Breaking News 😱Tekashi69 May Be Released Today😱

Breaking News 😱Tekashi69 May Be Released Today😱

hey guys back with another video but
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breaking news the verdict is in tomorrow guys
Takashi six nine will be in front of the judge who was going to be the person
that’s gonna make the final decision if he’s going to be a free man and probably
get probation or some type of parole or if he’s going to do some time I could
tell you right now he’s not gonna do 37 years so well for whoever was thinking
he’s gonna get that much time it’s not gonna happen and to be quite honest with
you I don’t think that he’s going to do any time whatsoever
I’ve seen this a same sort of situation happened you know guys do plea deals
they give up some sort of information on something else that’s just as important
as what Takashi 6:9 does and they get off and what I mean by get off is they
might have to do some type of probation or parole but they end up being let go
and they’re free to you know roam the streets and do whatever that they do
snitch again whatever it is that Takashi 6:9 is going to do
I doubt it that he’s going to do time it is alleged that the judge that he’s
going to be in front of tomorrow though is not a lenient judge he’s a judge that
likes to set an example out of troublemakers so that’s the only thing
that is standing in between Takashi 6-9 and his freedom because like again I
said the judge that he will be standing in front of is not a lenient judge and
if he does in fact get any time he might do about maybe five years if
the dead judge that they say is not lenient does give him any time he’ll
probably do no more than five years but I don’t see Takashi six nine I’m
doing any time at all I think he’s gonna walk free and I also want to say that
there were some letters that were wrote in favor – Takashi six nine and then
there was also letters from the victims so you know the judge is going to take
all of that into consideration on both sides and then that’s probably when he’s
going to make a sound decision on whether or not if he’s going to give him
the time or free him I know a lot of people are looking at what he’s being
charged with and then you know the biggest crime of it all street crime is
that he snitched but and the politics of all of this you know money walks and you
you can understand how the rest goes from there he is
Takashi six nine he has the best of the lawyers I’m quite sure that money can
buy and sometime when you got money like that they can sometimes make things go
away so we will stay tuned to what’s to become of Takashi six nine I will update
everyone as soon as I get the information of the verdict so stay tuned
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