BTS Answers Fans’ Most Asked Questions

BTS Answers Fans’ Most Asked Questions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Ellen Show. We’re South Korea
[INAUDIBLE] BTS. We got three questions to
ask the Ellen show hashtag Ellen Show Me More. And we’re here to
answer the questions. Here we go. Go. [MUSIC PLAYING] We went to Disneyland
two years ago. I remember Buzz Lightyear–
to infinity and beyond. And beyond. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love dance. I love my eyes. Oh. I love my height. I love my brain. Oh. Oh, you love your brain. I love my face. [LAUGHTER] I love my music. Oh. I love my game. Game? Game. Wow. Your game. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think Jimin? Jimin! He is a professional. Yeah. In Korean he’s [SPEAKING KOREAN] Yeah. You’re [SPEAKING KOREAN]. You’re the latest. Thank you. Post Malone. Oh, Post Malone. [? Can he ?] call me, please? Woo! [INAUDIBLE] collaboration. Let’s go. We want to collaborate with
so many American artists. Please call us our company. Its in Korea though. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] We want to come back
this Ellen Show– Wow. –next year. Woo! Next year. Yes, we got so many cities
to go, so we’re planning. So please stay tuned
for [? media. ?] Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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