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I think this is a good day for
The highest court in the land has done its job.
What you have seen is a
damning indictment of the prime minister
in the government it is quite
unprecedented this is not normal
for a Prime Minister to be declared to
have having acted in an unlawful fashion
and in those circumstances you would
expect the Prime Minister to resign that
is what should happen now but of course
that won’t resolve the mess that we’re
in Parliament should be recalled, I’m
ready to go back to the House of Commons
right now and start work, at the very
latest we should according to our
Standing Orders under Standing Order 9 I
believe, we should start sitting again a
half past 11 tomorrow.
There should be Prime Minister’s
Questions if the Prime Minister hasn’t
resigned at that point and then we need
I think to form some form of emergency
government because the government that
we’ve got now is dysfunctional,
it’s not sustainable, we’ve got a
minority administration, it’s
got a majority of minus 43.
We’ve put forward, Jo Swinson the leader
of the Liberal Democrats has put forward,
the Mother and Father of the House
Harriet Harman and Ken Clarke as people
who could potentially lead that
emergency government but we can’t carry
on like this. We’ve got to resolve this
Brexit mess we’re the biggest and
strongest Remain party in this country.
We’re clear we want to stop Brexit
all together, and we’ve got to of
course stop the prospect of us
falling out of the EU without a deal. But
we’ve got to clear up the mess now so
the easy bit in a way is for the Prime
Minister to resign
Do you actually think he’s going to resign over this?
This is a man who
thinks he is above the rules.
He should never ever have tried to prorogue Parliament
in these circumstances in the first place.
And let’s be honest
Ben, I think most of us were expecting a
bit more of a mild-mannered judgment
against the government by the Supreme Court.
This wasn’t mild.
This was the strongest possible
condemnation I think I’ve ever seen from
our Supreme Court against the government
and that is not something that our
judges do lightly, they are very cognizant
of their role as independent objective
arbiters of whether the law has been
So for them to go this far,
I think says something. And it says
something about this government which
believes it’s above the rules that the
usual norms don’t apply to it and we saw
that when they were leading the vote
leave campaign these people – they broke
the law, they cheated, they lied and that
was the finding of the Statistics
Authority, the finding of the Electoral
Commission, and finally our Supreme Court
has said ‘no’. This is a parliamentary
you’ve got to observe the rules just
like everyone else.
chekura munot from the Liberal Democrats
thank you very much indeed

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