Breaking News: Robert Mueller Report Will Be Lightly Redacted | All In | MSNBC

Breaking News: Robert Mueller Report Will Be Lightly Redacted | All In | MSNBC


  • Michael Smith

    The DEMS are worried about the redacted names that are subjects of ONGOING investigations…Ask you self WHY? What is so crucial about having those names? Are they worried it may be them or their buddies? They should be worried, VERY worried. Panic in DC

  • WindSolarHydroHuman

    Redacted or not, America knows what the Obstructionist President did 🚼💩🚽😷 #theWHistheswamp #bluewave2020

  • CLureCo

    I'll believe it when I see it……..and Barr having a press conference, before anyone gets to read it well……..anyone except all the trump crony filth……make no mistake, you will see obvious foreknowledge of this report in the questioning during their little propaganda conference.

  • mjimih

    AG Fudges On the Judges
    Barr's Report Fake Barr News
    Fake Fox News Uses CROW BARR
    Fox & Fiendish Friends to Fool Folks
    Barr Barr Brinks' RobBARy Report

  • Wado Waleli

    By offering to release to the American people a Mueller report that will look like it has been run through a Cuisinart food processor, Trump is saying in effect, "You can't handle the truth." Oh, really? So we can't handle the truth about what– you? Don't you really think that maybe, just maybe, you don't want us to know for a fact what our suspicions have been suggesting all along?

  • Jennifer Jessup

    How are there so many corrupt ppl in support of what is clearly the most incompetent, dishonest grifter ever to hold office?!

  • Sunny Day

    Send Barr & Trump to USSR! Lightly redacted~ Bull. He lies all the time & did it During Bush Sr. His license should be cancelled.

  • mjimih

    The Republic stands READY to defend Our!! Galactic!! Empire!! er ahem, from the wishy washy self-absorbed moral-less buffoon In Chief, Orange Chumpy Caesar Salad Aurelius

  • kare more

    I wanna see what Mueller's team actually reported bc I don't trust anything else after this much time and tRUmp saw it first. Nope.

  • joseph-Ignace Guillotin

    MSNBC the Propaganda Network….the Anti Trump Network, All in unison Repeat after me… We suffer from Trump Syndrome Disorder !!!!

  • DjCole100

    Even if he releases an unredacted report, he still should be charged with a crime for showing to the president before even congress saw any of it.

  • Eric Franklin

    I’m sorry but why are we still trusting ANYTHING anyone in the Trump administration says? Barr has said dozens of things in his confirmation hearing but has done the exact opposite and everyone else in the Trump admin have been lying to the public on what they are doing all the time. Here should be a push for full redaction because I don’t, and no one should, trust Barr to do ANYTHING that involves redacting documents given his involvement in cover ups around the Bush Sr and Reagan administrations.

  • Junior Harry

    Hi Chris.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chris.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  • Cocoa Liveson

    A leak reported that the words "criminal" "crime" "conspiracy" "guilty" "Russia" "Russian" "laundering" "treason" and "felony" were all redacted.

  • Cocoa Liveson

    Barr obstructed the Iran Contra investigation by having Bush1 pardon 6 felons. The investigation was closing in on then president Bush1 who had been the CIA director under Reagan. Barr has a long history of criminal obstruction of justice.

  • SuperUbermensch

    Anything short of a full and complete report will smack of a continuing cover-up.
    Mueller must be called to testify before Congress in an open session.

  • lord worm

    does not matter what the muller report says because …these fart bags are gonna say its wrong if no collusion founf ..,course a ferret can see this is all a waste of time and money this all is and that the majority of the government is run by fat toddler donkeys …you know who you are …you hate people like me …who are not brain washed and controlled 😛😝😄😄😄😒

  • Joseph Beram

    Breaking news from MSNBC Trump is the devil Hillary is an angel Bernie is God and Liberals are idiots. Of course the names of the grand jury participants are redacted and any federal agents working undercover what about this don't you liberal morons understand there was clearly no evidence of conclusion you guys put Mueller up on a pedestal as if he was the second coming but now he doesn't follow your narrative and now he's corrupt in your mind's you people should be ashamed of yourself and this is why Trump will win again in 2020 because people are tired of hearing you whiners


    Really did anyone truly expect the government to give the nation the truth! They've not told the truth ever, why would they start today??? Report is the exact same lie they reported a few weeks ago. No disappoint with me, we already knew the report would be the same old lies… People stop believing that our government is going to start telling the truth, they don't have that capability…

  • ElPocho DelMundo

    Bill "Cover up[" Barr , contrary to what people are saying, has never had a record of integrity. He's covered up time and time again, as the latest reporting is showing, but in addition , he is the one who prepared the legal argument for Poppy Bush to forgive all the criminals in the Iran Contra affair. So many past cover ups, and then his 19 page unsolicited letter of application to the Pig to be appointed Pig's AG. He's now the Roy Cohn the Pig has asked for.

  • MarkR. Katzman

    Sorry sports fans on the collusion, no obstruction…just a man who got elected by a large majority of the electoral college and buried an old hag candidate of the left…but the left can't handle it…they've thrown a temper tantrum for most of Pres. Trump's Presidency…the fascists of the left don't like it when things aren't going their way – very nasty and authoritarian of them! I know all of you leftist pin-heads out there are going on another depression streak and descending into the world of conspiracies …have fun!

  • me heretoday

    Ah yes redacting, the best way to protect criminals… "oh but it is for the security of the country'…. well we all knew it was going to happen, so no surprises here… America you voted it in as President… how's that going for you?

  • Michael

    you idiots in this comment section that don't understand the redaction of classified tactics and grand jury information is hilarious, you people are dumb as rocks. Liberals are some of the dumbest people I swear.

  • wingsandstrings

    Why do you people want this President to fail? No matter what the results are you will never accept the fact that he won legally. This is precisely why he won the election. People have no faith in the media any longer.

  • nonamesleftdammit

    I wouldn't trust any redacted version of the Mueller Report unless it had deep claw marks from when it was pried from Trump's and Barr's hands.

  • Mike Swed

    So it's Nixon all over again! He did it they met and Russia and Trump exchanged information for the purpose of election but ….. it's not a crime? So when the president does it … it's not a crime? yep it's Nixon all over again.

  • craig owensby

    Think about it. If Barr is right, Nixon should have just burned all the Oval Office tapes on the WH front lawn, because it would have destroyed the evidence of an underlying crime, which would mean the destruction of evidence (obstructing justice) would have then had no probable underlying crime, and Nixon would never have been indictable. Fortunately, we got the tape.

    But Congress should ignore Barr’s idiotic claim. Clearly Trump obstructed justice, likely successfully, since Meuller could not find sufficient evidence of a conspiracy. But if the obstruction is self-evident, it must be charged by the Congress!

  • Erie

    Russians meddled in our election on behalf of Putin. In favour of Trump. POTUS sided with Putin against our own people. People, who risk their lifes everyday for us, instead of Mr. Bonespurs. Siding with MBS about the Khashoggi slaughter. Every immigrant, child/grandchild of an immigrant, who stands in his way, has been bullied. Government shutdown, the ordinary people have to suffer. For what? Lies, lies, lies – stupidity – grandstanding – no empathy – no human-rights! It was an aberration, Trumpsters!

  • Allegra Misereri

    The Global Deep State is the most horrific monster to ever exist.
    It includes the global banking establishment, the civilian intelligence agencies, the military industrial complex, and their purchased possessions, the corporate media and the DNC.

    Your president was recruited by US military intelligence (not the civilian intelligence) about 4 years ago.
    He was thoroughly vetted and found to be clean.

    Since then he, and military intelligence have been casting a wide net in order to take down the deep state.

    Some ask, after two years, why it has taken so long to bring down corrupt individuals?

    Well, The Deep State, Plan Z. If they can't control us, then they want to destroy all of it.

    This video is just an example of what has to be done before the hammer DECLASS can fall.

    Watch for major INDICTMENTS to come to light, within days of the end and release of the Mueller probe.

  • Miles Johnson

    The Mueller report is an extension of of Hillary's opposition research that began with the Steele dossier. The report will be like a Rorschach ink blot that democrats will interpret as proof that Trump obstructed justice etc etc…….

  • transcendbeyondallunderstanding please

    Will anyone investigate AG Barr's conflicts of interest w/his daughter Mary Daly and son-in-law Tyler McCaughey now working for WH?

  • jonny malayil

    Trump haters have brain disorders and low IQ and ungodly liberals and globalists who are enemies of Democracy and Bible.

  • Sophia Johnson

    I could impeach trump without the report. Most of the country could. He did everything out in the open. Trump didn’t hid anything. We’re listening to Barr as though we was dreaming all of the conspiracy and obstruction didn’t happen before our very eyes. People in congress both Democrats and Republicans, both Senate and Representatives seen this up close and before he even got ready to do his dirty deeds. Shame on senate and representatives if they allow him to diminish they powers. It’s one thing for trump and the to do this. It’s a whole different ballgame if you see and do nothing. Republicans and Democrats will be equally guilty.

  • applezauc3

    There was conclusive acts among the Russian and Republican parties to
    get Trump into Office. What makes the report claim "insufficient
    evidence"? Simple. Every investigation ended because encrypted
    communications among Trump supporters and Russian sleeper cells.
    Breadcrumbs were definitely found but later faded from being detected.
    The Democratic Party was always correct stating that Trump and his
    supporters are puppets and the report seemingly proves that Trump was
    intentionally inputed by Russian forces and not the American people. The
    Republican party can rejoice all they want, the release of this report
    DOES state "no collusion", but the report clearly states Trump is a
    Trojan Horse brought to us by the GRU, but lays innocent because Trump
    did not know and thought he became President of the US on his own.
    There, saved you time.

  • Bradford Thompson

    Maybe it was Trump's Tweets that were Colluding with the Russians?
    This could be Tweet Violence! WE NEED TO BAN TWEETS!
    See, I could be a Liberal Democrat if I worked at it!

  • awe Ruby

    Trump is the perfect example of capitolism the muller report proves this 😆im so glad i live in UK 😍screw trump

  • Bradford Thompson

    I thought for sure that everyone in our country would be elated that it was proven that our President was innocent. Doesn't that make it better?

  • Mia C' Moore

    I think Trump NEEDS to right a wrong… And if all this hullabaloo he was NOT GUILTY the precedence set becomes a national security issue. All that is being exposed is proving that qualifications for the highest office is the very lowest standard. And corruption always trickles down… Would specific education and some history and maybe experience be too high a requirement for the president of this great country YES since complete reform is now needed.

  • LoveAndLight 360

    This guy is a clown! He just joined the biggest circus freak show the U.S. has Ever seen….. And that would be this debacle of a presidency now in office. What an insurmountable joke 45 and his robots that follow in his shadow are and only in hindsight will they all know just how gutted morally they all are. And dont speak for us BARR, we wanted all this. More americans cant stand this man than actually like him. Even within his own party. A clown does not have suitable attributes as a being to ever hold presidential office in this country. We have become less of a country since his election. This clown has made us a joke to the world. We all should be ashamed that he leads at the helm

  • Kirk Belmont

    This whole thing is a travesty of justice. The investigated person get to put out only what he wants you to know about his criminal activity putting in the office of the attorney general the man who gets to edit the report and is a cult member also money can buy anything even a mockery of justice.

  • A Clem

    This report will be devastating to Trump ongoing because it shows that he pushed underlings to break the law in his defense even thou most did not do as he requested.

  • Ram 4570

    This station is so fake the left has investigated Trump for 2 years and cost 50 million dollars and they found NOTHING. Please apologize to PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY for this bogus investigation. Trump won in 2016 and Hillary lost and the American people voted for Trump. Now six more years of Trump doing great things – unemployment today lowest ever since 1960 -manufacturing back in America and building the wall to protect us from illegal aliens. Let’s all vote to give President Trump the Nobel prize for his efforts so then he can donate this prize money of 1 millions to building the wall fund. Trump 2020

  • Heather Mefford

    I’d REALLY like to know exactly what was uncovered in Mueller’s report… American citizens have PAID for this investigation and should know what was found! Frankly, I’m tired of all the chaos that Trump has brought to our White House. My entire family was basically Republican for generations. THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE. It seems as if the GOP has finally shown its true colors by repeatedly covering for a deeply corrupt and morally bankrupt man with money. It is sickening…

  • curandero verde

    So how many cabinet positions are unfilled ??? What's N. Korea up to again??? Who is in charge of the nukes???
    tRumps soap opera makes him a liability….

  • PIE C

    Bar might want to be Lying Trump Butt buddy…but even this poor excuse for a human being realize that he can only push the lie so far before it comes and bite him on his !*#&@&@^!!

  • Pug Nacious

    Why didn't the report reveal where the dossier came from? Who started this ? I'll tell you. Bought and paid for by Hillary and DNC. Mueller took 2 years to try to figure out out how to save his rear end… uranium 1 comes to mind. PANIC in DC because it's hammer time … deep state Dems and Repubs are going down. #walkaway

  • Lola Thomas

    Looks like thoes peole could stop fightng and fussing like binch of animales and do what they are supposed to do. They not setting a very good ecample for every one do t fight like that. Nether do the animales.

  • Nazmije Sulce

    Turp per krasten qe flet me ate gjuh qe ti i ben mor rames po si nuk te ra nje pik kur e the ti to thoshje bravo e ec perpara e to shkrini te trija keyo parti qe e shkaterruan keye ventpo i the qe i ben mir ramesnjeri pa vlera

  • oso polar

    Redact Definition: Removing text or images from an original document. Related Terms: Expunge. To cut out, white-out or black-out parts of a document. In legal proceedings, this is generally justified for reasons of privilege….

  • Dead Pool

    You cant indict someone for actions that he had the LEGAL authority to do! The Democrats argument is ridiculous. Mueller can SAY whatever he wants but the LAW IS THE LAW! Trump could have fired Mueller and that STILL would not have been obstruction because he had LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO SO if he wanted but DID NOT!

  • John Jones


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