Breaking News: Then vs Now | Padmaavat controversy (ZoRo Vines)

Breaking News: Then vs Now | Padmaavat controversy (ZoRo Vines)

Good evening ladies & gentlemen
On the ‘Good Old News – To shape our views’
Your host, Bhadrapalli Sulochhan,
welcomes you tonight
Today’s Headlines are…
Following the fist fight in Parliament
Dhaniya madam gave an official statement
As always… Prime Minister – Jugg Mohan ji said…
On the border, conflict with the neighboring country continues
Given the news of so many injured soldiers…
It’s being said that the situation is Intense
Raj poot ji, is the sword ready?
On air in 3… 2…1…
Good evening ladies & gentlemen
Tonight on this show
The nation wants to know
YAY… or NAY?
On the panel wit us we have tonight
Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhagsaaley
who is maker of this movie
Mr. Raj Poot… who is offended by this movie
We also have with us tonight
Well known writer… Ms. Lavang Latika
On my command, I’m going to start this panel tonight
3… 2… 1…
Everybody… GO!


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