• Candy JohnsonCanoli

    Lol, this IMPEACHED orange turd spokes goof has no clue. Where do trumpturds get all these idiots who go on TV covering for the IMPEACHED orange turd.

  • Rhyme& Reason

    Space FARCE… the military industrial complex NEVER misses an opportunity to grow. We already spend on defense more than the next highest 6 nation's COMBINED budgets… meanwhile our infrastructure is in many cases 70 to 100+ years old and crumbling.

  • Rhyme& Reason

    You cannot fight a "war in space" without the resulting debris creating the equivalent of a nuclear fission scenario taking out virtually ALL of our satellites, throwing the world back into the 1950's and rendering low earth orbit virtually permanently hostile to satellites. So why have a "Space Force"? This will create an arms race that could be DISASTROUS to humanity.

  • Maritech17

    Pelosi don’t have a choice to transfer this to the senate and she doesn’t get to decide anything about the senate proceedings. And anybody thinking otherwise are simply selling crap to CNN’s gullible audience.

  • Bob Cook

    Hmm. Let me see if I've got this right. The Democrats say that that had no choice but to act hastily and vote to impeach Trump because Trump posed a clear and present danger to national security and to constitutional governance. Now they say (knowing that they have stepped into a burning bag of excrement) that there is no need to hurry. Yep. I got that right. They are double-speak hypocrites. Trump2020LANDSLIDE hahahaha

  • Tracey Hogan

    Lol now trumpets are relying to say he's not impeached yet. Sigh…. The hearing was held and the articles of impeachment's House resolution 755 says impeached. The senate now tries the impeachment. Desperate people. Trump has been impeached. Period.

  • john norris

    This will be one of Trump's finest Legacy among many, and will have his name on it throughout history and the radical left hates it. What's new


    Trump Went To Florida After He Trump Got Paid Again From Taxpayers From Haveing A Dinner At One Of His Hotels On The Taxpayers Dime Again Trump Keep Breaking Laws

  • Akisha Washington

    I live in California in MAXINE WATER'S district. The BUDGET for CA has an excess of 26 BILLION, yet TAXES 
    just went UP. It's strange how we have all this EXCESS MONEY, and Pelosi, Shiff, and Maxine Waters keep getting 
    RICHER while their districts are overwhelmed with Homelessness, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction, and Illegals. I can 
    barely afford my car registration, and THEY DO NOTHING to make life better. ENOUGH! TRUMP 2020!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • Josie Fox

    Strange how Trump took health care coverage from millions only to spend it on a Space Force? Staggering how Mitch McConnell won't pass any legislation to protect American elections from interference by Putin but is happy to spend millions on bogus threats from outer space!? If you ask me there are plenty of American tech companies getting fat contracts out of this nonsense. Must be the same tech companies which helped Putin to elect dirty Donald Trump in 2016 !!

  • KOD

    Wow CNN no question on how can we afford this completely BS space force.. Are they fucking serious haha.. CNN your a bunch of fucking hacks..

  • KOD

    You know what the biggest threat from Space is.. An asteroid in particular an extinction event asteroid we actually have the technology to monitor space for these but have not spent the money to do so or come up with a plan to move or destroy them in the event we need to instead we have the Space Force….. Yep fuckin joke CNN going oh wow look at this..

  • c. j. macq

    the 1999 impeachment trial of Clinton featured a 100-0 vote on arrangements that established two weeks of presentations and argument before a partisan tally in which then-minority Republicans called a limited number of witnesses.
    so Pelosi and Schumer are simply demanding the same treatment from the GOP that the dems offered the GOP in 1999. and that INCLUDES AN ACTUAL TRIAL with trial witnesses who refused to appear during House committee hearings; including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton.

    but Graham and McConnell have already committed crimes by publicly stating they've NO INTENTION of conducting a fair, impartial OR LEGAL trial. and Graham is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was a House manager, comparable to a prosecutor, during the Senate's impeachment trial of Clinton. the GOP is CLEARLY one of the most criminal and corrupt orgs in the U. S.

  • Impromptu

    What a BS argument. Where does Trump get these people from? I get that they have a professional duty to defend, but not when it conflicts with their ethical and even legal responsibilities. Yet more Trumpery – use the law to stall, swagger and settle. The House has formally impeached Trump. There are routine matters to come, and there will be appeals that will fail. There might be some convoluted constitutional argument that it wasn't a bipartisan or fair result, but it's done and it sticks. Trump will forever be an impeached president, just as Clinton is. Senate conviction (which never happens) is another matter. Don't get the two confused.

  • Brian Nave

    This truly has been a week to remember, and not just because of impeachment.  – In fact, it could be argued that the idiotic ending to the Democrats’ impeachment sham turns out to only modestly important in the context of the other major  events that happened over the last seven days. The impeachment sham notwithstanding, President Trump just had what may well have been the greatest week of his entire presidency, and that is a truly great thing for America.

  • Adam Hauck

    Its hi-frickin-larious that those beloved small government conservatives have overseen the largest government expansions of the last 30 years in DHS and now a new branch of the military. Seems about right.

  • Lungdog

    I am watching this from the UK as a follower of Politics, I have watched a lot of both CNN and Fox to try and get to grips with both sides of the story, as unlike here you have both Left and Right wing news networks and I have a couple of questions I am hoping someone can answer.
    1: Is the Impeachment valid as there is no breach in the articles of an actual US law at either State or Federal level?
    2: If the Articles of impeachment have not been passed to the Senate, has Trump actually been Impeached or is it a limbo state of pending Impeachment? (ignore this one I finished watching the video)

  • 11C4XB1 Retired

    "Obama was so insulated and protected by the media and everyone in entertainment. He could literally tell Russia: "Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election", and say Bengazi was "The result of a terrible video." Tell a reporter: "I didn't know Hillary had a secret server", and sell full-auto machine guns to drug cartels so they leak back into the U.S. and cause chaos to FORCE AMERICANS to pass gun control. He could literally spy on a political rivals, tell everyone they can keep their doctor and insurance… AND COMPLETELY GET AWAY WITH IT LIKE IT ALL NEVER HAPPENED!" ~~ Dave Schultz

  • Fra Diavolo

    Well the dems have thrown this one down the drain and that puts Nancy Pelosis utterly foolish stunt into perspective. I wonder if any democrats who are supposed to be the "resistance" also voted for this bill. Wake up people🤦🏿‍♂️

  • gerolddo

    China and Russia have no time for waisting money, for fighting in space,while it can be done on earth.
    Another excuse to waist taxpayers money.

  • Hilda Guy

    Cool since NANCY is dragging here feet to turn in the BS Impeachment articles the Impeachment is Nulled and Void…. hey Nancy the Senate makes the call not you, your done! Turn them in chicken!


    It's about time they focus on the space force. We already are getting hit with covert attacks you don't hear about in the news. What just happened in New Orleans is a small example of bigger problems that are already going on. People dont seem to understand that China has been arming their satellites with laser weapons for the past 3 years.

  • Apada

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if his vacation resulted in him not wanting to run for his second term. For so many reasons.

  • Justin

    When people who are known for their bad predictions decide "Space Force" is bad, it makes me want to invest in the idea!

    I listen to the CNN hosts and whatever they say, I bet on the opposite and it has been AWESOME!

    CNN is wrong at least 90% of the time!

  • Devil's Advocate

    Space Force. Awesome, just rename something that already exists. Nice waste of our money, along with Trumps desire for starring in a public donkey show. Also, if the jury is not impartial, how can we trust the people we elect to the Senate? This whole thing is butt backwards.

  • Ray Lo

    I am an independent voter!

    So now the cocaine-addicted Democrats have had their Trump fix.

    But like all drug addicts, there will be a day of reckoning – a day when the cocaine of power cannot be sustained if the patient wants to live!!!

    Withdrawl will be brutal!!!

    That will be next election day when the Trump backlash hits the Democrats like a huge tidal wave!!!

    Then they can crawl back home and say they acted on principle when America knows they acted out of hate!!!

  • Anthony S2K04

    Hawkfish appears to have been assembled in secret. It has no public website. A search of elections databases turned up no financial records connected to work for other Democratic causes.


    Democrats shouldn’t worry to much. You know 100% that mitt Romney will be voting for impeachment. Mitt goes where he can get attention.


    Nancy doesn’t care about separation of powers. She is trying to blackmail the senate. She acts like a dictator. Or maybe just acting like progressive or socialist.

  • djjaewon

    We should really call it space hall monitors. Cause that's all theyll do. One person will be enough. Have the orange dictator pay him with kfc.

  • Tom N.

    When is Bolton’s book due out? I don’t think he’s going to get involved with the impeachment until he’s in a position to get maximum financial benefit.


    As if humanity has found sufficient terrestrial reasons to annihilate itself; it will now add to the theater of WAR by going beyond the stratosphere: ALL HAIL THE SPACE FORCE!

  • Liberal in Oklahoma

    With the Inquiry on its rearview mirror and Impeachment flying by the side windows, the Trump Bus keeps motoring but…….
    as Rod Serling would say,
    " A sign up ahead !!"

  • Liberal in Oklahoma

    Mr. Grim Reaper and Mr. D. John Trump, favorite client of the Whore of Babylon,
    allow me to introduce you to
    Miss Con Sequences Pelosi !

    talk among yourselves

  • the blue penguin

    A separate military branch dealing with threats to satellites and offensive weapons located in the upper atmosphere is a good idea. The problem, like everything else including an over-heated economy that is a paper tiger, is the massive jump in the deficit because the huge tax-cuts are creating more and more unfunded obligations. When this latest bubble economy crashes (and it will crash hard), there will be neither money to use for fiscal stimulus, or any room to lower interest rates to use as monetary policy, a perfect storm. We were already well into robust recovery before the unneeded (and unwarranted given the huge budgetary hole they created) tax cuts were implemented, which is a recipe for impending disaster as production is already starting to outstrip aggregate demand.

  • Doug A

    All you idiotic dems should READ THE ACTUAL BILL. You morons really think $1.4 is for Space Force???? Don’t mention the $25M for gun violence research (the first in 20 years). Don’t mention the $425 million for election security. Don’t mention the increased funding for climate research and don’t mention the full funding for the 2020 census. Don’t mention the 3.1 percent pay increase for federal workers, matching the raise for members of the military. Don’t mention this avoids a government shutdown. Don’t mention this funds the government for a year.

    Nope, just be ignorant and think Space Force accounts for it all, when, in fact it “only” accounts for $40M, so move the fvck on.

  • Brian McDowell

    Can't beat him on policy, let's make stuff up and convince Americans to despise him. The lefts agenda the past 3 years 💩🌁

  • toto now

    Just saw a poll that has trump approval at 49% . I'm afraid a lot of establishment centerist Democrats also don't know what's going on. No news here but think about it. This is what we should have known the morning after we woke up with trump as president. 30- 40% do NOT realize what they are doing. Maybe they can't realize it. The next group in the middle forced us to have HILLARY CLINTON and now want to do Hillary 2.0. This idea LOST in 2016 to the worst person imaginable to many. We KNOW. This is THE poll. We have not grown from this. People who are not taking a significant amount of time to go deeper to understand are providing these results. Do it. Do it now or too late you will have trump and what is within and behind him at least 4 more years. Some people have died for this country so I know you are busy but this is important on a sickenly deep level.

  • Gregg

    These people are off their rockers. Perlosi wants a fair trial, "something with substance." She obviously thinks her own advice doesn't apply to the House impeachment inquiry and hearings. Laughable hypocrites.

  • Carlos Enriquez

    He should be impeached for establishing space force. Space Farce. Cyber space is a real threat thats where identity theft and child trafficking takes place.

  • Have a Great Day

    If CNN had been grinding Partisan Propaganda 160 years ago We'd all be Packed Tight as Sardines East of the Mississippi. Anyone living West of that would sitting Cross Legged on the Itchy prarie grass Picking Ticks out of their Stinky Butt Cheeks.

    All essential & non-essential goods n services are exchanges called Transactions using currency as the medium.

    Individuals n companies COMPETE in foreign n domestic markets for Winner takes all Transactions.
    Most Countries Don't play fair. Just like the Dem's Pathetic attempt to Confuse the public by orchastrating CNN NBC CBS NPR even the BBC….bloody hell…..to repeat Identical Buzz Words n Pseudo intellectual Smug Pathetic Arguments….such as:

    Hillary lost cause Russia got Trump Elected.

    Your turn will come honey when Im done the Office is yours…but for now stick to the plan tell those reporters all these Women with Large Wet mouthes Half your age are Right Wing Debunked Conspiracies….go control that narative Honey..
    Hillary Lost Cause Bill is a PIMP. Aint no mo fckn way no Pimp is going to get Eclipsed in the History books by her Legacy as the 1st Lady Pres..while his is just being the FIRST LADY -MAN LADY MAN DUDE CHICK …ummm…what the….ah hell no Fuck That…oh shit she didnt know Guess u didnt either ….That's why their called the HISstory books & not herstory books….cause she aint got No Story.

    The 1st Women President is going to be smart proud with excellent debate and speaking skills she brings the time provenpolicies that keep you drinking coffee with the sugar from a box of Ding Dongs for fuck it

    Biden can not B Trumps Rival Unless he Wins the DNC's Nomination to be their Candidste for Pres. HELLO….yet all effort to Shield Joe by flipping it onTrump are Based on Your Own Words…digging dirt on his Political Rival…
    No that is a Lie. Unless the DNC has secretly decided Joe the best you got which IS true evrryone else truely sucks except Aron Chang (forgive me i do like that guy is thathis name? Oh and that spacey Love Women ..she's hot too)
    So if like you insist Joe is Rival then the DNC committed massive fraud by cashing in on donators like You.
    Well Serious People Don't Gamble.
    Oh yeh Running for Publicoffice Does Not Fckng Grant You or Joe or Hunter or Fucking Anyone from being Invrstigated for Alleged Criminal Activity.
    DOJ under Exec Branch Authority
    Office of Pres has complete and Sole Authority granted by Constitution..

    Digging dirt? No fools stupid pathetic No Joe n Hunter are under Criminal Inveatigation along with Other Obama cabinet members for abuse of power.
    Its disgusting how you ignore the fact that a Crack head isnt qualified to manage Taco Bell
    $80 k a month Barisma Tape 1billion dollars go fire prosecuter inestigating why my Crack head son is on Boardof Advisors for 80ka month…6hours well son of bitch….

    Yeh you people getting played by career corrupt politicians in DC.
    Probable Cause Is All the President needs. Your President has probable cause.
    Polls are wrong world wide cause all you fools have world wide is the Media that keeps you delusional in this assertion that Trump n Supporters are Stupid while You're Intellectually Superior….
    Despite having Zero achievements to point to.
    Shit 2 going on 3 on the Only Court that matters…
    Long long term smart? He's a fckng genious.
    Join us we're cool you guys are kinda racist haters back seat drivers tatletails …waz up w that?

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