Turns out, this bitch joked about MLK being dead at a MLK parade, and talked shit about black colleagues to a colleague. Coincidence?

  • Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs

    She definitely deserved what she did I New that she was knocking on his door 🚪 because nobody leaves their door open 💯 Facts she’s is guilty as charged🤦🏽‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️

  • Mark Kuil

    Why was she walking around distressed? She should have been in handcuffs. What if someone ran around the corner and she got frightened and shot another man!?

  • Jupiter Jewelz

    Power equals ignorance! This family got justice in my mind cuz my grandfather and father are cold cases to this day! I’m 33… still no answers! Still a cold case! Hurt is still hurt tho!

  • Jacob tech Pro

    African American people literally always play the race card once somebody who is African-American happens always blame the white person if it’s somebody who is African-American get shot

  • coffee Enema

    She got too high on her own supply after taking a trip to the evidence room. This is the only way this makes any sense. There was absolutely no reason to kill him. Looked like a chill guy. Unless it's actually true that there's racists that want to take you out and if your a happy successful black man all the more reason ? Sick insane people. something ungodly about Her

  • Cromwells Ghost

    Burglar enters a home, gets to the fridge, takes the ice cream, sits on Sofa.
    Private sector 2 decades, never come across that before😔

  • N P

    Murder for hire look into his job what he does the money that comes threw n clients somone hired her to take him out what the public story is lies the hit cane form the work place client co worker more clients the boy found out somthing he wasn’t suppose to know

  • Antholo G

    Things will get better if we as black people work together more that's another thing you have to look at and if you don't like my comment, have a nice day ✌🏾

  • Football Legend

    From that floor you mean to tell me you couldn't tell you were higher up on that floor it seems to me it very visible with the necked eye to have knowledge of where she was. And she murdered this man on purpose the Dallas police department are just as guilty.

  • April Wobbleton

    Death penalty, something fishy with her story! Really, wrong apartment, I think she had something with him, she's a liar and deserves life or death penalty!

  • Edwin Cruz

    She already had her mind made up to kill this young black man and. Used her uniform as a excuse to be able to kill him thinking she was gona get away with it she made the assasination with premeditacion and intencions to commit murder shes a sypcho

  • paul Drake

    I don't understand what the big deal is?  THe fucker should have obeyed the policeman.  Plus she's cute and shouldn't go to prison for killing a black!  What is this world coming to if you can't even kill a black who is in your apartment.

  • Cassie Breedon

    .. She says she was scared.. But she was determined to go on and face the threat !?? Takes bravado not fear to go in and face the threat..? Doesn't make sense

  • Blair Kitchen

    She’s guilty as hell. She should go to jail for 10+ yrs.

    Listen to this CNN host explain who this police officer is and mention “who is White” ???? CNN is such a garbage information network , it’s exactly what’s wrong in this world.

    You have a black dude that commitsa crime and when they’re searching for the dude CNN, MSNBC and other terribly inaccurate info networks won’t even mention his skin colour🤷‍♂️ it’s Horrible.

  • jim page

    Did she really go to the wrong apartment by mistake I would think you’d have to be impaired or mentally challenged, but the media believes her because every story written said she went to the wrong apartment by mistake I call BS

  • Will Deonne Creative

    It’s simple:

    Guy dates white women.
    She wanted him.
    May have messed around at some point.
    She went over.
    Thought the other was there. Got mad and enraged and shot him.

    That’s it.

  • King Possum

    and now a year and a month later she is a convicted murderer and one of the major witness in the case has been murdered!

  • In Real Tyme


  • Design Academy

    The problem is, many Black churches preach about taking pride in being morally superior to the world. So when something like this happens, it's not a time to act like any normal human being would in response to senselessly and horrifically losing a loved one, but an opportunity to evangelize. It's embarrassing to be acting like this in front of the world, if you ask me. Get over yourself. Who are you to tell someone what and who to worship? And how does he not know that Amber Guyger isn't already a Christian???? Christians have committed the most violent acts against humanity for centuries. She's just doing what her ancestors have been doing to Black people for 400 plus years.

  • KnowJesusKnowPeace

    News keep saying that a white cop killed a black man. But, this story is about a policeman killing an accountant. An accountant. Accountants are famous for being practical and intelligent. That’s who she killed, a good-looking man of promise, who had worked hard to become an accountant and had a promising future. Forget his skin color.

  • Daniela C Moore

    My name is Danielle a Moore and I went to jail on some fake changes no warranty not none I went 2 of this month for 4 of this month for no reason at all .

  • Charles Martel

    Yeah so? Blacms are still 20 times more often criminals then whites. Just shoot one, the chance that he did something is one out of three.

  • sourensos

    " OMG, open and shut case Johnson,! Apparently the intruder broke-in and hung up pictures of his family everywhere" – Dave Chappelle

  • Palo olaP

    She shot him for stomping around upstairs then making too much noise after she got off work cause he big then knocked/ told him to open up about noise complaint then shot him for not listening to her authoriter tired to cover it up by lying having a man murdered then got off easy w 10 yrs she shoulda got over 99

  • Gods Klanof

    The wetness Joshua Brown is shot dead in the mouth last Friday. Amber Guyger's married-cop-boyfriend (who already shot unarmed man) killed him, because Amber Guyger "the Dallas police-sex-toy" is gone for 10 long years.

  • Be Real

    I will be forthcoming and say, I rarely watch CNN on YouTube but if you do be sure you have done your research before you go sharing .lol.

  • KontryBoy706

    How do you just walk in the wrong apt? Why are you knocking on your own door??? Where’s your key? Why are you saying let me in? Why couldn’t you tell right when you walked in that it wasn’t your place? Soooooo much BS and blatant lies

  • Jessica Wilson

    He really said her name and that she is WHITE???? The media are the ones big on trying to keep fckn racism alive!!!! Ugh.

  • Chapo Freshie

    I watched this trail this woman said she used her key to enter 🤔how im pretty sure this man bein in his own home did not have his own door ajar if it was her home or his she knew why key to use to enter at her own will

  • Samurai Storm

    For Christ's sakes it doesn't matter what she thought or who is apartment she broke into and was trespassing. She killed an innocent man. Why is this being dragged out the way that it is! We don't need to go down the laundry list of if this was a white man blah blah blah blah blah everybody knows that at this point. Why hasn't the judge just convicted this woman for trespassing breaking and entering and then killing an innocent man in his apartment! What is going on!


    Dont nobody feel bad for him thats what they get for messing with them white women stay out the bed with them. Bruuuh just think who be out here with then had they knew mammy tammy and kitchen nigga bailiff would do that what they did in court🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣black people wake tf up. 🤣🤣🤣Do not love your enemy know when. The romams added shit to your history bible💀

  • Lelo Brown

    Bullshit ass storey!! Police are never convicted of crimes in Texas,, she knew it!! The devil came 2 visit Bolton,, dis storey will only come wit more twist!

  • La Tess45

    Other than the police, who has pepper ball guns???
    The police

    Why hasn't there been any leads 2wards the murder of Bothoms key witness (next door neighbor) murder??

    Why haven't any cameras on the street been looked at for evidence of the shooter??

    Who & why did the people knock on both of the murdered victims door for a noise complaint when there was no noise & then both of the guys ended up dead one after the other???

    I wonder if the cameras n their apt. Building & garage were checked also ballistics.

    The 2nd victim being shot as many times as he was, I'm pretty sure that they can get one of those bullets. The one 2 his mouth lets us know that this was a hit 4 him testifying n court, so whom else would benefit from this at her appeal if there is no one there 2 testify against her???

    Amber Guyger

    I believe @ that very moment, they became targets, once they answered their doors, the leasing agent was showing the murderers exactly who both men were & where they lived……

    I believe that both men were targets & i would question the police & leasing agent of their apt. Building…

    🤔🤔Just My Thoughts!!!! 🤔🤔

  • Malika Dickinson

    She shot him on purpose. She went there to kill him thinking she could come up with the typical cop story and beat this case. But it didn't work for her puffy under eye bags blonde haired bitch ass!!!

  • J. A. P.

    This video is not visible in my liked playlist. YouTube has been shadow-banning some videos. I have witnessed this kind of censorship on YouTube since before 2016. The censorship was there before 2016 election but it has gotten progressively worse.

  • spacious Grace

    Remember Joshua said he was walking the hallway. That “omg why did you do that” could’ve possible been him m. He saw more than he said he did on the stand.

  • zoodiet

    This whole thing is so tragic. You honestly think this off duty police woman just thought to hell with it & kills one of her neighbors. You really need to pick your shots if your angry with what's happened in the past & recently to innocent black people by racist police you shouldn't vent your anger out on someone who's made a terrible mistake.

  • Clout 9

    when she got to the apartment, was the door opened or closed?

    if it were closed, then she could have not entered..

    if it were opened, why did she not turn on her body cam, before she pulled out her weapon?

  • golden icon

    Na, that forgiving shit dead. Tf this shit disgust me so much you cops ain’t protecting shit yall just taking innocent lives.

  • Mark Jackson

    If this case contradicting then they need to take her back to court. Somebody else bigger needs to step in and handle this case!

  • dr. chips

    I reckon she had it in for him. The sounds coming through her ceiling being the flat right below his possibly over a period of time just got to her. She thought this out then put it into action. Least I'm thinking it's based on something near enough . Thought it was her flat..bullfuckingshit !!

  • Travel Nurse

    It was fake. She made it up that she was having this wild conversation outside the door. That's why. She made all that s*** up they all helped make that s*** up. She acted it out like she was having this conversation so wildly outside of his door and then all of a sudden she just walked in and shot him. I don't believe that it was a mistake. I believe it was intentional whether or not we know the intentions.


    Youtuber GATURKS says: 👇🤔👇
    How was the motive MISSED here🤷🏾‍♂️? Brown said he use to always hear Bo singing and playing music "…every morning".
    If Brown could hear Bo from across the hall way, Amber definitely could hear him above her. Brown said there was a complaint about noise and the leasing agent came and knocked on their doors about that noise complaint. The family Attorney, S. Lee Merrit, said Bo had even received a noise complaint that day by phone from the office. Putting all this together, the evidence would suggest she purposely went directly to Bo's apartment to kill him and thought she could use the Castle Doctrine to get away with it.
    1. The conversation when she had to pull over in the garage (to discuss things with her lover)
    2. The deleted text.
    3. The angle of the bullet (over & down) into his body.
    4. No CPR performed by Amber
    All clues that need to be further looked into.🤦🏿‍♂️🤨🤔
    *He lived directly over her
    *He sang and played music loud enough for his neighbors across the hall to hear.
    😟 could there have been neighborly conflict?
    * For her to NOT notice all the floor differences including the red mat at his front door 🤔?
    The evidence would suggest she purposely went directly to Bo's apartment to kill him and thought she could use the Castle Doctrine to get away with it.
    Why was this connection never made?

  • ahmedabady205

    regrading botham jean's murder

    she testified that she did intend to kill him ,this made it an intentional killing

    Intentional killing is broadly categorized into :-

    1-self defense ( not the case)

    2-stand your ground in some states ( not the case)

    3-REASONABLE judgement / REASONABLE mistake of fact leasing to voluntary manslaughter (not the case)

    4- unreasonable mistake of fact / unreasonable judgment (racial profiling is illegal after all) which is in philosophy of law = malice aforethought which automatically make the crime premeditated .

    YES . it's a premeditated crime (that should have been punished by death sentence/ life prison) , it's very unusual. but if you understood the philosophy of the law you will find it's a clear premeditated crime

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