BBC News Reports WTC7 Sorry???? Met Nederlandse ondertiteling

now more on the latest building collapse in New York you might have heard a few moments ago was talking about the Salomon Brothers building collapsing and indeed it has apparently that’s only a few hundred yards away from where the World Trade Center towers were and it seems that this was not a result of a new attack it was because the building had been weakened during this morning’s attacks we’ll probably find out more now about that from our correspondent Jane Standley Jane what more can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers building and its collapse well only really what you already know details are very very sketchy there’s almost a sense down town in New York behind me down by the World Trade Centers of just an area completely closed off as the rescue workers try to do their job but this isn’t the first building that has suffered as a result we know that part of the Marriott hotel next to the World Trade Center also collapsed as a result of this huge amount of falling debris from a hundred and ten floors of to the two twin towers of the World Trade Center as you can see behind me the Trade Center appears to be still burning we see these huge clouds of smoke and ash and we know that behind that there’s an empty piece of what was a very familiar New York skyline a symbol of the financial prosperity of this city but completely disappeared now and New York is still unable to take on board what has happened to them today presumably there were very few people in the Solomon building when it collapsed I mean there were I suppose fears of possible further collapses around the area that’s what you would hope because this whole downtown area behind me has been completely sealed off and evacuated apart from the emergency workers that was done by the Mayor Rudy Giuliani much earlier today because of the course the dreadful collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center but New York very much a city still in chaos the phones are not working properly the subway lines are not working properly and we know that down there near the World Trade Center there are three schools that are being turned into triage centers for emergency treatment and I know that over in New York Harbor where the famous Statue of Liberty Jane I think many of us when we heard the news perhaps on the radio earlier today were completely flabbergasted by it and and just couldn’t uncomplicated too far-fetched I was wondering what it’s felt like for you being in Manhattan well unfortunately I think we’ve lost the line with Jane Standley in Manhattan perhaps we can rejoin her and follow that up later you

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