Cord cutting update: 18 months without cable TV!

Cord cutting update: 18 months without cable TV!

– Its been about 18
months or so since I made the biggest decision of my life. Now that I’m almost 40. Oh that’s old! I killed cable TV. Okay cable TV still exists, I just don’t have it anymore. So the simple idea more than a year ago was just to see if what we were watching was really worth what we were paying. So 18 months later, where do we stand? How’s it working? And more important how
much money are we spending? Let’s go take a look. (upbeat R&B music) So first a caveat. Okay all of this I’m about
to say applies to me. You might have more cable providers, you might have different ISP’s, you might have more
choices even when it comes to streaming video. But that’s the point of all this, you have to do the math for yourself. So first actually a recap of
what we were spending before. So back in the fay it was
something like $245 a month on our cable bill and that
was for TV and internet and that’s a lot! It’s close to $3,000 a year. So we were paying all of this
to the same cable company and we killed the cable
TV part of the equation and now we’re just
paying them for internet. It’s about $80 a month. And that number still stands today, all those months later, sort of. See my ISP now has a data cap,
ugh, one terabyte a month. And we actually didn’t hit
that cap for a long long time. In fact it was just this
past December when the kids were out of school for a
couple weeks for the holidays that we finally went over it. And we went about $40 over it. I could pay another $30 a
month for another 500 gigabytes or I could pay another
$50 a month for unlimited. I kind of don’t want to do
that on principle though. And yeah I need better
choices here but I really only have two and this is
the lesser of two evils. So that’s what we’re spending on the ISP. Here’s what we’re looking like for the actual streaming services. Now I’ve tried just
about everything I can. Sling TV is pretty good. The pricing is comparable. But I tell ya the orange
and blue plans thing is confusing at best on a good day. And their on screen menu
system still just sucks. DirecTV is pretty good if
you’re an AT&T customer which I’m not anymore so that
was kind of a non starter. Hulu Live, we have Hulu, but
Hulu Live just was lacking a lot of the channels
that we wanted to watch. And YouTube TV still isn’t
available where I live so that’s out for now. So that leaves us with PlayStation Vue. Now it’s not perfect but
it’s mostly pretty good. The quality of the video
you’re actually watching can very much depend on the source itself but it does do sports
in 60 frames per second so that’s pretty cool. And in combination with
everything else we use here, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube itself, it’s fit right in really well. And the really cool thing I like, because I was doing the
research about all of this, was they make it really
easy to see which channels you get for which plans. So our plan started at $65
a month when we first got PlayStation Vue and it’s
actually gone up a little bit since then. I think they gave me an offer
for Showtime for an extra $5 a month okay. And then the plan itself
went up a little bit as well. I wasn’t crazy about that
and I looked at changing it but we ended up keeping it. And that’s kind of the
point, again you have to do the math yourself and keep an eye on it and see if it’s still worth it to you. Speaking of price increases,
Netflix went up a little bit as well because I decided I wanted the 4K stream of Netflix. Let’s do the math one more time. So it’s $80 for internet service itself, another $100 for all the
services we’re using, Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation Vue. So that was all the services. Let’s talk hardware for a minute. I’ve got links to everything I
used down in the description. Or just hit
for everything in one place. It’s really simple. Okay so here in the bedroom, I’m still using an Apple
TV and I’ll tell you I like it a lot. I actually upgraded to
the Apple TV 4K this year because 4K but I’m still not
really using it to do anything other than watch TV, to watch shows right. I’m not using any of the
other just Apple-y apps on it. I’m not playing ang games on it. I’m just using it for
PlayStation Vue and Netflix and over the air TV and stuff like that. But it works great and
probably the most important thing to me is that it’s fast. Android TV, Apple TV,
very fast with things like PlayStation Vue. Roku and Amazon Fire TV, slow! And here I’m using the Logitech
Harmony companion remote. And I tell you I love this thing. It’s easily the second most
curvy thing in this bedroom, alright third if you count me. It really is just a beautiful remote. And I tell you it’s only
about a 1,000 times better than that POS that comes with Apple TV. Please do not use that. Get this please. I got all this tied into that, actually it’s the same Vizio
TV that I reviewed last year and I think I kind of
short changed it a bit. I like it a lot more now. It’s not trying to do too much. It has just enough smarts inside of it. And I think what got me back
then was they were trying to get you to use this Android
based tablet remote thing. Get rid of it, you don’t
need it, use this instead. So here in the living room
I’m using an Android TV that’s actually built into that TV there. But I’m not gonna talk
about the set anymore because the company itself has
actually folded up shop here in the US. It’s never going to get anymore updates and you really just shouldn’t buy it. So most of the time I’m using
an NVIDIA Shield TV with this. And I tell ya Shield TV is
still the only Android TV box you should ever consider. It’s powerful as hell, it’s
great for games, it’s fast and yes it gets updates all the time. One fun thing though is I’m
stuck running Android TV on top of Android TV. It’s a little inception
and crazy and don’t do that if you can avoid it. And out here I’m also using
another Logitech remote. It’s the Harmony Elite. Again back from that old video. This thing is insane. Yeah it’s also very expensive, it’s big but it’s got a touch screen. How cool is that? And it controls pretty much
everything in the house. Now for audio I’m using
a relatively simple Vizio sound bar, it’s not
top of the line or anything I think I got it for a
couple hundred bucks on sale. And yes it’s yet another
Chromecast target out here which I think gives me about
32 here in the living room. The really cool thing about
it is that the rear speakers and subwoofer all tie back
into the sound bar wirelessly so I don’t have cables running
all over the living room. Love that! So I haven’t mentioned
over the air content and let’s do that now. So we still get loads of
sports on ESPN and Fox Sports and all these other sports
channels over PlayStation Vue. But the big question I get all the time, what about local sports Bill? what about regional SCC stuff? Where I live, super easy. I used to use an indoor
over the air antenna, I got smart and now I’m
using an outdoor antenna. It’s actually facing the
right direction as well that’s a big deal. I get a ridiculous
number of channels on it. And I tell you the
compression is so much better than anything you’ll get
streaming at this point. So the antenna is still
running into a HDHomeRun box but I’ve updated that as well. So I’ve gone from the
HDHomeRun connect which has two tuners in it to the
HDHomeRun Quatro which has four tuners in it and
that means we could be watching something over the air out here, somebody else could be watching
something in the bedroom, at the same tine somebody
could be watching something on a tablet or on a third or fourth TV. So being able to watch all
that OTA stuff all over the place was kind of
important to us this year because we ended up doing
a lot of work out here in the backyard. And yeah I had to stick a TV out here. So this one’s from TCL and
it’s got Roku built into it as the operating system
so you don’t have to have any extra boxes or sticks
or dongles or whatever. It just works. Now a couple things about that. It’s pretty slow okay. Especially the PlayStation Vue app is just monumentally slow. It’s to the point of not being good. But it’s not a main TV and
we’re not out here all the time so I could put up with it. But the other thing is that you don’t have a HDHomeRun app on Roku because the way the
streams are coded they just don’t have one. So I actually had to plug
in an Amazon Fire TV dongle in the new 4K one into the back of it. And it works fine, it’s out
of the way but yeah it was one more expense. Other than that it works great. And yes I leave it out here all the time. Now one thing I haven’t
mentioned here is actually DVR stuff and people
always ask about that. I tell you most everything we
watch is available on demand or just streaming in general right. So I can still watch it whenever I want. And I don’t have to worry
managing local recordings which has been really nice. So let’s wrap it up. Has all this non cable TV
streaming stuff been worth it? I’m not counting all the
hardware and all those purchases. Those are one time costs right. But $80 a month for internet,
$100 a month for all the services we’re using,
$2200 a year for all that, that’s down from $3000 a year
that we were doing before when we had cable TV. So that’s real money, that’s beer money. That’s new phone money. So for us, yes it’s
definitely been worth it. My kids don’t even notice. My wife is perfectly fine with it. And the really cool thing is no contracts. I can hop between all the services I want. Use free trials. And figure out exactly
what it is we want to use. So that’s it. If there’s’ anything else
you want me to take a look at let me know down in the comments. Hardware services, something I
missed that’s really awesome, let me know. Be sure to subscribe
if you haven’t already. Go share this video with all your friends. I know a whole lot of
you out there are looking at cutting out cable TV. You can do it, you absolutely can do it. If I can do you can do it. So that’s it. Catch you next time. See ya. (upbeat jazz music)


  • mister roberts

    i cut the live tv cord in Feb, only have netflix and amazon prime. Total is like 25$/mo, but actually i purchased two items thru amazon and saved over 100$ vs buying directly from the vendor, so my amazon prime video is basically free for the next year. I might get youtubetv for football, but will then cancel. saving some serious $$$$

  • Frank Moyer

    We were paying 80/mo for internet and total of package with phone and tv was 170/mo . So caled canceled cable and phone. What did comcast xfunity do…..raised the internet price to 110/mo so after paying tax on that plus sling tv and such we only saved 10/mo not even worth it.

  • Tishna Hall

    What is the best antenna to purchase? Don't have a lot of $$ but need to watch TV on 4 different televisions and I have fire sticks as well.

  • Ken Debra Cuellar

    I went with the digital antenna, a Tivo DVR for recording and just binge on netflix, HBO, or Starz etc. etc and cancel after I've seen everything I want too. it's so simple to turn these services on and off at will when you want to so I rarely have more than on at a time. My cost per month is around $80 for internet and maybe an extra $25 per month for a streaming service right now, just $10 per month. most of what I watch is on regular TV so the Tivo DVR is all I need. The TIVO cost $300 and an extra $99 for a second TV. My other TV's are just in spare rooms so they just get live local channels without the DVR option but I could always hook them up to TIVO by getting the extra $99 adapter. Keep in mind the TIVO purchases are one time costs and my Antenna was used off AMAZON for $50. New, it would have been $100. Right now I'm binging on Breaking Bad on Netflix, which happens to be free through T-Mobil. I binged on West World through HBO in about a month then cancelled HBO. Using AMAZON PRIME, it is sooooo easy to turn these streaming services off and on at will.

  • Gene Sky

    Truth and Quality.
    Practical and Useful Information.

    I read the comments of others here and what I see is Many Humans complain about not saving money is because the Human is filled with , Greed , Greed , Greed , Greed , Greed , and more Greed.
    Here is Truth.
    You can not control your self , so you will , Pay , Pay , Pay Pay , Pay , and Pay

    Is and was like this when I arrived here on this planet and will be like this after I leave.

    And Yes their are Humans here at/on this website that can and do control them selfs and receive entertainment for free or very little money.

    Here is Truth.
    Entertainment is a Fleeting situation.

  • Bill Rich

    I guess everything is relative. I was somewhat aback at all the hardware you have, but then again, it seems you've equipped your home more complex than mine, or so it seems. We are not gamers here, so a game console of any kind is just overkill. Over time (2 years or more) I've accumulated 6 Android tv boxes. Like you said, they are a one time cost not factored in to regular monthly payments for cord cutting. We use 3 IPTV services at a monthly cost of $23.00. I'm paying $71.00 monthly for Internet service for 400 mbps, also with a 1 tb data cap. Prior to cutting the cord we were paying $193 every month for cable TV. All total, I save about $100 every month, $1,200 every year, with content that is unreal. I'm a happy camper!

  • altha 2014

    Mine was for TV and Internet was $166 now Internet $70.00 TV around $40.00 cut cable out because they was going to to up to $250 in Feb

  • John Gullo

    Now here’s somebody who really takes his TV seriously. My set crapped out 5 years ago and I don’t miss it. I’ll replace it one of these days. I guess. 😀😀

  • Nuclius WifiTV

    I just recently signed up with a company called Triniti Communications and the only way I know for you to go see what it is I'm talking about is to give you my website www. NucliusWiFi I'm curious to get your opinion about it.

  • Steven Wallace

    Your main problem is that, you watch way too much TV, and have too many electronic toys. Do you really need all of that? You've got multiple steaming services, receivers, indoor and outdoor antennas. It's ridiculous. There isn't that much TV in the world! You should find a new, and less expensive hobby, and get more exercise because, being a couch potato is certainly not healthy.

  • Birds ofPrey

    I’ve already cut cable very long ago, talking 5 years plus and ever since just paid for Internet in order to get mainly Netflix through PS4. My question is what is the difference between The PS4, Ruku, Sling TV Amazon fire and A HD Receiver? I am cutting myself short in not buying any of these?

  • Andrew Ward

    Amazon fire stick….jail more cable..every thing on the stick..I am single.. Howmuch tv can I watch in a day..only weekend s I am around

  • Edwin Stewart

    Dude, it's been so many years since I had cable I don't think I ever had it at I stopped paying for cable because basically you eventually get all of that content on YouTube for free, with the exception of premium movies. The other thing is, what's the rush to be the first to see anything "exclusive" on cable? YouTube has sooooooooo much "FREE" content and fresh content is being uploaded every single day, covering so many different subjects…Cable can never equal what content YouTube has, and has had since it first hit the internet. Cable has always been a waste of time and money…That's why I can't even remember when I was subscribed to that crap. 🤪

  • jp34604

    Hey there good stuff in fact great stuff regarding the sling TV GUI sucking which platform are you referring to for the app as the experience will vary greatly thank you very much

  • keto lifestyle

    fire tv 2 lines for 15$… 4 lines for 25$ per month…….. hmmm times a year… lets do 25 for 4 lines per year.. 300… plus cost of 4 amazon firesticks 4k.. plus 180.. thats 460 to your 2200….. obviously money means more to me than you,, i have a budget to work with.. oh yeah frontier internet 60 bucks a month… my cable was 175 a month with phone and internet… everyone is happy.. still cant find a good news package,, no one has all the news in one place…

  • Wesley Norvell

    Paying way to much. Get you some fiber internet. The way I look at it if I pay 50 a month I want at least 100mbps speeds.

  • Brian Perry

    Must be nice to have a few grand to get all that stuff for entertainment. Most of us don't have that money for entertainment.

  • Bill Hackathorn

    Cut the cord 3 years ago. Thought I’d try Sling. Realized,in less than 1 hour, that I didn’t want to see anything on any of the channels! Have YouTube Hulu and Prime Video. Antenna for locals. Totally happy.

  • Julia Jetson

    Everyone is saying how little they pay compared to him but they are all leaving out their Internet cost. Add Internet and you are now paying what he pays. If he is paying all that plus Internet then he is paying about what my Cable company charges: $277.00 per month and I still have to supplement with Netflix and Hulu to get all that I want.

  • iRey

    Listen bro, do your research on getting streaming for free – pay the bare minimum on everything; starting from what you can pay for $0/ a month/ years/ lifetime.

  • lgoldman

    Tried YouTube TV, and their so-called DVR cut off at 43 minutes for a one-hour program (ironically the show was 60 Minutes). Plus you can’t really channel surf the way you can with cable.

  • Steve Turton

    Folks…all you need is Internet: Then buy an Android box, they are about $65…add Kodi which is free (and pay $5/month for Real Debrid links…no buffering) this gives you FREE current movies. And then add an IPTV service (like Area51) $10/month which will give you every TV Network in the USA and Canada, plus every sports channel and other specialty channels at no additional cost. That's it…no more. If you want FREE local channels, just buy a $10 indoor antenna at Walmart and you will get at least 20 Full Def TV Channels.

  • Ray Bonecrusher

    I cut satellite because of the lies/scams from AT&T/Direct tv. They tried to get me to sign up for two year lease claiming my equipment was to old too receive the stations in the future. They claimed they would change out the equipment at no charge to me, that was a lie. I posted a video about their scam, don't get caught up in their traps.

  • Dander Spat

    I hate the costs of cable TV but I think your insane
    lengths you went to avoid it actually made the case for Comcast, Dish, or Direct TV.
    You earned every penny to the nth degree to avoid the above mentioned TV.
    I don't do meth, so it does not make sense to me and
    again, I hate the high cost of cable and satellite.

  • Edward Villarreal

    @moderndad. I noticed that you have the same sound bar. What I also noticed recently is that YouTube TV was not broadcasting in 5.1 unless it was video on demand. Netflix, Hulu has it… I was wondering if you knew for sure what live service is broadcasting in 5.1? I heard AT&T (formerly direct TV) is but was wondering if you know for sure? Or known if any other live providers do.

  • Vikki Smith

    sorry playstation vue is out as of VUE SHUTDOWN

    On October 29th we announced that the PlayStation Vue service will be shutting down on January 30th 2020. Click the link below for more information.

  • Bbb to Florida

    Saves $800/year, spends thousand$ on all the hardware and remotes to make it work. By the time this pays off all of that will be obsolete and start over.

  • LS

    Wow! I’m more confuse than ever. Why do you need so many different services? and everybody is says that you are paying too much! I agree!

  • cgasucks

    I've cut my cord since 2014. $183/month? You're paying way too much. I currently pay $115/CDN ($85/Optic Fibre Internet, $15/VOIP, $15/IPTV). Right now I'm also subscribing to Disney+ which costs a little more but still way cheaper than what you're paying.

  • Kathy FS

    Waaay to complicated. I can't imagine someone who isn't tech savy cutting the cord after this video. How much money have you spent on remotes alone? Crazy. I bought a few firesticks on sale for $15-$25 and only have hulu for $12 a month. Plenty of other free content out there. Simple and cheap.

  • Yardbomber

    I just got the new 2019 Roku Ultra box. Initial cost was $49. Splitting Hulu with my best friend and his roommate it cost me $4 a month. Internet cost me $50 a month. I already cut my cable bill by ( more than 1/2 a month ($139 a monthly). Best part is I don't have all those dam commercials and I get tons of free stuff. Plus I d/l full movies and run it thru Plex which is also free. I can't believe all the money i was spending to watch my sports and those blasted commercials. Everywhere I turned it was a dam commercial. I remember back in the day when you paid for cable you got 55minutes of programming and 5min of commercials spread out in 5ths. Today you get 5min of programming and 55min of nothing but crap commercials. Unreal!

  • Bcroft 68

    I had cable tv turned off two years ago. I thought about it one day that I could get over 200 channels but wasn’t watching but 3 to 4 of them. I now use an antenna for local channels and a fire stick for Netflix, Hulu, Starz, and Disney. I haven’t missed cable tv at all.

  • lakorai2

    Roku has a full HD HomeRun app available now.

    And you can also use Plex as a media server. With PlexPass ypu can use it as a DVR and channel guide. Well worth it.

  • 3369

    It’s all the same shit they try to pawn it off like a different type of service but it’s the same shit Lake a regular fire stick

  • marlae6

    I don't see the savings here, Sling even with internet at $90 a month via Cox I could cut 60% – 70% of my $300 bill and that includes 45 channels with added movies packages that are cheap. Cable companies are the biggest rip off and out of control – where is the regulation (there is none).

  • Julie Langlois

    It's called a homemade hdtv antenna, youtube, it's truly free, and a buster from goodwill for .99 cent. It's all Free and 43 channels later all in high definition quality. Last 14 years ago and free.

  • Tim Mitchell

    I was a cable guy for most of my career, the last 3 years spent performing Disconnect and Collections. Number one complaint from customers, "Programming sucks, you charge too much for it". Got out of cable years ago went in to low voltage, to much bs for no pay. Cable companies listen up, bring back your analog lineup, its the only chance you have!

  • Peter Pa

    Great Video, thanks for sharing; I don't mind doing all the DIY Projects because the projects keep my brain cells active! Ha,ha,ha – I just noticed the text of your location – howdy neighbor!

  • Francisco Ortiz

    I cut Cable TV / Sat out of my life like 15 years ago ! I hooked up a laptop computer to my first TV that had a HDMI port on it. I hooked up a wireless keyboard and viola. We still watched Over The Air TV and would Netflix other stuff (back when netflix was only like 9/month). I still have a laptop hooked up to the TV… WAY more stable and easier to use, as well as I store family videos on the laptop HD to make sharing much easier.

  • Francisco Ortiz

    This has ALWAYS been Equipment to buy VS monthly costs. You can buy a LOT of stuff instead of 85/month cable… $1000/year!
    I am still paying Amazon prime + Sling… about 30/month. Still saves over $600/year.

  • Steve Bock

    So, what streaming box would you use that has the best User Interface?

    It sounds like the Nvidia Shield is your top choice for a streaming box? or is it Apple TV streaming box?

    It appears that your using the Apple TV streaming box with a Logitech Harmony Companion remote?….and you also have the Nvidia Shield for a streamer also for games? Your using multiple streaming devices?…why?

    I would like to narrow it down to 1 TV and 1 streaming device per TV.

    Please let me know how you would set it up?

    I am coming from a 20yr, contract ridden history with Comcast/Xfinity,………. Help!!!

  • Steve Bock

    So, what streaming box would you use that has the best User Interface?

    It sounds like the Nvidia Shield is your top choice for a streaming box? or is it Apple TV streaming box?

    It appears that your using the Apple TV streaming box with a Logitech Harmony Companion remote?….and you also have the Nvidia Shield for a streamer also for games? Your using multiple streaming devices?…why?

    I would like to narrow it down to 1 TV and 1 streaming device per TV.

    Please let me know how you would set it up?

    I am coming from a 20yr, contract ridden history with Comcast/Xfinity,………. Help!!!

  • Rodman Browning

    Don't know why you don't include the hardware. Because we all know next year there will a new latest and greatest hardware you'll have to buy! it's a fudge you use to make your point look better.

  • hobabby

    With my triple bundle on cable, I was paying $201 including On Demand services, but when I was going to cancel a couple years ago, the company gave me a deal saving me $50, $155 vs. $201. I am still looking at cutting the cord, but I'm not about to go into all that garbage he speaks about. Since phone calls are only robocalls, I don't need a phone anymore. All I need is a streaming service and internet as far as I know, and not a "big package," either. I have 140 channels with cable and that's too many but I want a service who will give us what we watch all the time and so far, Sling comes the closest to all our favorite channels. I'm still looking and trying to figure out what I really need since I'm so backwards in technology over these last few years.

  • bobandbobandbob

    The quality of cable TV is uncompressed extremely high quality. Now you're using low bit rate compressed video, forget 4K, it looks terrible.

    Even with ota, you're transcoding it down for no reason when you could use an actual OTA box with a TV.

  • Adrienne Farrell

    My family has been cable free for 7 years, have had internet streaming over PlayStation, and was looking into getting a tv box. Thank you for your video it was very informative, and enjoyable to watch.

  • Debbie Lanning

    I though "Cutting the Cord" meant NOT paying to watch tv (like OTA via antenna). So, what IS the point of what you're doing (besides spending tons of money and still not getting what you want)?

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