Hello, I’m Cecilia Elizalde those closest to me know me as CECELIZ I have two little ones Oliver & Valentina When my daughter was born my life shifted completely as is the case for every first-time mom but my little girl came with something more than I had foreseen she has Down Syndrome. When I realized how fortunate I really am that she came to our home I decided to set on a journey looking to help change the perception of children with disabilities or rather, with different ABILITIES. I understood that we are ALL different and capable of astonishing achievements My daughter for example became the first person with Down syndrome to represent a major fashion designer she has graced the cover of People Magazine and has been featured in a publication by the United Nations moreover she is bilingual, she speaks English and Spanish and is thriving in an inclusive school with typical children I have given lectures and workshops about child development and motivation I’ve written for portals like ABC News and media like CNN and Univision have highlighted my work additionally, my efforts have been recognized by organizations like Parent to Parent of Miami that honored me with the Family Empowerment Award My mission is to GUIDE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER other parents that, just like me have a child with different abilities we’ll explore how to manage the subject of different abilities at home at school and society plus I’ll interview specialists in various fields to answer your questions Subscribe to my channel and click on the bell and be sure to leave a comment sharing your experience or with suggestions of subjects you’d like me to cover When you are the parent of a child with different abilities you see life with a different viewpoint a marvelous one On this channel we are going to climb the mountain together because we know how valuable is every step and we know that the feeling of every single achievement is like reaching the top!


  • Veroi20 Ortega

    Felicitaciones por esta gran laboral, suerte en tu nuevo reto, que Dios te llene de muchas bendiciones !!!

  • sandra magaña

    Felicitaciones. Me encanta que dediques tu tiempo a orientar, educar todas las personas pero sobretodo apoyar a padres como nosotros que sienpre tenemos dudas en este camino q estamos recorriendo

  • Maria Di Carlo Di Carlo de Frances

    Que lindo!!! No es fácil ponerse en tu lugar. Muchos papas tienen mucha dificultad aceptando las diferencias de sus hijos. Yo soy terapista de habla y lenguaje y mamá de 3 niños. El varón, Lucas, el del medio, tiene diagnóstico de ADHD, ASD, y ODD y a pesar de ser terapista previo a su nacimiento.. este camino es un aprendizaje día a día. Me encanta tu emprendimiento! Acá estoy para lo que necesites’Gracias!!

  • princess Carolyn

    Excelente! es un canal muy esperado que marca tu mision el llegar a muchas familias que requieren ser orientadas, en horabuena, aqui estaremos pendientes de tu contenido.

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