Chris Philp – BBC News – The Government’s Brexit Analysis

Chris Philp – BBC News – The Government’s Brexit Analysis

let’s mull over all of that with the
Conservative MP Chris Philp and Labour’s Pat McFadden I mean let’s just start
on this economic report Chris Philp should be published yes?

look the
government won’t want to reveal its own confidential advice in the middle of a
negotiation if you had a commercial negotiation with a counterparty the last
thing you would do is put into the public domain the information the
private information you’re relying on but let’s not forget these analyses are
preliminary work on the off-the-shelf options that are available but we hope
to get of course is a bespoke deal reflecting our close relationship with
Europe which we hope and expect will continue and if we are able to get a
bespoke agreement out which of course wasn’t part of the analyses that were
leaked we hope I hope the result economically will be far better than
those analyses suggest

what’s the problem with publishing it I mean we are
about to take probably the biggest policy decision any government has taken
since the Second World War why not put all the facts in front of voters so they
can get some sort of idea of what the likely consequences are going to be

well I just explained why you don’t show your cards in the middle of a negotiation
before the referendum which of course is when the public were asked to give their
opinion all kinds of analyses were put out including by the Treasury which at
the time produce analyses that were in fact far more pessimistic than these and
those analyses published in I think it was May 2016 predicted economic
Armageddon immediately following the vote but of course that hasn’t happened
we’ve added half a million extra jobs since that vote to leave

Pat McFadden if
this was published it could jeopardize our hand in the negotiations

I think
this is complete nonsense and it’s they’ve been the stock excuse all along
about information the government hasn’t been straight with Parliament or the
public about this David Davis appeared before the brexit Committee on which I
serve some months ago saying that they had impact assessments in excruciating
detail then he said they never had them at all he didn’t exist that were called
something else whatever it was now we find that they have them and they show
that the UK will be worse off than staying in under every scenario so you
can see so you can see why they’re reluctant to publish let me just deal
with this thing about undermining a negotiating position because there’s an
accusation that somehow those who asked for information are
undermining the country’s position not being patriotic I’ll tell you what’s not
patriotic pursuing a policy that you know will meet your country poorer for
ideological reasons that’s what’s not patriotic and that’s what these
documents show is happening

well I don’t think an exit arrangement a bespoke
deal a close free trade agreement access to the single market at some level and
the ability to strike new free trade deals with America and China and Brazil
will leave us worse off I think we can strike a good deal I think we will
strike a good deal and these preliminary analysis released today don’t cover the
scenario I’m describing

Let me just move on if I may to the comments from Len
McCluskey this morning how do you read those comments that he is willing to
countenance the idea of a second referendum given we know Jeremy Corbyn
only at the weekend ruled out that option

well as perhaps are developing to
be a bonus I’m not in favor of just repeating the question that we had two
years ago because people had a vote on that
but we have our new situation developing we have new facts such as a document
today showing that will be worse off under every scenario so the question is
do the public have the right to of the final say over the terms of leaving that
will be struck as these talks progress I don’t even it’s moving in that direction
let me ask a hugely significant figure he is a significant figure in labor I
think it’s too early to say that at the moment but I think it would be a mistake
to close the door on the public’s right to have a final say over the terms of
leaving okay folks thanks very much

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