Could the U.S. defense system stand an attack from Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he got nuclear weapons that are invincible and that the nuclear arms race is back on threatening to turn tensions with Washington into a new Cold War we are in this environment where both Russia and the US are introducing new weapons the American people this administration’s highest priority is your safety and security the new nuclear policy came out on February 2nd and the Pentagon called for the introduction of two new types of nuclear weapon delivery systems and mainly aimed at Russia Putin actually said that it was a response to that so the question is are we in this environment where we’re back in an arms race in both the US and Russia are going to be trying to introduce new capabilities to pressure one another the main thing that wouldn’t set today that’s important is that it’s a cruise missile it’s not a ballistic missile and cruise missiles may hug terrain and they they travel very quickly and so that makes it very hard for defenses to protect against them the fact that Russia is putting new threatening cruise missiles into their arsenal makes makes it much harder of course for the US to defend against them because we have very limited defenses against cruise missiles full stop whether they’re nuclear are not nuclear and one of the things to keep in mind is that the genesis of US missile defense systems was in the Cold War era and the initial idea was that the US could build some sort of giant shield that would protect against all the Soviet missiles that might hit the US homeland but we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies but after the collapse of the Soviet Union the u.s. reoriented its missile defense program towards rogue actors such as Iran and North Korea kind of giving up the idea that we would be able to protect the United States against or you needed to protect the United State and instead focusing our efforts on could we shoot down one two three a hand missiles that are coming from North Korea at the United States Putin is is saying that these new missiles that Russia is developing would be able to penetrate u.s. missile defenses there’s no way that US missile defenses would be able to fend off a full-scale attack from Russia anyway Russia has thousands of missiles including intercontinental ballistic missiles they could launch more missiles than we have interceptors the way we prevent a full-blown confrontation like that with Russia is by having a nuclear deterrent the sort of flipside of are we in a new arms race is what is the future of arms control are we going to be able to come up with a new agreement with Russia are we going to be able to build that trust and have the diplomatic power to get there and right now there’s big there’s a big question mark over that

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