Coronavirus: U.S. Death Toll Rises As More Cases Reported | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus: U.S. Death Toll Rises As More Cases Reported | NBC Nightly News


  • Namaste Bharat

    Ayurvedic medicine is highly effective and sure short treatment for preventing outbreak of Corona Virus and other viral infection with the condition that medicines are taken before the Virus infects and grips ones metabolic system.

    I know a senior ayuvedic physician who has 40+ yrs exp and I always visits and take his medicine during Viral typhoid, Dengu and Chikangunia season and these infections have never gripped the people who takes these medicines.

    He said that if Ayurvedic medicine is taken precautionary thrice a week it will 100% immune one's body and the Virus despite its attack will not be able to infect the body of that person.

    The Ayurvedic medicine is no magic it works on simple logic that the herbs builds up your immunity such a way that the Virus is not able to infect your system and hence restrict the Virus to multiply in one's system.

  • Hum phrey

    People keep forgetting. This is a MUTATED ANIMAL CORONAVIRUS.

    Coronavirus exists in different species and it usually DOES NOT INFECT OTHER SPECIES. When it does infect other species, it means that it has mutated first in the species it came from. That first mutation is usually deadly already for that species that's why there is still no vaccines for animals with deadly mutated coronavirus within their species.

    Animal testing of vaccine? Ugh. Logic.

    Also, for the virus to start killing other races, it means it has mutated again adapting to their bodies and environment.

    The fact that it cannot be proven yet, three months into the spread of infection starting from Wuhan, that a hotter environment helps prevent the virus from spreading, such as the rising cases in Singapore which has been experiencing 34°C/93.2°F for the past weeks, means that it could be mutating to adapt to hotter environments.

    You guys have no idea how many are infected all over the world because of the lack of test kits and money.

    Also, finally, that WHO director finally said something true, but only after making sure that many got infected first. Other poorer countries following what WHO representatives in their country say…and no proper test kits…with people used to healing at home for cough, fever, colds, diarrhea…and even the flu.


    Trying to control my feelings. Such stupidity coming from so many "experts" and so many naysayers in the comments.

    Even if you take precautions, if people around you do not…

    Tell me, has censoring information stopped the spread of COVID19 nCoV? The reason people start panicking is the governments suddenly announce deaths and with the incubation period and methods of transmission without showing symptoms, people who were kept in the dark and assured by these stupid people in power and "experts", censoring only causes panic because it's already too late when people start to die from the virus.

    Also, it's not just large events. The fact that if an infected person sneezes or coughs in an enclosed space such as an elevator, waiting area, public bathroom (fecal transmission by flushing as added transmission method), movie theater, fast food, restaurants…or airconditioned room/buildings where the virus can stay suspended for hours… In certain conditions, it can live on surfaces for up to 9 days.

    You can still get infected. Your immune system is what will help you recover. Problem is if you get to the viral pneumonia part, your lung tissues will get scars which will develop into breathing problems later on in life or COPD. Confirmed reports too that some of those who "recovered" got reinfected.

    Either the human body cannot be immune to mutated animal coronavirus or it never left the body. In that respect, it's the same for those animals that survive in their species. They become carriers though since newborns and newly introduced animals, get infected within two weeks, to months.

  • Xiong Guy’s Loft

    look up uv sterilizer lights, they will help combat the virus, God is good.

  • Xiong Guy’s Loft

  • Wei Lu
    If Taiwan is taking seriously so are many countries

  • ひきこもり。孤独な死。高橋正臣。Masaomi Eric Takahashi.

    Do you believe we still have F**king HongKongers flying in to Japan, Thailand and the US. they are permeating all our shopping malls and hotels!!! These Disgusting HongKongers are the biggest contaminants!!!

  • Dustin Stein

    If your sick stay home they say. What about my bills just lose my house car? Also I don't have 14 days vacation to take off from work so then I'd be fired. Unrealistic

  • Flat Moon Society

    If this keeps spreading it's going to screw everybody over while the elites are sitting in their bunkers laughing as they play poker with Bill Gates cure

  • sMoKiNjO Politically Incorrect

    A friend of mine who's a nurse here columbia says one lady has the virus. Why is South Carolina not on that list

  • Tay LS

    Why are Americans so worried about COVID-19 when the so-called "seasonal flu" reportedly infected 20+ million and killed 14,000+ Americans in the last 5/6 months but there wasn't any notable level of panic?

  • Slabber Dabber

    WATCH OUT FOR THAT KID. If he makes it honestly it’ll be true that the highest mortality is based on the heart, lung & older age theory

  • Truck Taxi

    Wash your hands avoid large groups wash your hands wear a mask wash your hands wear gloves wash your hands sleep well wash your hands eat healthy wash your hands exercise wash your hands stay away from sick people wash your hands don't fly anywhere if you don't have to wash your hands use ATMs instead of live bank tellers wash your hands stay informed and wash your hands

  • jiyuan li

    Hospitals are charging $3500 for a coronavirus test and if you test positive they wantyou to pay for the quarantine. Don 't trust doctors or the CDC they are working hard tospread this virus in this Country are much as possible. Its the depopulation from the elite, they arecarrying on with their plan!

  • Phyllis Springer

    Have people noticed that it's getting harder to find out how many cases the United States has. It's like the media does not want to cover the biggest story of the century. The one that will have a true impact on their lives.

  • Daisy LIN

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  • SuperBlueRock K-POP's Top Ranking

    How come I see some of the workers not fully protected ? Like, hair, eyes some skin are being exposed. Ugh. USA gotta do better 😩

  • Ann O'Halloran

    A vote for Biden Bloomberg or trump is a vote for profits over people. Medicare for all or Corona for all. Boomers voting themselves to death. Buh-Bye stupid.

  • Chris o

    This is what happens when you have a a society that eats dogs, bats, and smells like BO. No wonder why the Chinese have the smallest genitalia

  • franki3Ru550

    Guys… South Korea might have a vaccine ready and there very confident about it. It’s good news no need to worry

  • M W

    Our government is so unprepared. They even tell people that masks is not necessary. It's because they don't have and unprepared to supply the masks. MASK WILL AT LEAST MINIMIZE THE RISK. They should get and supply the masks fast to lower the number of fatality.

  • JC

    Corona is already spread and its spreading everywhere in the states but we dont know bc virus can hide in you for 2 weeks to even a month without any symptom. We don't have enough tests, US hospitals are not ready. Hospital bill for corona is over 3000 dollars.. homeless and people who dont have insurance wont be able to go to hospital including illegal immigrants which means we might have situation worse than other countries. Government is not going to save us. We have to save ourselves and our family. This is what we need to do now.

    1. Stock up food and water. Everyone stay home as much as possible. Especially, if you have symptom quarantine yourself or go to hospital. Hospitals need to be prepared and need more tests asap!!
    2. Close school, church, company, airport, malls any place with large crowds. Life is more important than economy.
    3. Everyone needs to wear mask and glove. Cover your mouth and try not to touch anything.
    4. Wash your hands all day, consume vitamin C and D. Boost your immunity.
    5. Media and government needs to increase the alert level of Corono virus so more people are aware!!
    6. Last but not least, pray to Jesus for miracle.

  • Jesse L

    US should do coronavirus test for free! otherwise how do you confirm whether those flu like symptoms are coronavirus or not for proper quarantine? the cost for the test is so high now

  • Creator of Conclusion

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  • conte tomeck

    street cleanning trucks should add disinfectants in water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would help street and sewages !

  • A S

    Wow my kids have an Island of Adventure Orlando school field trip next month….i told them yesterday it doesn't look like they are going if this get worse ☹

  • Fish Tropic

    What I don’t understand !!! It’s not like you didn’t no !!! Anyone that puts your life at risk … is not a friend !!! I wouldn’t move and stock up in food 🥘 use your credit cards to do so

  • Badabing Badaboom

    Demonrats are in a bioweapons scheme with China to take down Trump and the Depopulation plan carved into the Georgia Stones!

  • nevigoo

    😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 wear a mask at all times because we r not trying to die here!!! and this is really scary y 😷😷😷😷😷😷

  • Hector Javier

    In my opinion this just another virus created by the big companies or goverment to whipe everyone off from earth!

  • R M

    Japan 🇯🇵only banned two provinces from China 🇨🇳 and one city from South Korea🇰🇷 !!!

    The Japanese government 🇯🇵 is not very smart!!!
    Shut down the flights and ships carrying people from mainland China 🇨🇳 and South Korea🇰🇷 ?
    It’s common sense!! Why Japan 🇯🇵?

    “Foreigners, who travelled to the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Zhejiang within 14-days of their arrival in Japan, are banned entry into Japan. Further, foreigners holding passports issued by the two provinces are denied entry into Japan.

    The ban on those with a travel history to Hubei province was implemented first, from 01 February, and extended to include Zhejiang province starting 13 February.”

  • Laurie B

    Coronavirus? you mean 5G that’s going to microwave us all and is making people sick in China, it’s not contagious it’s the latest technology! Don’t get 5G!!!

  • Joseph White

    Alright Sheep, listen up. The media does not care about your health and well being they care about likes, subscriptions, sharing and views.

    The CDC has made it clear the public can prevent viral transfer by simply washing your hands with soap and water.

    The mass panic uneducated public has been fueled by mainstream medias fear mongering and sensationalizing of this outbreak.

    This has led to shortages of medical supplies like particle masks and isopropyl alcohol. The CDC has also made it clear that hand sanitizer and surgical masks are not as efficient in the prevention of viral transfer as basic soap and water hygiene. In short failing to do proper analytical research has caused shortages in the medical community. These people are in contact with infectious diseases more frequently than John and Jane Q. Public. Treating Wuhan pneumonia like the flu is not a viable safe guard against potential infection.

  • Rachel Nelson

    Anyone here worried about a BTS concert? JK all of he victims and people with the coronavirus you have my prayers!!!

  • Jordan's WRLD

    I caught it ..created intense tachycardia and palps…two 1000mg doses of vitamin c daily and 36.5 ounces of colloidal silver got rid of it.

  • UNIT. 0275

    Our world is starting to give us a challenge humans have dominated to world and now this has came and if we take care of corona virus something else new will be stronger then it or maybe the world will just end.

  • Nathan Shi

    Chinese ppl tried the best to earn you guys some time to prepare and U use that time to laugh at us and now who is laughing?

  • bluescreensupport

    American numbers of 160 infected and 11 dead don't fit together (5.3.2020)! In germany we have 349 infected and 0 dead people for example.
    Mortality is estimated around 0.7%. This means that statistically you should have around 1570 infected people.

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