B&B latest casting news: Finally! Steffy has a new man in her life

B&B latest casting news: Finally! Steffy has a new man in her life

Exciting news for Steffy fans! It’s finally happening. Steffy is getting a new man and it’s a totally
new character! Before we get on with the video, we want you
to know that we make new videos every day. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel. A potential new love interest for Steffy is
coming to town this week. Fans have been waiting for her to move on
from her ex, Liam, for ages and it looks like the writers are finally giving us what we
want. Steffy will have someone interested in her
very soon and it won’t be a Spencer. A newcomer to Forrester Creations, who happens
to be a very attractive man, will take a liking to Steffy. So far we know that he’s named Collin and
will be played by model Oli Green. Collin is scheduled to appear on Friday, January
3. During their interaction at Forrester Creations,
Collin will ask Steffy out. She will be flattered but will she accept? It will be interesting to see her have a romantic
storyline with someone that is not Liam. But B&B spoilers reveal that Thomas will push
Steffy to get back with Liam so he can be with Hope. Whether Steffy will fall for her brother’s
tricks remains to be seen. Plenty of B&B fans would love to see Steffy
get it on with someone completely new. But we also can’t deny the love for Steam
among the fans. Stay tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful to
know Steffy’s choice.


  • Frances Roden

    Gotti don't put it with somebody put her with somebody that's good looking I damn Boyd ugly and stupid looking staffies to Purdy I think Liam needs to go back with Steffy and get rid of Hope she's a lousy actor Outback kid ain't hers

  • Carlos Lee

    The only man for Steffy is Liam. I watched the show on/ off for several years. The only men is her life is Liam, some guy in France (was it?) and Wyatt (as rebound when Liam was kidnapped by Quinn). Poor Wyatt is always the 2nd choice when the gals cannot get Liam: Sally, Hope and Steffy.

  • Wanda Street

    The character looks too young. I’m so glad it’s not Danial Goddard. Just sick of him. I was worried that it would be him. Thank you writers for making me happy. I still say Steffy & Liam are a good couple with all their history. They always have such great chemistry. Hope is just boring to me. I’m still upset about pushing Jason Thompson our for the old Billy Jason has done an awesome job portraying Billy. Please rethink your decision. & keep Jason. Thank you.

  • Gloria Smith

    Oh just let the girl move on cause I am sick and tired of this Stephanie Hope story line I mean really I don't want to see two women follow in their mom's foot steps and honestly these young women are too smart to be fighting over a man I'm so over it and has stopped watching it until they put her with someone else's

  • Brenda Carreras

    That's not a hot guy!!! He looks like a kid. Who's in charge of picking hot guys? Whoever picked him needs glasses!!! He looks way to young for Steffy. When i think of a hot guy, i think of a gorgeous hunk of a MAN not a teenage boy

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