CRETE TV: Breaking news – System generates energy from waves in Heraklion

CRETE TV: Breaking news – System generates energy from waves in Heraklion

Georgia Makaki, CRETE TV: Breaking news –
The generation of electricity from ocean waves is tested for the first time worldwide
at the Port of Heraklion. Ioannis Bras, CEO, Heraklion Port Authority:
We have closed a contract with a German company, the University of Munich
and the Ministry. The module will be installed at the outer port wall
where it will function most efficiently and generate maximum output.
A single module will be operated here for a year where the energy of the waves will be measured
and how the module reacts to the waves. It is a worldwide pilot project,
a worldwide unique patent, that we have brought to Heraklion
in cooperation with SINN Power, a German company. Vaggelis Tsampourakis,
Operations Manager, Heraklion Port Authority: The development of this patent was
financed by the German government. It was tested in closed environments,
like wave tanks and so on, before. The planned demonstration serves to test
the technology under real operating conditions. This is what the Port of
Heraklion was chosen for. CRETE TV: The worldwide
unique patented technology is already in the Port of Heraklion,
and soon the tests that will last one year
will begin. Bras: Personnel will be
here at all times, 1-2 persons from the German company and the university.
They will observe the entire development. There will also be a live camera,
here and on the internet, so you can watch
the entire procedure. In the next two years
the entire world will talk about us. Tsampourakis: The technology
uses the motion of the waves. A large floating body is
moved by the waves. A lifting rod that moves up and down
generates electric energy. CRETE TV: There are specialized
personnel in Heraklion to capture the data.
It is a worldwide pilot project that the Port of Heraklion has won.
Together with the German company, the Port has applied for EU funds
in order to be able to implement a full-scale project
in Heraklion. Bras: In addition, we have
collaborated with the Ministry to apply for a Horizon 2020 project
worth 3 million euros, together with the company
and the universities and other countries. It is a competitive process,
but if it is approved, we will develop a full-scale project here
worth 3 million euros. If this happens, we are confident
that not only the port breakwater, but also the coastal region and even areas beyond this
can be supplied with electricity from the waves. CRETE TV: Generating electricity
from waves is very beneficial for society, not only locally,
but worldwide. Bras: We will collaborate with
the Technical University (TEI) as well as the local administration
to use the opportunity to educate young people in
this area of knowledge. The company has agreed to
organize information projects where they can go in summer
to learn at the site what this technology means,
how we can tame the waves and use it for the benefit
of the local community.

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