Chinese scientists says COVID-19/coronavirus could have originated from government …

Chinese scientists says COVID-19/coronavirus could have originated from government …

as the world struggles to contain the
new virus a new speculation from the Chinese scientists who believe it may
have originated at a research facility not far from the ohon fish market while
they say more research needs to be done to find solid proof such labs are known
to contain a disease-ridden animals including hundreds of bats or Kimmie
Osan with the details amid the continued spread of the Kovach
19 virus there’s rising speculation the virus could have originated from a
government laboratory in Wuhan rather than a widely held belief that it
emerged from the city’s quantum seafood markets setting a report published by
Chinese scientists a Chinese language newspaper published at Hong Kong Ming
Pao and the British daily the mirror explains Sunday that the ohan Center for
Disease Control or WH CDC could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province
according to the report penned by boat I shall and Lai shall of the South China
University of Technology the research lab which is only 280 metres away from
the hewan and seafood markets kept disease-ridden animals including more
than 600 bats and say that while it’s plausible the virus was leaked from the
lab and contaminated initial patients in this epidemic more solid evidence is
required through future study the report also raised a possibility that the ohan
Institute of our ology could have leaked the virus while it was carrying out
tests involving Chinese horseshoe bats against such a backdrop an article
published by The Washington Times late last month is garnering attention as it
raises the possibility that the disastrous outbreak could be the
accidental result of biological weapons research this comes as a renowned law
professor at teen Y University in Beijing Xu Jiang run is known to be
missing after publicly condemning Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing
to contain the spread of the virus at an early stage he even added the
condemnation could be the last message of his life kim yusin arirang news


  • Kelley Eidem

    Hello! I might have an answer that'll make most of you jump for joy. I never get the flu despite hugging people who have it and touching myself in shocking ways (on the 2 minute video.) If you agree with it, please share it because we need to end this crisis immediately.

  • Chromebook Samsung

    No war no weapon no power nor force needed only just a bio virus to deal with world population and global warming. They already developed the vaacine and vaccined themselves. Fucking bastards people should kill these pimps

  • Vash Stampede

    That's some BS based on "a scientist said". While ignored a published article by 27 scientists around the world on The Lancet (the most well known medical journal). As you keep watching the video, it says "Chinese scientists in HK"… LOL… that explained a lot. These "scientists" are basically the rioters who just want to smear China.

  • cutnicely

    Yes, lab, but more likely US lab. Why does US have all 5 strains while China and other infected have only 1 or 2 ?

  • stoli0001

    Watch out, Chinese communist party will do anything to take over the west, they can afford to lose a hundred million sheeple I mean people……

  • Gebrael93

    The Eyes of Darkness, predicted this and even the simpsons…thou not 100% accurate, accurate enough to know that this is the virus they were talking about. Still.a conspiracy huh? People are so blind to truth when its staring right in their faces. Their eyes are of darkness for real because they see nothing. Blinded by the media, the masses and the government, most ppl are just sheep for the slaughter house.

  • G. Alistar

    Skeptical…if it were a biological warfare modified virus, it would be MUCH more contagious and deadly. 2-3% mortality hardly seems intentional?

  • Tommaso Famularo

    president Xi knew about the virus outbreak TWO WEEKS before a brave doctor sounded the alarm…what did the government do? they silenced him!!


    Only in US could you find all the 5 stages of COVID -19. The 2 parents genes are in Stage A and B .China’s Wuhan the epicenter, have a lot of Stage C type of virus, few cases of Stage B , but no StageA, as far as I know.

  • Hernan Saavedra

    Fucki ng china. Now u cried! Damn u all ! Where r u now after bullying ur neighbour grabbing the lands which is not yours! Even u fyck infected the world!

  • Rabbi Shekelstein 1488

    "it may have." May? I think you mean it fucking DID. Stop leaving the truth vague! We know it's too late to hide it.

  • john miller

    No, its not "accidental", governments have been known to seckretly use biological weapons such as viruses on unsuspecting public.

  • Taping Tap

    Is there any link, I just wonder, between the Covid-19 and the US "FLU" which has killed tens of thousands and hospitalized tens of millions. The Japanese msm media 朝日新聞 suggested the the Covid-19 originated from the US. INTERESTING.

  • jneroo226

    I seriously doubt that this was done by some lab in China. Which government did this we may never know but most likely, developed to reduce the global population and destabilize state governments and the global economy. Wicked single men run this planet, unfortunately. Family-oriented men wouldn't do anything like this. Smh

  • mickey parks

    Thats true. The CCP scientists creates and releases corona viruses as the only way of CCP to survive all over china.

  • Stacion Blu

    Alot of people in China speaking out against the Chinese government are coming up missing. There playing a dirty game in China for sure.

  • mcheong1

    This is disinformation by the republican senator part of the secret group, watch to see it was planned 15 yrs ago.

  • Hk Kk

    They want continue eating wild life animals and dogs, cats, bats, frogs, … to do so, they should convince us by lap fake chines scientists.

  • david turner

    This sounds like hearsay propaganda from anti-China Hong Kong sources. It is politically convenient to blame China when the U.S. has bioweapons laboratories. Is it a coincidence that the outbreak took place shortly after the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan China last October? A multi-sport event that military personnel from over 100 different countries took part in, including U.S. military personnel. Is it inconceivable that American agents may have planted a Made In USA virus?

  • Henkka Henrik

    CALLED IT!!! (there is no way a new pandemic originating from city with the country’s only level 4 bio lab that researched corona type viruses started naturally.)

  • MarvelExtra

    I would more likely say this is a false flag against China. They do not wanted a direct confrontation so they choose this non aggressive path. I would not be surprised to find out they already have a vaccine/medicine against the virus, they are simply waiting to deal the damage to the chinese economy and the image of the communist party and the current leadership of China. The fact they choose to distribute the virus in Wuhan was for exactly the reason to mislead the public and make the assumption that it escaped their laboratory.

  • jega k

    Not surprising at all 😎
    All governments have dark secrets which the public have may never know,
    Communist countries are the worst☻

  • True World

    Every virus is man made it's a way to get rid of the population.and to cause financial crisis in other countries.The Chinese economy was struggling lately and they did this to bring other financial institutions down.I hope it spreads to the people that caused this.Arseholes.

  • sara riazi

    It is really world war 3#,my country is really in bad situation,i doubt if united state america created this virus to spread it very soon to kill chiness people and other people around the world,perhaps one day food poisoned ,

  • Andy Hay.

    Hmm royal family comes under attack for its pedophile ways . A perfect storm in a tea cup happens. Everyone distracted yet? You have more chance of winning the lottery than being killed by a minor flu. COVERT 19

  • Sir macoy

    Its better to focus on how to solve the corona virus, than to add more virus news…it aint gonna help to solve the problem from this kind of news.

  • I_like_zebras_

    I think the gov did this because you know how China is the most populated and they created to get rid of population control……I think I’m onto something

  • S.Dilip Kumar Singha

    We should condemn all demonic intelligence of humanity which endangers human life on the earth. If the report is true,
    Chinese Govt should be responsible for human safety on the earth. We live in an inter-connected world. Everything is connected. Any problem in a corner of the world is the problem for all too all over the world. Hence, Chinese Govt and Chinese Military should not venture into such activity that would destroy human existence. We all condemn such act, if any.

  • Hoku Orpilla

    Yes I believe the virus was created and executed from a government lab in wuhan china. Only scientists use rats bats etc for experimental research. I don't believe it's leak was an accident it was done on purpose with a purpose. World wide economic collapse brace yourself for the shift. What did the scriptures say about 1/3 of earth being destroyed or is it the sea? How about Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters around the world? Do you believe the Bible Now? My people perish for lack of knowledge. If you knew the Truth you would have peace in the midst of chaos. There is more yet to come keep watching with eyes and mind wide open while the Biblical Scriptures unfolds before you. PRAYER always work rather you believe or not.

  • Peter Walker

    I mean it's a great way to reduce the ageing population, poverty and climate change. We'll have to wait and see it's effect in third world and poorer places like India and Africa etc. So far it looks on track to do a great job in a cost efficient manner. I wonder if we'll ever find out who made it.

  • MrRays35

    ive been warning people for years and noone listens.they say im crazy or a consiracy nut.just like chemtrails and celltowers which btw the govt admitted to and people still dont believe,these diseases are manmade and were the guinae pigs.still cant believe how stupid and blind people are.well keep on believing whatever as they kill us all

  • Hazel Chieng


  • AWorldWithoutTenors

    Just like the modern version of Lyme Disease, which escaped from the Plum Island research base in America.

  • lim eddie

    not rue…. china is more interested in making this world a better place for everyone… cos war and dangerous biological weapons are never a win-win situation.

  • Lisa Fortney

    This was intentional ! China wants to take over the world, it's backfiring now! We need to watch these evil people more closely !

  • goo gle

    Instagram post exposing this is labelled "warning may contain harmful content". To see who is in control, see who you cannot criticize". First they silenced the indian scientists who exposed the truth, now these?

  • lupaan mulu

    I hope China goverment will be end forever.
    all of them is evil . They not like us. Not like a human.
    They More then bad from animal.
    I know that, coz I've been in china in 3 years.
    Now, the world was attack by a corona virus, do you know Corona was maded by china Goverment???
    Yeah…They presiden is a fuckin stupid morron !!!

  • Jason Bowen

    I'm not saying this is a bioweapon or even that this shit escaped the lab. I find the fact that the seafood market that they say this thing "originated from" is 7.49 miles(12km) from the the only level 4 lab in the country is extremely unlikely. To not ask the question "did this come from a lab" would be negligent on the part of anyone trying to track this bug. Seriously! I've not seen any concrete evidence debunking the thought that this thing came from a lab. I've only seen a handful of "experts" disputing this theory based on absolutely no facts of their own. I will also point out that these socalled "experts" have been consistently wrong, incompetent, and downright untruthful every possible opportunity since the beginning of this debacle. Please don't misunderstand my language I can't say for sure that China created this disease but to call it a conspiracy theory is dangerously dishonest. If the media is shilling for the CCP I've got news for them. The communist party will most likely collapse because of This (as well it should). Whatever happens after this holocaust, the blood is on the communist party and the media's collective hands. Know your enemy people.

  • a zaz

    Corvid 19 came from a lab from Canada. It's Trump way of destroying China super highway economy. 5G etc. Biological warefare.. better than nukes.👹😈👻

  • Demetrios M. Papadakis

    Tell us something new we didn't already know since day one when you were calling people conspiracists…

  • mcheong1

    Lol u guys still looking at fake news?? Arirang news was bot but western msm. Check this out Watch this videos even Japan and taiwan thinks virus is from US And symptoms started 2 weeks after Wuhan world military games, which By the way the US contingent of 300+ won only 8 medals and 0 gold, and left quickly without attending the closing ceremony. That was also the reason why phase 1 of the trade deal was quickly signed in dec. Also this virus was predicted or should I say planned 15 yrs ago. They want you idiots to kill off each other. Don’t believe?? Try this guy that is what they are trained for.

  • mcheong1

    Reading the comments realize lots of broken English but with western names. No need to say we know they are from Taiwanese and Hongkees who failed miserably in school. Plus it does look like the fulong gong members are pretty active too. Now I know why they are labeled evil cult. In the US, we would have send in the FBI, but since the enemy of my enemy is my friend like the separatist Uighur’s we can use em, then dump em. Like the talibans. Oops did I say that out loud?

  • Dionisio Layoso

    It’s a biochemical weapon Accidentally escape from research laboratory that’s why the Chinese become the first victims….n withholding them to the public..

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