Christina Hendricks’ Interviews Keep Getting Interrupted by Breaking News

Christina Hendricks’ Interviews Keep Getting Interrupted by Breaking News

-Last night, we had a really
good example of how crazy the times we’re living in
are right now. We had Christina Hendricks
on the show, just a wonderful actress. We love having her here. And we made fun of the fact
that, earlier in the day, she had been on a morning show,
and during the morning show, because of the
Michael Cohen hearings, breaking news interrupted her
mid-sentence when she was on TV. Here’s a clip of us
talking about that. You were on “Kelly”
this morning. -Yeah. -And this happened while
you were getting interviewed. -She thought for
years and years and years and found herself
kind of on autopilot, and — -Special report.
Michael Cohen testifies. -Thank you. Thank you very much. -All right, so, that happened,
and then we joked about, “Well, we know
it won’t happen here, because the Michael Cohen
thing is over now.” And then our
show aired last night. And here’s the crazy thing. By the time
Christina Hendricks — We were talking. It was 1:00 in the morning. News never happens
at 1:00 in the morning… unless the president
is in Vietnam, which is a time zone
that is so different that news happens there
at 1:00 in the morning. So, a minute, one minute,
after I made fun of Christina Hendricks
for getting interrupted on a morning show,
this happened. -She would practice on us
when she was learning, and so we would have the
neighborhood kids come over and we would be like — -This is an
NBC News special report. Reporting from Hanoi, Vietnam… -I mean, what? We’re living in
a [bleep] crazy time. I do want to take
this opportunity to say Christina Hendricks
is wonderful. Her show “Good Girls” is great.
Everybody should watch it. I have to say that ’cause she keeps getting
interrupted by the news cycle.


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