Chris Philp – BBC News – Military intervention in Syria

Chris Philp – BBC News – Military intervention in Syria

I’m joined now by Chris Philp the
Conservative MP for Croydon South a supporter of the Prime Minister she’s
right isn’t she Dianne Abbott there’s been support for military action expressed in
Parliament during the Iraq war a lack of support the last time that action
in Syria was discussed in 2013 but ultimately in recent years it’s been
MPs to decide this not the Prime Minister and not the cabinet what’s it
this time? Well I don’t agree with the things Diane Abbott has been saying today
I don’t agree with her insistence on a UN sanctioned investigation because the
Russians would simply veto it as they’ve done six times in the recent past I
don’t agree with Diane Abbott’s contention that the only circumstances
that she can think of where military force is justified is the Second World War
I do think there is a strong case on humanitarian grounds to protect women
and children in Syria from being attacked with chemical weapons and on
your last point the parliamentary vote I would be comfortable with the Prime
Minister taking action before Parliament debates and votes on the topic for two
or three reasons What is the rush? because it’s not just Diane Abbott who’s
saying this is it’s the leader of the Liberal Democrats saying this, it’s people in your
own party Ken Clarke the former Conservative Chancellor saying don’t go
ahead without a parliamentary vote this is a mature democracy there’s no need
for it Well look until 2003 military action was taken without parliamentary
vote Sierra Leone in 2001, Kosovo in 1991 the first Gulf War in 1990 and
so on if events on the ground are moving very quickly either militarily or
diplomatically and there may simply not be time for Parliament to have a debate
and a vote and secondly if the decision depends on intelligence that is
confidential it’s very difficult for that to be aired publicly in Parliament
and for Parliament to therefore make The leader of the opposition’s asked for
that intelligence to be shared with him it hasn’t been yet should it be

Well of course members of the Privy Council including the leader of the opposition
are entitled to be briefed on these issues and I expect he will be but only
a small minority of parliamentarians are members of the Privy Council I’m not a
member of the Privy Council so I wouldn’t have the benefit of that
briefing so to ask me to vote on an issue as important as this without
having seen all the material is something one should think about very
carefully and that’s why if there are things that can’t be disclosed publicly
in Parliament there is a there is there are circumstances under which
could have action without a vote first So your position is trust the Prime Minister?

Yes it is

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