Breaking News Carnival Triumph Catches Fire In Drydock In Cadiz Spain

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce got a news update here March
22nd 2019 the Carnival Triumph just
arrived in Cadiz Spain about 10 days ago
for a major refurbishment two hundred
million dollar refurbishment and she’s
had a fire break out on board in the
shipyard they evacuated all of the staff
all of the contractors off the ship and
dealt with the blaze you can see the
smoke that was coming out the side here
story has it that what caught fire were
construction materials and the officials
in charge here are insisting that this
will not delay the refurbishment of the
ship and there was no major damage done
but you never know until you really get
in there these fires can get out of
control one must be careful but they
insist all as well hopefully the
refurbishment will come together it’s a
38 day refurbishment another month to go
and we’ll stay on top of the story
because when she comes out of there
she’ll be known as the carnival sunrise
and we’ll see how she does when she’s
back at sea anyway join me Monday to
Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at
do we update cruise ships and cruise
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talk to you later bye for now

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