Breaking News! Norwegian Star Has Engine Problems Cancels Ports Of Call

Breaking News! Norwegian Star Has Engine Problems Cancels Ports Of Call

everybody it’s Bruce here with trapping
us Bruce I just got some breaking news Norwegian star cruise ship she’s got
engine problems and she’s had to alter her upcoming trip thanks by the way for
subscribing to my channel giving my videos thumbs-up so I really appreciate
it the breaking news is out of Venice the
Norwegian star last week coming back to Venice had a reported fire onboard but
no one confirmed anything passengers were tweeting that there was a Bravo
code issued and the ship limped back into port today we find out that yes
indeed the ship is going to be operating under reduced power cannot hit top speed
one of its engines maybe one of its azipods are faulty and this is not the
first time so what they’ve done is this itinerary you see here they have
canceled these two spots down here Mykonos and Santorini and they have
upset a bunch of passengers because these are the two most popular stops on
this particular itinerary but by reducing the amount of mileage the ship
has to a travel they can get in the seven-day cruise back to Venice and I’m
not sure what they’re up to are they gonna try to repair the ship on the fly
are they ordering parts into Venice or somewhere else for the ship to go to
later it was in Marseille for refurbishment 2017 one of these azipods
had major problems in December 17 they they had problems with one of these
azipods and they had all kinds of cancellation issues but I can tell you
the folks are not happy losing Santorini and losing Mykonos because this is a top
dollar cruise that Europeans are paying for and they’re not getting their
money’s worth we’ll stay on top of this story the ship was built in oh one so
she’s showing their age we’ll see how it continues on thanks for
joining me today it’s Bruce with driving with Bruce join us for our group cruise
the details are down below we’ll talk to you later everybody bye for now


  • Hootymae

    Oh I’d be upset too! We missed one of our ports in July on the Star (Kotor). They have an awesome crew though and I hope the passengers don’t take it out on them. I’m sure they are disappointed.

  • Rhonda Montagna

    I was on the Oct 27 to Nov 3 sailing of the Norwegian Star. Early in the morning of Nov 2, the whole ship shook and made a loud noise. The ship came to an abrupt stop for about an hour. An announcement was made of condition Bravo. The emergency exit lighting came on for a while. Nothing more was said until we were getting ready for our shore excursion in Dubrovnik. The Captain announced that the ship was not stopping in Dubrovnik and was heading back to Venice as it was scheduled the next morning. It was going significantly slower all the way back. One of the ships crew told me that the one of the Diesel engines had seized and there was no problem with propulsion since the Diesel engine powers the turbines. I found that hard to believe. Some of the passengers heard from the cabin stewards that there was also a fire. We did get a $100/ person onboard credit for missing the Dubrovnik stop.

  • Jetty Girl

    According to the notice from NCL the cruise leaving today is still a 7 day and will have 5 port stops. Each stateroom will receive a $200 OBC and 20% towards a future cruise. This is why trip insurance is needed if booking an expensive trip.

  • Fred Bach

    If I were losing one or both of those stops I would be extremely disappointed. I would hope the cruise company would make it right. But notice all the failures and unplanned maintenance stops. This is a result of insufficient caution in the research and development stages. Competition is getting so fierce that ship builders are not taking enough time to shake down new designs. I've seen this before: Too many young engineers and too few old engineers with big sticks, as it were, to knock some sense into those overly optimistic designers.

  • Mindy Salsberg

    Hey Bruce. Norwegian Star is a beautiful ship. I was on it with my mom around 2004, 8 day Mexican Riviera. Getting old like us, new parts wouldn't hurt

  • On Demand

    It’s real simple they start making it right or you don’t cruse with them anymore. When enough people start doing that they will get their act together. BUT NOT UNTILL THEN….

  • Don Oakes

    Another ship with engine problems. What is going on with cruise ships lately? I’m annoyed cause Allure is also suffering engine problems that isn’t being rectified till Feb and our cruise no longer stops in Roatan because it too can’t do top cruising speed till it’s fixed

  • Don J.

    Poor Carnival, more issues with…oops wait, this isn’t Carnival. I thought people said only Carnival had all the problems.

  • Audra

    Got off this cruise yesterday. Missed the last “headliner” port of Dubrovnik with only $100 NON-REFUNDABLE OBC given! We didn’t even have time to spend it!! What can we do? Onboard customer service was worthless. They could only tow the company line.

  • David Yeager

    My wife and I were on the Star last week when this event occurred. The ship apparently suffered some type of problem that caused us to miss our final stop. The phrase Bravo was used over the public address system and the crew manned the muster stations, but the passengers were not ordered to the muster stations. The ship was stopped in the water for several hours. After the event the ship was only traveling at 10 knots all the way back to Venice, as per the navigation screen on our room television. There were two propeller wakes visible behind the ship on the trip back to Venice, so both Azipod engines were functioning. It is my opinion that one of the four diesel electric generators failed catastrophically, resulting in a fire or oil/fuel spill that caused the code Bravo response by the crew. At no time did the ship loose electric power to the passenger areas and all of the ship's amenities appeared to be functioning normally. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon Bowie

    We are sailing the NCL Star in February from Santiago, Chile to Argentina around Cape Horn. I sure hope the engine issues have been corrected by then because this area of cruising can be tricky to sail. Glad I have travel insurance. Fingers crossed.

  • Parker Gibson

    my wife and i were also on the ship when this occurred. the general manager said it was a generator, and had anyone been in the room when it happened, it would have been "very bad". we felt it very strongly on the 9th floor. talked to a worker who was on 3 or 4 who said it felt like an earthquake.

  • steve wenger

    i was on the ncl star end september till oktober making same route,whe skiped 2 ports Kotor and Kefalonia Greece and Venice whe left with huge delay around 5 hours later.

  • All Trith

    I was on it when this happened! Many people took it out on the crew when it happened which is completely unfair! Luckily for me I had already been to Dubrovnik so it wasn’t a big issue and they gave us a £100 credit! I just spent the day relaxing at the teen club which was great for me 🙂 when it happened it was scary though!

  • All Trith

    Also we were never going to Mykonos! And we didn’t miss Santorini we missed Dubrovnik!!! But yes they ordered parts into Venice 🙂

  • Danny D

    Thanks Bruce for the news. I have booked this ship for the South America Cruise for 2020. Wonder i wonder if I should cancel it. Do you think this is a continuing problem with this particular ship?

  • Mark K

    Bruce/All – I just received an email from NCL that is altering our NCL Star cruise in March, 2020, removing two of our stops. The email said "a scheduling issue" however the itinerary for the ship on an earlier cruise has also been altered. I guess they are leaving the ship broken for now? We now have only five stops, and eight sea days. Bruce – can you look into this?

  • gil schwartz

    I booked Miami – Chile – 2 week cruise Dec. 6, 2019. Weeks after receiving the confirmation, I received a memo stating that they would by-pass Columbia and stop at Grand Cayman and Costa Rica instead. "The Norwegian Star has experienced mechanical issues resulting in a revised itinerary. . . " How could they not know this when I did the original booking if the problem occurred before?

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