Chelsea latest news: Fans convinced Real Madrid target Eden Hazard is off after Chelsea comments

Chelsea supporters are adamant that even hazard won’t be with the club beyond this season following his recent remarks the Belgian talisman has long been a target of Real Madrid’s and was close to leaving Chelsea for them in the summer [Music] speaking about his future on Tuesday hazard claimed he has reached the resolution over his future [Music] I know what I am going to do hazard told our MC that I have made a decision the 28 year old has just over a year left on his car in Chelsea deal but blues supporters think they just have months left of him playing in West London [Music] he’s leaving da l ET’s move on guys wrote one Chelsea fan at chrimbus Berg on Twitter while at eggwin ology tweeted bye-bye hazard [Music] please let me be wrong dot number CFC accompanied with a crying emoji dot some supporters took to using memes and videos to express their resignation of a possible hazard group at CFC aunt wrote I wake up to seeing news that even hazard is pretty much off to Madrid [Music] accompanied with a video of NBA player Rudy Gobert crying during a press conference [Music] meanwhile at /of has posted a meme of Homer Simpson disappearing in bushes with the caption goodbye to express their feeling get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribed thank you for subscribing [Music]

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