China Is Censoring Coronavirus Stories. These Citizens Are Fighting Back. | NYT News

China Is Censoring Coronavirus Stories. These Citizens Are Fighting Back. | NYT News

Voices like these from Chinese
citizens are very rare. People who are
willing to speak out about the government’s
attempts to control news about the deadly coronavirus. They asked to
remain anonymous, because what
they’re doing could put them and their
families at great risk. But these people are part of a
new wave of Chinese citizens, fighting to get
the message out in a country that aggressively
censors information. Accounts or messages like
these calling for free speech are quickly scrubbed
from the internet. Or videos like this, showing
people frustrated about life under lockdown. [clanging] Posted online one day,
but gone the next. But the crisis over
the coronavirus is changing the landscape,
for now at least. Everyday citizens are
preserving and reposting information the government
doesn’t want out there. Experts say this kind
of digital resistance is happening at a scale
they’ve never seen before. Social media networks like
YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. But internet savvy
people use techniques that allow them to
repost censored content to these platforms, while
staying under the radar of authorities. They’re creating
a visual archive by preserving videos
like this one, showing overwhelmed hospitals. [screaming] And they’re reposting
people’s personal stories. Some are also turning to
less obvious platforms, including GitHub, which is a
site mostly used by coders. Another taboo Chinese
citizens are pushing back on? They’re making open
and widespread calls for freedom of speech. These were triggered by the
death of Dr. Li Wenliang. He was an early whistleblower
who warned about the virus, and was punished by
officials for speaking out. He died in early February
from the coronavirus. Right after his
death, the hashtag “I want freedom of
speech” started to trend on Weibo, a Chinese
social media site. Then, it was quickly
censored by the government. Dr. Li’s become an icon
in the online fight for freedom of speech
between censors and citizens. So, who’s winning? For now, citizens are
staying a step ahead of the authorities. But a renewed
government crackdown could test the strength of
this digital resistance.


  • SERKAN joker

    Have you noticed that all diseases are somehow viruses are going to come from China to the world, because the Chinese eat cat dogs and rats, they consume whatever they find, so they get sick and the virus infects the world with the Chinese, especially Vietnam China and India these three countries unfortunately feed very badly all kinds of bat snakes They consume the meat of animals such as cats and mice

  • HsSW20 C

    Fear creates chaos. Havent done enough research on what's happening inside china but I can see why the government needs control over this case

  • قدرت چینی चिनियाँ शक्ति

    Chairman Mao speech in 1962: Let people talk. Sky won't fall. Regime won't collapse.

  • قدرت چینی चिनियाँ शक्ति


  • Chillgull

    What china do is censored that fact they are not have ny cure to this virus. They are still work on that, but in media or information they keep it says a virus will be end..
    They try to stop make civil panict, there no reason to mad at china goverment bcause they are must do that

  • Eric Xu

    Tomorrow I will be interviewing a black homeless guy in new York and posted the title the US is a shithole country. Can you agree? Evey country has loser and winner. You just can not hear from one side

  • Chillgull

    Stressfully when you have money but never have medicine of this virus, ironically when people look down and forget about scientist worker

  • tyler jackson

    "Every lie we tell incurs a dept to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid. That is how an RBMK reactor explodes. Lies…"
    -Valery Legasov, Chernobyl (2019)

  • Dr.Jekyll

    What are you complaining about NYT isn’t that what you want. Don’t you support Bernie a full on communist.
    Chinese people fighting for freedom of speech
    Meanwhile NYT: freedom of speech is killing us.

  • ping he

    As a Chinese, I admit that all things in this video is truly happened. However, it is only partial, and the news is totally biased. In order to avoid the spreading of fear, any government on the world has to think about what they gonna tell their people, for best control of situations in order to get through the crises. ESPECIALLY in a country which has a population of 1.4 billion.

  • Rajesh

    I hope this start some sort of big revolution in China, govement should be for the people and the current govement is acting like one big corporation

  • Michael Favinger

    Consider the components of the Corona virus outbreak.
    1) Initiated in China where all the inhabitants live under a dictatorship fraught with human rights and freedom violations.
    2) Details of the measures China has taken in dealing with the virus are shotty and minimal. This is an international concern during peace time. It has nothing to do with national security, military deployment or anything other than humanitarian concern.
    3) Someone can be a carrier of the virus for two weeks before exhibiting any symptoms. This is an aspect rarely seen if ever seen before. Can viruses be engineered to accomplish such a trait?
    4) China controls much of the medicinal production facilities and is lagging in delivering needed products to the U.S. Even facemask shipments are being delayed.
    5) Consider the timing of this virus. Trump delivers tariffs and restrictions on China and within a short time the virus appears?
    My conclusion is, this could be an attempt at a sort of biological warfare. I can't be the only one who has considered the possibility.

  • Liwanag Bautista

    There is what, 1 billion Chinese….take back YOUR COUNTRY! America, this is end results to comrade bernie!!! Kick that communist out!

  • Melvin the Mop Boy

    The surviving 80% after this pandemic will have brought the population back up to what it is now by 2050. Global warming caused by so many humans? “HA! I’ll do the math and create a virus that’ll wipe out just enough people to slow it so I can spend my billions before I die.” -The 1 percent.

  • Yuanliang Meng

    "Negative news" is necessary, but it's better to choose an appropriate time. It's like when the army is fighting a war, you keep saying the army is bad blah blah…This is not particularly helpful.

  • Ken Hunt

    We have a tainted news agency in America as well, 90 percent of all news is anti conservative prejudice slant, the mainstream news in America is constantly trying to influence people minds

  • Vincent I

    Hmmmm 🤔 I actually noticed that no coronavirus coming from China the past week. Mostly of the recent coronavirus news is mostly about Korea now. 😰

  • Andrew R

    These people are amazing to put themselves in danger for the sake of alerting the world. They're heroes. Keep up the fight, the world is watching.

  • Empty Bottle

    not only china is censoring coronavirus stories, youtube are doing similar thing by demonetized hong kong/taiwan youtubers discuss coronavirus topics!! No wonder Peter Thiel said FBI, CIA should investigate google for possibly aiding chinese military

  • Jay Rod

    Dr. Li broadcast that this virus is man-made. He is dead for telling the truth. This virus is no accident. His death is no accident.

  • Roc WillLive

    Chinese- no freedom of speech and day to day liberties

    Everywhere else: we are free and when its time…I guarantee you people will NOT self quarantine. Freedom rings different for us all.

  • Robert Matheus

    Digital resistance: a new way for people to fight for themselves and make sure their voices are being heard. I can't help but feel like I'm witnessing something important.

  • Nadia Metni

    Matthew 24: 6-8

    6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not disturbed, because it is necessary for all this to happen; But it's not the end yet.

    7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be plagues, and famines, and earthquakes in different places.

    8 And all this will be the beginning of sorrows.
    it is evident that God warns that demons live between humanity and they run the world and make him suffer. Demons are at war against creation

  • 五十嵐フレア

    I live in a small town in China. We were blocked here for a month. Every family can go out every two days. This store has only one supermarket and one pharmacy, and the rest are closed. It ’s not just us, it ’s the whole of China, it ’s all closed

  • Jan

    To chinese people who cant use or unable to use vpn in the future can also download TOR. It's a browser like google chrome and firefox. We are listening!! Stay strong guys.

  • C.X. Tang

    taking every fkin chance to spread propoganda.How can a country have resource to take care of every single citizens in the begining of the epidemic, especially a country with such high population density as China? It is sad for these individuals but the government just couldnt do anything but keep them quarantined. How can some people still thinks it is a good idea they be allowed to travel around with velcles and spread the virus when the hospitals just simple cannot handdles so many cases? Now China is devoting every resources to Hubei province, building many new hospitals in order to give people proper treatment. Good luck to americans, lets see wether your governmetn of freedom will build you new hospirals if there is a pandemic

  • Eddie N

    By all means we must destroy and deligitimize CCP. Otherwise, innocent Chinese in China and world at large will always face such outbreak and arrogant overreach and challenge to liberal values.

  • 华夏锤哥

    Italian and USA claimed the virus is a strong flu only, and the media of them spread out the info that China is hiding death and leave the people to die. So this is a natural designed virus which is death to Chinese only?

  • Lilkeer

    now for asking freedom of speech? Sigh can’t be helped :/, when the woman, in 2:22 towards the end of the video she supports freedom, and independence like Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I hope Chinese to see why Hong Kong people don’t want to be part of China because of this,… no freedom of speech. I hope Chinese people learn why Hong Kong people are Taiwan people don’t want to be part of China. Many western media like YouTube censor these kinds of videos. Communism at its best.

  • saf dipo

    As asian i wonder why the f some american want socialism. Meanwhile plenty of immigrant come to america to running away from their socialist country.

  • Doc Arcaine

    The Uighurs have been frustrated and "tortured" for years. Now the whole country suffering almost the same. Some people say it is karma. I hope things get better soon.

  • Anderson Wang

    There is a famous Chinese quote that accurately reflects this situation: 防民之口甚于防川。

    It basically means that the effort to stop people from legitimising/expressing their concerns is greater than that of eradicating/mitigating the crisis.

  • orokato

    Some information does more harm than good. Their right to express concerns may cause mass panic, which disrupts national containment of this disease. Their right to speak may cost lives. Their right to speak is not more important than other's right to live…

  • Cc

    Is it possible for people in China to send info/videos to people in other areas of the world where they can be more easily posted to sites blocked in China ? Also I had no idea that YouTube, facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.

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