Boris Johnson: we can leave EU on 31 October without breaking law

Boris Johnson: we can leave EU on 31 October without breaking law

We will obey the law,
but we’re confident
we can come out
on 31 October
and the best way to do
that is to get a deal.
So that’s why the surrender act
is so damaging, because …
I won’t hide it from you,
it has had the effect
with our European friends
and making them think,
‘hmm maybe parliament
can block this thing.
Maybe they will be forced
to extend’, and that,
if you’re in a negotiation,
that obviously makes it more difficult.
What we need to do now is to
get Brexit done by 31 October
and I genuinely think that once
you do that, then so much
of the heat and the anxiety
will come out of the debate.
I think a lot of people are very tense
and businesses are still uncertain
and get it done, I think
we’ll all be able to move on.
We are going to go on and
get a deal if we possibly can
on 17 or 18 October and then
bring it back to parliament.
So that’s the plan.
Parliament will have time
to debate it, we hope,
between the summit and
the end of October.


  • Kay Camille

    If he cannot get us out no one will blame the man . He is a credit to the british people and we will not forget the treachery that he has faced

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Since David Cameron first rolled the dice to leave the EU he should surely have had a plan in place on how it should be done instead of just walking off and leaving his successors to figure it out. How's it not unlawful for him?

  • Ed Ruttledge

    Leading (the formerly ) Great Briton into the abyss thru lies and gimmickry, Boris will take the UK (minus Scotland) into the 21st century as a glorious vassal state to MAGAland!

  • cyrilo30837

    Boris Johnson………Nothing less than a self opinionated failure, who thinks only of himself, the black sheep of the Johnson family…Not to mention! A divider, he has nothing to say regarding bringing the Country together…Pooh

  • Jorge Nunes

    He says this as he pressures and threatens MP's not to intervene in the Brexit process. For the media he is a well behaved man, educated in Eaton; In reality he behaves like a tyrant, almost like a gang leader.

  • Mr Smith

    Well done brave heroic MPs for standing up to the Brexit thugs. Brexit thugs are like Halloween's most horrific monsters. They should be crushed.

  • John Dickson

    Everyone who voted and now believe in brexit should go on strike because it’s now more than 17 and a half million people are fed up with the spineless euro lovers

  • Simon Birkbeck

    For all his beautiful words Johnson is borderline illiterate, communicating nothing bar soundbites and unsubstantiated feigned hope.

  • Petronilla Husbands

    Send a letter of support to

    Boris Johnston P.M.
    10 Downing Street,

    London. SW1A 2AA

    Congratulations BORIS.
    Winners never quit.
    Keep Going.
    BREXIT 31st OCT 2019

  • Eminems worst rapper ever

    YES!! Bring on the brexit! Boris should be knighted for giving the majority of the British people what they voted for.

  • Nicholas Dickens

    Parliament passed a law that we have to leave with a deal. So despite what the expert PM may say, we leave with a deal. End of.

  • MikeT

    Maybe he only said this because Dominic C was there having his honesty surgically removed having faced the wrath of MPs who had been on the sharp end of Brexit death threats

  • j4wn

    OK, so you ask why we should trust Boris to take us out of the E.U? But no one questions why we should trust an odious little man called John Bercow, who clearly wants to keep us in the E.U?

  • mrmoo

    Taking away the possibility of us not leaving the EU on October 31st will result in us negotiating a better deal, taking away the possibility of a no-deal Brexit will result in us getting a worse deal, thats a fact.

  • david jones

    Can’t wait to see the tears of the remoaners 1st nov 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸trump 2020

  • James Cornelius Taylor

    Boris plus his advisor Cummings love war games where lies and false information are modus operandi. Does any sane person think it is ok for our PM to lie to the people as a strategy? Naturally the end game is personal wealth from Trump.

  • Gringadoor

    You know what weakens your negotiation, placing a sword on the ground for you to die on in the form of a time limit on yourself of a promise you can't keep. Stop with the inflammatory "surrender act" nonsense that is red meat to the foaming at the mouth supporters. He's a trump wannabee clown.

  • Crispen Drye

    his backers will be putting pressure on him as they have shorted the £. betting on the UK doing badly. what kind of leader is this ?

  • undogmatisch

    Bambam is like T. May, big words, little to no action.

    He maybe less diplomatic, and has (diliberately) worse hair, but that's basically it.
    Both made similar promises, both failed to convince parliament AND the EU, both stated exhortation to hold out, or in short:
    (well, May didn't lose all her parliamentary votes, so Boris (so far) is an even bigger loser)

  • Hoggarth The Wise Smeagol

    Your post no deal brexit destiny awaits you remainers. Shhh don’t fight it … shhh that’s right, there you go … 🇬🇧😘

  • Hoggarth The Wise Smeagol

    No deal will bring glory to Great Britain, the most culturally advanced country in Europe. The EU is dead weight, so cut it adrift 🇬🇧🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Gunter Donig

    I would love to see UK cry after feeling the calamities when Boris pushes through with a No Deal Brexit 😆😆😆 Doomsday! Bye bye UK take care and don't turn into cannibals when things get worst, after all you have the best PM in the world talking about Hulk and oder Fantasy poets!

  • Parmvir Singh

    Fuckin lair parliament already passed that they didn’t accept no deal brexit he haven’t got majority wtf he keep saying we leaving on 31st October

  • Lyndon Prescott

    The EU are a great establishment. What is all the fuss about? The fact they elect a president behind closed doors is very democratic. We are are now merely a vessel state in an EU dictatorship!

  • Outdoors Giant

    Why does project fear revolve around a Clean Brexit whilst ignoring the dangers of roping is all into the severe recession taking place in Germany as we speak?
    Project fear is political and dishonest.

  • Alan Tracy

    I read my leaflet in 2016 it’s said out or in out of single market customs union ECJ and Free immigration. We voted no deal

  • curlyguy92

    With any luck, the EU will have the kindness to refuse the extension. Then we'll finally have a resolution. Either brexit or revoke article 50

  • Paul Bee

    I am really pissed off how the activist media in this country is constantly putting down Boris rather than trying to support him.
    We dont need left wing activist opinions pieces like in America attacking and persecuting our Leaders everyday. The majority of Britain wants Boris rather than some career politician pushing Globalism and the further diluting of our culture and traditions.

  • Erzsebet Deer


    LET THE UK TO BE out of the EU AND NOW

  • James Cornelius Taylor

    If only those people writing on youtube for Cumming's media team (and his latest project 'be afraid of civil war') had to tell the public who they are. I think even 'Britain First' are realising that Brexit is about making public schoolboys superrich and they will actually see their own issues exacerbated by Brexit – AND they'll be poorer as it becomes clear that they are merely pawns being used ready to be sacrificed later in a Cummings war game.

  • Kel On Tour

    I don't get how they were allowed to make such a law that we can't leave without a deal… it's a law of prevention, a law against choice of the people that voted, surely this is a human rights issue that that takes away that right should be challenged?

  • Noel Ryan

    Just like his American counterpart Trump, BoJo has not got the first inkling about campaign strategy. Just as well he's not leading Britain into a war. Who in their right mind would follow a chaotic leader into combat without training and preparation, a realistic plan and contingencies, a clear and realistic strategy, appropriate supplies and equipment etc. Boris is bonkers. Ancient Romans had a saying "festina lente"/hasten slowly! Modern Britons take heed. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  • Dave Sheppard

    With the supreme court now politicised, perhaps they can look at 1. the referendum result being subverted and not implemented, 2. main political parties in their manifesto's stating they will implement the decision of 17.4 million people whatever. 3. printing only a remain leaflet at the expense of all taxpayers regardless of view, 4. MPs of all parties voting overwhelmingly to implement article 50, 5. postal vote rigging in Peterborough 6. MPs standing on manifestos and actively colluding as a 5th column with the organisation we are negotiating with. Its all a sham and will end badly for our society if we do not leave on Halloween….the judges are tainted with corruption, it permeates our political system and is a shameful historic episode.

  • james mcbride

    Watch markets as uk announced hard brexit pound doared sgainst minor currencies not being reported polidh zlote. Agdinst euto the eu mask it by dumping pounds. Uk leaves euro will tank eventually. Dutch been told to expect tax rises to make up for uk leaving.

  • T

    If the U.K. leaves the EU it follows that London must leave the U.K.

    On every single reason the U.K. has to leave the EU , London can make the same if not better case to leave the U.K. 30% of U.K. GDP is produced by 15% of the population that live in London. We pay through taxes for government expenditure that does not benefit us. We receive 200,000 economic migrants from the rest of the U.K. every year. Our laws are largely made by the 580 odd MPs in U.K. parliament that represent non London constituencies.

    So , why should London remain a part of the wider UK if the wider U.K. has decided these are the same reasons they want to leave the EU?

  • Guardian News

    No-deal Brexit will be fault of UK government alone, says Juncker ►

  • malc Moore

    We are the blood of the EU once we leave it Will die .. unless it invades britain.and we go to war with the EU and Russia China Iran with america.

  • the ice phoenix

    if your honest boris the eu takes charge of all britons armed forces the inteligance mi6 GCHQ the dam lot nov 1 if you do not revoke it then we still be tied to the eu for ever the army airforce navy all swear only alangance to the eu no longer the queen swear to defend the eu not briton

  • mountain goat

    I voted leave and a no deal is better than another extension. Too many MPs are trying everything to stop the will of the public. If we don't leave, what was the point in voting, what is the point in every voting again. We may as well live in a dictatorship!

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