Britney Spears father steps down as conservator   BBC News

Britney Spears father steps down as conservator BBC News

Britney Spears father steps down as conservator BBC News
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Britney Spears father has stepped down as her conservator after 11 years.
Jamie Spears filed papers in Los Angeles on 5 September, asking the court to temporarily relieve him of the role for “personal health reasons”.
A judge approved the request on Monday, appointing Britneys care giver, Jodi Montgomery, as his replacement.
The guardianship began in 2008, when Britney was placed in psychiatric care after refusing to relinquish custody of her children.
Following that incident, Jamie Spears petitioned the court to place the pop star under his care.
Since then, he has had the power limit to restrict Britneys visitors “by any means”, with the exception of her court appointed attorney Samuel Ingham.
He also had the power to communicate with his daughters doctors and had access to all medical records regarding her treatment and diagnosis; as well as the ability to retain caretakers and security guards around the clock.
Those powers have now been transferred to Montgomery until January 2020.
Jamie Spears has been battling ill health since a life threatening colon rupture last year.
His medical problems prompted Britney to announce “”, including the cancellation of her lucrative Las Vegas residency, in January.
Explaining that her father had “almost died,” the star told fans: “Its important to always put your family first ů and thats the decision I had to make.”
The 37 year old reportedly entered a wellness clinic to focus on her own mental health in April.
According to the court documents, Jamie sees his removal as Britneys conservator as a temporary move.
However, he may have felt compelled to stand aside after being accused of grabbing and shaking his teenage grandson, Sean.
, Britneys ex husband Kevin Federline, attained a restraining order against Jamie following the incident in August.
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    WHAT THESE BITCHES WONT TALK ABOUT IS HOW REVA GOETZ , AVA K BOB both judges used for the conservatorship are both listed on corrupted judges list with history of wrongful sentencing and siding with 1 side of the family especially the ones that fattens the pockets! Or how Samuel d Ingham III is being charged with wrongful death of another conservatorship. This sick system is happening all over and won’t change until America is educated on it and pass reform! This can happen to anyone with assets if you injure your head at work and have no one and a private conservator swoops in or if your elderly and a private conservator decides you are not fit and you have “dementia”. This is is happening to rich ceos , celebrities such as Amanda Bynes , Nichelle Nichols , Britney , jason Singleton , Casey Kasem . And happening to the elders America needs guardian ship and conservatorship reform immediately before it happens to you!!!! 😡

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