Ben Rhodes On Republicans’ ‘Hypocrisy’ About Trump’s Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

Ben Rhodes On Republicans’ ‘Hypocrisy’ About Trump’s Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Mark Mccreadie

    Awww the Democrats are mad now. Their little power play is over and the senate now holds the power. This makes democrats made their little charade is over. How sad can you be to write up articles without citing an actually crime? Oh well enjoy the house for 2020 Dems, it will be gone in 2021

  • Chase Jackson

    And if obama did the same thing the Democrats would be defending him both parties do the same thing, so all the fake outrage needs to stop.

  • Censored 1

    The ONLY Hypocrisy is from the Anti Trump Anti Americans who ignore how Trump was spied on and all the broken laws by them since the day he won.

  • xXTragedy StrikesXx

    boomers: haha you stupid entitled millennials, throwing a fit because trump got elected. Just accept that's what the people wanted sweaty :))))
    also boomers: throws a fit because trump is being impeached


    What is this silly impeachment I keep hearing about ? Trump wasn't impeached until it gets passed through the Senate 🤣😂 silly lying Democrats

  • Mitch R

    Are you people joking? You rushed through the trial, you have nothing, you didnt give the Republicans or trump any opportunity to question anyone they wanted . Go comitt #treason somewhere else.

  • BoiBoi800

    So yall going to blame every former presidents now whats the point of hiring someone to be president if yall hate them so much ?

  • juris mergups

    How about the Obama's wisper to Russia's president caught on tape when Obama promissed to be more flexible after elections… White house gates remained intact!

  • Laich Anderson

    This all comes back to the hypocrisy of Obama supporters going after Trump for immigration policies…more specifically 'kids in cages' which Trump got hammered on, but was just following Obama's policies. The media even used pictures from Obama's administration. Both Republicans and Democrats are hypocrites.

  • Wingman813

    Lol “looking for things to go after Obama on”. There was PLENTY but we were concerned about the country not petty impeachments, though they would have been beyond valid.

  • JP

    I thought dems had an air tight case in the house. If so, why do they need documents & more whiteness. Sorry, you don’t get a do-over. You had your chance with your rigged “investigation”

  • foresaken to none

    Comparing Obuma to Trump is Night vs, Day…Obuma is guilty, treasonist…with a very long list checked twice…as is the Hildabeast…for after all..why is Epstein + 47 dead???

  • jerry sanders

    What you corporate media rats don’t understand is that the people who back Trump are not “Republicans”… they are Americans from all walks of life, who are tired of the status quo BS Dem/Repub Uni-party political theater show🗳💵🐀🐀🐀Figure it out morons🗳💵📺🐀💥🤛🏾🎄🎁🎅🏼

  • Micheal Albert

    Fast and furious, Benghazi, Uranium 1 all were obstructed and all had actual crimes associated. The Republican House investigated, found wrongdoing and did not impeach. This report is blatantly false!
    Perhaps it’s not to late for many to go to jail as more and more coordination comes to light. FBI falsified FISA documents, Corruption and money laundering in Ukraine… it’s early but the truth is coming out.

  • ognqski

    Is this the same socialist, feminized, pajama boy, obama lover guy? The one who cried on election night after completely being blindsided by Trump? He showed his wisdom then and his wisdom now (not). MSNBS, does that network have any credibility left after the 2016 election and the last three years of total fabrications? If it does, give me a microscope to look for it.

  • -Jim -

    Newsflash folks, Obama actually did things while in office that are illegal, hence his multiple multi million dollar lawsuit settlements. Meanwhile Trump's phone call wasn't even illegal so stfu and stop crying. Oh and I can't wait to see you whiney soy boy betas crying when Trump is re-elected in 2020. KAG!

  • Bill Graham

    Hey Ben, John Durham will want to talk with you soon about the coup attempt by the Obama administration, against President Trump.

  • Covers70

    Obama did do what they are claiming Trump did. He withheld aid so biden could get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Biden is on video bragging about it.

  • Sam Panter

    #fakenews ….. name one time republicans called for Obama's impeachment…. democrats were LITERALLY screaming "we will impeach that *********** " , from the start…..

  • Jason Davis

    He is lying. Obama committed “obstruction of congress” during the Fast & Furious by having Eric Holder not release the documents to Congress on it. So, no sir, you are a lier… Republicans didn’t impeach tho… get your facts straight bud….

  • Conor Bayse

    Butthurt liberals find the nerve to call out hypocrisy???!!!! What a bunch of delusional goons.
    And msnbc is a pathetic room of hacks. Period.

  • Dani Mother of Dragons

    EVERYTHING DEMS DO IS HYPOCRITICAL…why did they just elect an actual pedo in VA, who went to jail for it…why is it not all over the news…why is trump on trial for asking about crimes Biden committed and NOT Biden…why did obama cage children and have 100k in detention and no one cared??? This is insane.

  • TheBruces56

    What an absurd position. There were many reasons the GOP could have impeached Obama. There was using the IRS against political revels, selling guns to Mexican cartel and the cover up that followed, exceeding his authority with DACA and many more. As far as obstruction of justice his own AG was held in contempt of congress for refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents .

  • REALITYobservationalist


    It's going to be so funny watching all you morons cry when this thing gets tried in the senate (if it ever gets there, cough cough Pelosi….). It's going to be even better when the "impeached" President Donald Trump gets reelected in 2020. The left, MSM, academia, and the Democratic party are an absolute disgrace to America.

    MAGA, TRUMP 2020!

  • Karl K

    The shampeachment is a bust. MSNBC is blowing smoke, misleading its viewers. Rushed. No evidence. A hopelessly vague first article. A illegitimate and premature second article when the issue is before the courts. A declared clear and present danger, and then Pelosi delays moving the articles to the Senate. What a joke. Never passed an authorization of Articles of Impeachment so the articles may be null and void. Procedures which defied the Constitution, legal precedent and prinicples, denying the President of his rights. Etc. Only rabid partisans would support this sham.

  • Fenris Ulfr

    Hacks on this news network. You’ve been doing your best and failing to build support from this nations people to impeach Trump and it started on November 9th 2016.

  • Minor Threat

    Typical media spin. Did you see how the majority ran the inquiry? Give us a break, quit trying to tell us what we see and hear is not really the truth! It's not helping your cause, it only angers us more.
    You did it with Trump collusion, the dossier, Comey, fisa abuse, Trump in Prague, Trump peeing on beds and now Ukraine and almost every detail in between! Are you this bad at getting news right or do you have another angle? Either way you are not trusted so stop.

  • Stan Moon

    Republicans have no morals, they have fallen to greed at the cost of our constitution. Every time they call the impeachment of Trump anything other then constitutional, they reassert the fact that they truly hate the Constitution and what it stands for.

  • George Kafantaris

    Mr. Flake, it is the Republican voters who should try to “put country over party.” And enough may yet figure out how to do it. When they do, so will their Senators.

  • African Intelligence Report

    This insane moron, like his predecessor are the filth and dirt that have afflicted this world with their lies and propaganda. Their disinformation program.. To see trash like him traducing the President is a bit much. Wake UP USA.

  • [email protected]

    Have these Democrat lunatics have no shame? My god people the world sees thru you clearer than glass. With the legacy fake news empire conspiring with these swamp creatures MSM and democrats in general will and rightfully so never be in power again.

  • Keith Cornetta

    MSNBC …letting the Looney leftists with TDS speak as if they are sane and reasonable. If you crazy people still think that Trump isnt making positive changes for this country than you need to take a long look in the mirror. The man might say some non politically correct things and you don't have to like him. That's cool but if you think he is/was so worried about Joe Biden being his competition or possibly beating him…you are f'n nuts. A large portion of you snowflake lefty whiners are benefitting from things Trump has done and you don't even realize it. But keep on watching MSNBC and CNN with the rest of the other 300,000 of you naive farrrrrrrrr left peeps.

  • olrik parlez

    America and her world economy/international relationships, have been the backbone of the free world since 1945. Never perfect but relatively stable. With the advent of Trump, that era has officially announced it has a terminal illness. We were so brash to think we were superior. Now the world is seeing the truth. Our weakness has been exposed by an old man with an un-diagnosed personality disorder [don't doubt that for a second]…and by those who have blindly embraced him. Who knew exactly how weak we really were?

    Now we know. Everybody knows. Thanks to a pathological amateur who was gifted a position he wasn't fit for and who still blindly believes it'll all work out because only HE can swing it. This man has a very good chance of heavily damaging or even destroying us…and I seriously believe he'd ok with that. As long as the story-line remains all about him I believe he'd be twittering, preening and posturing all the way to ashes. [don't doubt that for a second either.]

  • Tim Pierce

    Obama did worse in talking off side to the Russian ambassador on doing more for them after his reelection and ask that Putin be told. Did we forget that? there is no crime so there is no impeachment. simple sorry folks

  • Northern

    Lying Democrats claimed Trump needed to be impeached immediately to save democracy, now they delay passing the articles of impeachment on to the Senate, not wanting to allow the American people to decide in Nov. Easy to see the Democrats lied, they did not view Trump as a danger since they refuse to continue the process.

    A CNN poll showed that among Democrats, support for impeachment has dropped from 90% to 75%, Trumps approval rating in the Black community has gone from 8% in 2016 to 35% today, around 40% with Hispanics, he is up 6% since the impeachment started and rising. You Democrats have been caught trying to undo the results of the 2016 election, you have done nothing in the House, the American people are no longer believing you. the last Democrat debate had record low number of watchers (6 million) no one cares what you have to say anymore. You are going to be destroyed in the 2020 elections, Trump will remain President and the Republicans are going to win in the House and Senate

    You reap what you sow, you deserve what is coming for you

  • peziki

    These hypocritical Senate Republicans can save themselves by voting with SECRET BALLOT at the Trump trial.  If they follow their true conscience without risk, we might then see a fair outcome.

  • Robert Rodgers

    Republicans have been EXPOSED by their hypocrisy. They have lost ALL credibility and will NEVER be able to get it back. I used to believe that some republicans were capable of holding rational arguments and that they believed in their moral positions – at least for arguments sake. BUT! Throughout this administration they have proven that ALL republicans have ALWAYS been lying when they spoke on topics concerning morality, the economy, and every other talking point that they ever held. They are a party of pure corruption, immorality and irresponsibility. They will NEVER be able to get their credibility back.

  • Teri Brown

    The HOUSE has impeached the President. President Trump and the Republicans who allow and enable the President's misconduct embarrass themselves. These people's greed for money and power has put the VALUES OF THIS COUNTRY…. UP FOR SALE.

  • Jeff Matthews

    Pelosi, STFU! The Senate is not your place of employment. Let the truth come out and the "We The People" hear real witnesses and make our decision on how great our president is. Trump 2020.

  • John Gilmore

    Hey Trump! saying looking up after death may be something you should think about, you once said you have never asked for God's forgiveness. Well Mr. President I pray for you to change this and Truly ask God for Forgiveness. or you won't be calling the kettle black but you will be in the kettle.

  • Harry V

    Pelosi has made the Democrat Party impotent… if she holds the articles of impeachment! President Trump wins either way she does it. Pelosi has no powers over the Senate. There won't be one vote to impeach President Trump from the Senate Republican's.

  • Carl A

    Republicans are hateful, fearful little boys afraid of dark wave of mankind or just even 1. Just vote when the time comes and wash them all out to sea.

  • belen bravo

    if the americans want change, just quickly glance at countries like Russia, north korea, Philippines and the likes, and if they don't like what they see, there's a simple way to do it-vote wisely

  • Search for the truth

    We have a criminal and traitor in the white house. It is the worst of times, it is the worst of times… END THE REPULSIVE UNPATRIOTIC UNAMERICAN REPUBLICAN PARTY. We will take the Senate and the white house, we have some serious work to do erasing/reversing the betrayal of America.

  • New Information

    Don't be concerned about witch direction the country is moving; the country is stationary, but pay attention to YOUR patriotism, resolve and to your intent, and love for OUR home!

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