CBS 2 News: NYCHA Improves Heating Outage Response Time Since Last Year

CBS 2 News: NYCHA Improves Heating Outage Response Time Since Last Year

But unlike the past, [NYCHA] crews are responding
quickly this time around.
CBS 2 News Report Marsha Krammer found out
There were a number of unhappy campers at
Justice Sonia Sotomayor Houses in the Soundview
section of the Bronx; the heat went off as
the thermometer plunged.
“It is kind of bad that they are not putting
it on.”
“No hot water or heat.
What else is new?”
Actually, there is a lot that’s new.
“The heat went off here at 8 AM, but by
1 PM they were ready to turn it back on, a
big improvement from last year.
Last year officials say it took much, much
longer to fix broken boilers.
“Last year we were restoring heat within
36 hours at this time, as compared to this
year, 10 hours.”
“What is the secret?”
The secret is we are doing better with staffing;
we decided to hire up different staffing levels.
“As he give me a tour of the NYCHA’s Customer
Complaint Center, he explained the agency
now has heating specialists working nights
and weekends instead of just weekdays.
There are all kinds of new alert systems;
this board has a flashing red light system
to alert officials when something is going
“It is a early warning system for us.”
Also new?
Complaint takers are now trained to ask questions
about things that could affect the nature
of the complaint and the required repair.
“Question: Are all of your windows closed
So, they are closed properly but there is
still air coming in?”
And in the years since Vito took over as General
Manager, there is another thing that is new:
he is totally hands-on.
He personally went to the Sotomayor Houses
to make sure the boilers in this room were
In the Soundview section of the Bronx, CBS
2 News.
NYCHA also opened 12 warming centers across
the city yesterday so residents without heat
have a warm place to go.

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