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what is clear is that this week it is
important that we don’t go for a
precipitous vote of no-confidence motion
it’s understood that it’s anything that
would just increase the risk of no deal
breaks that and therefore play into
Boris Johnson’s what is gonna happen is
that the party whips its meeting to plan
out different scenarios look at
different options including the
possibility of an insurance option of a
government of national unity and
including who might be able to lead such
a government it is really important with
Parliament sitting this week that we are
trying to use every opportunity to pull
this government to account for the
disastrous brexit plans there are
various documents that the government is
still keeping secret operation snow
bunting on the impact on police of
brexit operating Kingfisher on how
businesses are prepared or more
accurately how they have not been able
to get prepared because of this
government incompetence operation blacks
warned which sets the disaster scenario
and indeed any other documents that the
government is keeping hidden from the
British public about what their plans
would actually mean for people’s lives
that’s why it’s important that through
questions and other mechanisms in the
house Liberal Democrats will be leading
the fight against brexit leading the
fight to make sure that people in this
country have that information that the
government is not able to hide that

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