BBC News   Bangladesh Islamist Abdul Kader Mullah hanged for war crimes

BBC News Bangladesh Islamist Abdul Kader Mullah hanged for war crimes

well Abdelkader mowlam was the assistant
secretary-general well Abdelkader mowlam was the assistant
secretary-general he was pretty high up in the gym up but in 1971 he was in his early twenties and he was accused of having been part
of a militia that the jamat-e-islami formed with
assistance from the Pakistan Army they were collaborating with the Pakistan
Army in their fight against being on the
nationalist and because I’m allow became known as the butcher of Muse pool
which is a suburb of Dhaka where he was supposed to have carried
out a series of atrocities including killing of a poet and also
going into billige is and killing villages so he was convicted
on five counts of murder genocide and I sentenced to life imprisonment at
first but then the prosecution appealed and
the Supreme Court change it to death sentence and yet he remains and divisive
character he has his supporters on this announcement I was just saying violence has been reported across the
country when it’s not exactly across the country
they had there are pockets of our areas in the country where the
jamat-e-islami is is very strong and you can expect
some reaction there but in major cities the reaction has not
been that greatest quite muted at the moment but jamat-e-islami has called for a
nationwide general strike for Sunday so we can expect some violence good
leading up to sunday and perhaps on Sunday itself but the level of the country action that
what you were you expecting and up the authorities what actually
apprehending may yet turn out to be the case you know
and as people are expecting some as major spike in violence but thus far
this has been going on for over a month now on it unrelated issue on issue up for
the election so it can adds to the mix of violence as
you say with any just had this news in the past few
minutes that he has been executed so we might still get see for their reaction what about these
accusations by the gym at party that this trial was politically motivated where the problem
has been that the international crimes tribunal which is a domestic court
trying international crimes committed in 1971 the court and its proceedings have been
quite controversial the law which set up the court was
deemed to be not up to current standards because the law was so drafted in 1973 so it needed to be upgraded and the
working so the courts have been criticized by various human rights
organizations such as Human Rights Watch Amnesty and the United Nations Human Rights body
also but the idea that the trials are politically
motivated are not actually borne out by the facts
because this crimes were real plans the victims were real and his crimes when on could’ve
addressed for forty years and if you’re going to try anyone for
these crimes it had to be the people who are being tried now whether there is in effect right or
not is a different issue but is the jamat-e-islami the party
which collaborated with the Pakistan Army in 1971 and they participated in the militia
activities so the actual charging all these people
were not you cannot say I mean I don’t think it
was fair to say they were politically motivated

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