…none of it!…Just Americans…. that Love our Freedom, our religions and just want the best for ourselves and our families! #Trump2020 #NoMoreDivision #OneLoveUSA

  • Akisha Washington

    Nancy Pelosi is nasty evil liar. Her California district is littered with hundreds of thousands of homeless throwing 
    heroin needles and their own feces on the streets surrounding her multi-million dollar home which has a ten-foot WALL
    around it (think of it as a border between the rich and homeless).

  • Pablo Paredes

    #Ultimo. Un testigo nos relata así la situación que se vive en este momento en los alrededores del aeropuerto de El Alto:
    “Dentro del aeropuerto hay mucha gente que quiere entrar incluso a la sala de llegada de pasajeros. Han intentado entrar. La Policía los ha detenido. Está llena de periodistas ese lado. Afuera hay una turba increíble. Toda la entrada al aeropuerto está con llantas quemándose. Te obligan a bajarte del auto para identificarte. Bajan a la gente, la arrinconan y golpean. A dos señores les pidieron sus carnets y como eran potosinos no los dejaron entrar. Te hacen gritar “Viva Evo”. Te insultan. Es un trato increíble. Los policías han hecho cordón y ni siquiera la gente que sale a pie se puede librar de esta requisa. Hay cierta Inteligencia que les ha dicho que Camacho sigue en el aeropuerto y no se mueven. Un grupo de damas peruanas que llegaban han vuelto al counter de Avianca y han pedido su retorno porque dicen que es un país peligroso”.

    Denuncio ante @icao @oaci que Aeropuerto Internacional de el Alto #SLLP #LPB ha sido tomado por grupos violentos, no permiten ingreso o salida de pasajeros nacionales e internacionales. NO SE GARANTIZA LA SEGURIDAD INTERNACIONAL Y OPERACIONES AÉREAS. Copia/pega por favor, no dejemos solos a nuestros compañeros

    #Fdelrincon #CNNEspañol
    #BoliviaLibre #FuerzasArmadasBolivianas #PoliciaNacionalBoliviana
    #Democracia #CNN #BBC #ChauEvo #NewYorkTimes #WashingtonPost #TelemundoInternacional #Telemundo #Oea #Onu #FernandoDelRincon #JaimeBaily #Paz #Bolivia #Santacruzdelasierra #Cochabamba #LaPaz #Beni

  • BenNuttinYahoosreel

    Project Veritas exposes sexual harassment cover up at CNN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAa6hrQ0Ra4 Also, #epsteindidntkillhimself

  • RAP

    This Impeachment HOAX perpetrated by Liberal Political SCUMBAGS and REPROBATES will result in the Full Rejection of many Democrat candidates next year. The Republican Party will Takeover the House, Retain the Senate and the Presidency. ALL Liberal Media WEASELS and Liberal Civilian DOLTS must prepare themselves for the Reelection of President Trump and the continuation of his EXCELLENT America First Agenda for our nation. GOOD TIMES!!!

    MAGA! KAG!


    KOREAN Parliamentary audit on Na Kyung-won's children's denial of college admission – YALE

  • Joe Blow

    Jordan Peterson bitch slapping Democrat point of view. This is what you stupid people need to do- listen to opposing points.
    That's why you guys are so without the lack of a better word- stupid


  • Tony Haziri

    Hi CNN can you Investigate SiteMan Cancer Center I call them SiteMan Medicare Steelers Center Barnes Jewish Hospital they Killed my Father for Medicare Money Clearly his doctor was Benjamin Tan He is from Philippines many others there was playing with his body because of Medicare Money

  • Iasan O’lunney

    Trump can say whatever he wants and the liberals will go against it…just try it on a small scale in society it is hilarious to play with these people…so full of hate

  • Larry Champion

    Google has stolen the North Pole and I want it back

       It was there in
    1958 when Nautilus went under the 18,000 milelong ICE CAP.  https://www.upi.com/Archives/1958/08/08/Nautilus-completes-polar-trip/8421501554758/  https://spacecoastdaily.com/2016/10/video-uss-nautilus-began-navys-nuclear-propulsion-program-77-years-ago/    It
    was there in 2016 for the ICEX 2016 Fair. 
    https://youtu.be/PSE9Zjh364M   it use looked like THIS:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Political_Map_of_the_Arctic.pdf

  • carmen patricia conde fierro

    Does anybody knows why I have been looking at the same news in the front page ?  nobody is changing accordingly to what is the latest news of the day?

  • Rhino Republican Entertainment

    Why are u wasting your time? Youre not going to get Trump removed and over turn the 2016 election and get your open borders back

  • J B

    Independent= Proud and Patriotic American. God bless all the independents out there no matter who you vote or voted for. Follow the facts, not the party lines.

  • Steve M

    Whaaaaat ??? They’re trying to impeach Trump? Why hasn’t cnn been covering this? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    🎉🎉🎉4 MORE YEARS 🎉🎉🎉

  • Arga Riski


  • C Haz

    I'm not subscribed, I won't be a mainstream idiot like so many of you here. I just come every now and then for a laugh at how stupid this organization is.

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