Clash Royale: September Update News! TV Royale

Welcome back
to another episode of TV Royale!
– I’m Seth.
– I’m Drew.
We’re here to tell you all the stuff
that’s coming in the next update:
new game mode, new card…
– We’re getting rid of the 2v2 button.
– What?!
Don’t worry!
We’ve replaced the 2v2 button
with something much better.
– The Party button.
– Party!
Want to tell us more
about what’s inside the Party button?
Yes, inside the Party button,
you’ll see a list of Party modes
that you can play.
Don’t worry! 2v2 is still there.
But there’ll also be a rotation
of other modes you can play.
Like 2v2, you won’t lose Trophies,
but you’ll earn Chests
for your chest slots,
and of course, Crowns for Pass Royale.
– Victory Gold as well.
– And Victory Gold.
Maybe you want a break from Ladder,
or don’t want to play a Challenge,
you want to relax, play Clash Royale,
get some Chests, some Crowns,
try out decks…
Play and invite your friends
to any 2v2 mode in the Party button.
All the benefits of 1v1
without losing Trophies.
It’s a great way to pass the time,
especially, when there’s a fun mode
like Wall Breakers.
So, that’s the main feature
coming out with this new update.
As we’re making a Party button
to hold all the new game modes,
we should probably develop new modes
for the Party button.
Yeah, it’d be wise.
There are two new game modes
coming in Season 4.
We won’t talk about it in this video.
Stay tuned for the next episode
with all the Season 4 exclusives.
But we do have a new game mode
that will go live with the update.
It’s called Triple Draft mode.
It’s triple your normal Draft, I guess.
That’s a good summary, Drew!
In Triple Draft, you’ll make eight picks,
and build your whole deck,
one pick at a time.
And you’ll also be able to see
what your opponent is choosing from.
It’ll be in Friendly Battles
for the month.
Give us your feedback.
We hope it’ll be
a regular fixture in Clash Royale.
Seth’s been trying
to get it in the game for ages.
Weirdly obsessive about Draft.
Shortly after this update drops,
a new card will be coming
to Clash Royale.
It’ll be called… Yeah.
At the beginning of Season 4,
stay tuned for the shocking reveal
of the newest card entering the Arena.
Can’t say much in this video, except:
low cost, powerful and with a catch.
Stay tuned.
Something we’re introducing
in this update: Tiebreakers.
Nobody likes a draw. It’s boring.
No Trophies. No Crowns. It’s not fun.
If you wonder what it looks like,
at the end of the six minutes,
it looks like this.
The tower with the lowest health loses.
– Pretty simple.
– Yeah.
More quality-of-life stuff…
– Clan Leader rotation.
– Oh, yeah.
If your Clan Leader is lazy,
and hasn’t logged in for 35 days,
he’s out!
Are you looking for a new rush?
Download Rush… Wait.
Sorry, wrong video. Crown Rush!
It’s coming to Clash Royale!
Yes, we have Crown Rush.
In this mode, you earn double Crowns.
Gold Rush won’t go anywhere.
Crown Rush will help you finish
your Pass Royale in the last few days.
You’ll notice some of these
in the update:
new Star Levels, smoother animations,
cleaner menus, bug fixes,
but most importantly…
They said it couldn’t be done.
They said the technology
wasn’t there yet.
Supercell presents…
A transparent countdown timer!
Also, when you press an Emote now,
it emotes.
There are many cool features
coming in this update,
but they won’t drop
until Season 4 starts on October 7.
We’ve got a new card, a new Arena,
new game modes, Tower Skin,
Pass Royale improvements…
So much cool stuff coming
in Season 4 and this update.
Subscribe to the channel.
We’ll drop videos
over the next couple of days,
revealing the brand new card.
– See us again…
– In costumes.
Yeah, in costumes
for the Shocktober episode.
It’s good to have Seth
back in the studio.
Yeah, enjoy.
Thanks for watching!

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