Battle Royale Dev Update #13 – The Reboot Van

Battle Royale Dev Update #13 – The Reboot Van

What’s up Fortnite Community! It’s your banana Mooney here to talk about a new feature landing in Fortnite next week: The Reboot Van. Lose a squadmate early in the match? Bring ’em back and finish strong. In the next update we’ll introduce
the Reboot Van to major POIs, as well as a new item to be picked up
called Reboot Cards. It’s pretty straightforward: After a squadmate has been elimininated,
grab their dropped Reboot Card and any surviving squadmates
can activate it at a van. Once activated, you’ll definitely know, as a beacon and audio cue will be set off informing nearby players to the Reboot in progress and how many players will be arriving. Your squad will appear one-by-one on top of the van ready to jump back into the match. Keep in mind: after your squad Reboots, the Van will be unavailable to reactivate
for a duration of time. Remember to toss some items to your Rebooted teammates to get them back into the battle. As with all new features, drop in, try it out, and let us know your thoughts. Until next time, it’s your banana Mooney and I gotta split. [FORTNITE: THANKS FOR WATCHING]


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