Australia. History of Australia in a Nutshell.

Australia. History of Australia in a Nutshell.

Australia, the continent, the country. It is the only of which the indigenous
people stayed nomadic. It was the last
continent to be explored and colonized
the home of unique animals… But there is
so much more to it. Let us discover the
history of Australia…
Isolation. Thousands of miles of oceans… Salty, impenetrable waters. From east and west… from time immemorial separate Australia from the other continents.
However the Ice Age and lowered sea
levels make migrations possible the
continent becomes populated by the
aboriginals… Over the next thousands
of years, these people create social
structures that separate into many
different languages the indigenous
populatio, divides into almost 500 regional
groups that until the time of European
colonization will use over 200 different
languages… Among the Aborigines no
political identity evolveds. Their
perception of the world based on mythology
is grounded in a concept called
“dreaming” “ALJARA” which says that
everything that lives is interrelated
one system created by spiritual beings
this concep, leads to accepting the
world as it is… And sets the principal
goal to keep it stable.
There’s no centralization of power and
respect is gained through perfect knowledge of rituals and ceremonies, passing the legends,
songs and traditions… Over the thousands of years
Aborigines receiving the blessings of
nature from their mythical ancestors with
the help of rituals
keep their land stable and ensure
the process of rebirth for nature. However, the outskirts of the continent are
witnessing increasingly often encounters
with aliens. Makassar people are
venturing further into the lands of the
northern Aborigines, these encounters
however never reach beyond the north…
For centuries rumors and legends are
spreading among the traders about the “Terra Australis incognita” unknown southern
land for Europeans this is only a tale
however in the middle of the sixteenth
century a series of world maps are
created, so called the maps from Dieppe
documenting the latest Portuguese
explorations… a mysterious land
is found… “La Grand Java”.
A few centuries later the map will be
considered by some as the
evidence of discovering Australia by the Portuguese.
However the Portuguese are
not the only Europeans searching for
new lands… The completion is on… growing power in
Americas Spain is also interested in the
new acquisitions. Spaniards are looking
to explore new areas however only reach
the Solomon Islands and modern day Vanuatu.
Soon after a Dutch trader Willem Janszoon, sets sail from the dutch east Indies.
To search for a new land…
According to his plan he arrives at
an unknown destination and names it “Keer Weer”
as it turns out later on… Its Australia.
modern-day Cape York. Since that
moment the sea route is frequented by the
Dutch ships which sometimes sailing too
far away are sighting the coasts of Terra Australis.
Continuous expeditions explore larger parts of the continent…
Abel Tasman in 1642 sailing in the
southern direction discovers an island
which later on will be named Tasmania and his second voyage sailing around the
northern parts of the continent gives it
a name of New Holland. The dutch bring Terra Australis…
to the world maps.
A word about the Dutch travels reaches England
On-going sea rivalry between the Amsterdam and London determines the English to take a closer
look at the latest explorations. In the
1688 William Dampier sets out around the
New Holland returns and convinces the Admiralty to support exposition in the
coming decades
his actions stimulate interest about
these lands amongst British public
opinion… Trade seems attractive
convinces the Admiralty for further
explorations. In 1768 and “HMS Bark the Endeavour” under the command of Captain
James Cook sets sail from England and
in the year of 1770 arrives at the coast of the New
Holland and disembark in several plots
including Botany bay and Possesion Island,
and gives that land a new name… “The New South Wales”.
Cook’s expedition spreads the idea to colonize the new land. With losing the 13 colonies, the idea grows
stronger. During that time, many people in
Britain live in poverty and penalty for
theft is high… Choosing between hunger and thivery many are choosing the theft and
simultaneously overpopulate the local prisons… Officially to reduce the
criminal population and unofficially to
make use of the human resources British
government sends out an expedition to create a penal colony and bridgehead for
further British colonization. In 1788
under the patronage of Lord Sidney an
expedition arrives at Botany Bay under
the command of Arthur Phillip carrying
730 and convicts and 250 free men plus the crew.
However, unable to locate an
appropriate location to disembark the
fleet sails north, discovers a large bay
founds a settlement and names it after
the patron of the expedition… Sydney
soon afterward George Vancouver reaches
West Australia and claims it for the
British crown. The first decades are tough. The penal colony is under the military
authority disease and starvation
decimates the population replaced by new
colonists and convicts… British push
forward and in 1827 Edmund Lockyer
funds Albany in modern-day Western
Australia.Britain claims the entire continent.
Until the 1830 about 58,000 convicts are brought to
Australia including 8,000 women.
Upon arrival prisoners are hired or sent to
work in a colony… In the following decades this activity will be considered by some as a
hidden form of slavery mostly however
fair conditions make it possible for
convicts to integrate and to become free man.
Along the increase of the free people
resistance grows, people do not want
the penal status of land. Finally the
British Parliament convinced agrees to
stop sending convicts to some of the
colonies. Since 1840 sending criminals
will be gradually reduced until the 10th
of January 1868, when the last shipment of convicts will reach the Western
Australia. In total it is estimated that
between the 1788 and 1868 about 164
thousand of prisoners will be brought
to Australia. Only a small percentage of
modern-day Australians directly link
to the convicts.
Whaling evolves, and bringing sheep starts wool production. In the year 1850 London grants self-government
to four colonies, which write down constitutions and create local
parliamentary democracies… immigration speeds up…
in 1820 the population equals about 60,000 people to reach 450,000 in 1851 to touch during a gold rush over a
million and fifty thousand people… just 10 years later. The gold rush is on…
and with it comes the crisis between the
officials and newly wealthy…
Miners do not want to pay new taxes… comes to riots. In December of 1854 in Eureka
the fights between soldiers and the protesters…
It is one of handful conflict escalations in the history of Australia.
With finding natural resources, mining dynamically evolves. In 1850 and 53 Universities of Sydney and Melbourne are founded.
Many chinese workers immigrate to Australia. Substantial migrations lead to new
government scheme at the end of the
century, banning diverse immigration.
Policy is called “white Australia”. Locally
Aborigines are repressed.
At the beginning of colonization of Aboriginies not knowing the concept of property do not
know what trees with the Europeans can
bring… they are bringing disease
decimating Aborigines, and also the
conquests of the natives pushed out from their homelands…
Until the 1967 – Aboriginies will not be considered
as equal inhabitants and citizens of
their native land… Later historians will
name the policy towards the aborigines –
In the second half of the nineteenth century among the population
new ideas of the Federation are being
voiced out. Under the 1901 population
equals three million and three hundred
seventeen thousand people. Trade and
mining brings affluence and along with it
railroads and telegraph network
is laid. The continent is penetrated deep into the “outback”.
British self-government
concessions and a threat of European powers
bring Federation to the negotiating table, Australians…
want self-reliance. On the first January
1901 a dominium
the Commonwealth of Australia is
proclaimed, and Sir Edmund becomes
the first Prime Minister. However, among
the population, there’s hardly any
separate identity…
Along with the outbrake of the 1st WW, thousands of the young people on a distant continent…
are at war which they do not understand. In the year 1915 the british command decides to launch a naval
attack in Turkey… ANZAC soldiers are dying in hopeless combat… young man fall to their deaths
and the British command orders
suicidal attacks on the enemy lines…
thousands of dead and wounded, shock
public opinion and make them realize the difference between the British and Australian
interests… The war comes to an end and
with the peace arrangements Australia
receives the League of Nations’ mandate
over the former German colonies in the Pacific…
which will stay under its control until
1975… The second world war breaks out!
Like two decades earlier
Australia joins war along with Britain.
However, the British are being defeated in the far east. Japan quickly take new territories… Hong Kong…
falls! Singapore falls! Australia is under
a threat! the United Kingdom put on the
defensive in Europe cannot provide support.
A turning point occurs ANZAC asks the
United States for protection… along with
its victories the U.S. takes the
opportunity to pull Australia and New Zaeland
under its influence… The war in Europe
ends and soon after also on the Pacific
the New World Order is brought to life…
After the war Australia creates a scheme to
take in, the new immigrant over the next
thirty years around two million people
from Europe immigrate to Australia.
Australia is a member of the United
Nations and in an alliance with the United
States… according to its obligations
supports the UN troops in Korea and then supports the U.S. during the Vietnam War.
Liberation from the British influence continues but
in Australia there are still laws that
make it subordinate to London in many
ways. Australia wants to change its
immigration laws, however it meets
resistance. British governor-general
meddles in the dispute, uses is power
to disband the democratically elected
government. A new administration is
public opinion does not agree with that
the following years will lead to debates and
pressures to finally in 1986 convince
the British Parliament to legislate the
“Australia Act” which formally makes
it impossible for Australian courts to
appeal to London. In fact, making Australia – fully independent.


  • CommentatorXYZ

    4 indispensable parts of history that most Australians like to forget – Convict settlements, Aboriginal genocide, White Australia policy and the recent Prime Minister coups

  • Jamie Nelson

    the titles with misleading history of Australia it should be the history of finding Australia anyway I can't listen to this Yank he is giving me a headache

  • Chris R

    People triggered because they conquered land? Pathetic. That’s been going on for thousands of years all over the world and of all races at some point.

  • Angus Hodges

    Hey make sure your voice over is louder than your music, it was hard to eat you when you were talking about the world wars

  • Shuo BAI

    If the civilization of Australian Aboriginal people was really that great and magnificent, their technologies should at least be advanced enough to allow them to defend themselves from the British Invasion, or even if they could not stop Europeans from invading their land, their authority should at least find effective strategies to cope with the new situation brought up by foreign invasion, and to initiate domestic reforms, just like what the authorities in Japan and China did when they were facing foreign invasion in 19th century. Yet the reality was the aboriginal community achieved neither of them. It is difficult to believe that they occupied a land for millions of years, yet their societies never became sophisticated enough to develop the concepts of “country” and “sovereignty ” as the peoples of almost all other continents did. It was only after all of their land was claimed by the British(since nobody claimed sovereignty on this land before), that the Aboriginal people began to realize that the failure to establish a country of their own was a big mistake. These facts not only indicate that the aboriginal people of Australia are extremely primitive, backward, and stupid when it comes to modern technologies, but also indicate they are extremely backward, primitive, and stupid when it comes to social structure.

  • kane ashby

    Thousands of years ppl and the same goes as most natives around the world they lived as one with the environment..its taken whites less than 200years to absolutely ruin and desimate the world with there colonization and greed. And they want us to thank them for civilizing us.

  • moally55

    You cannot help but despise these demons, who value nothing around them but themselves. However, there is some solace and succour. These so-called "conquests" have reshaped their very existence, in a very unexpected way. The voice of pain echoes throughout time, with fatal consequences!

  • dqcruz32

    History of Australia in a Nutshell the indigenous people to this day suffered from the BIGGEST home invasion know to men the end.

  • Chris Gold

    Not one Australian was asked to vote for the invasion from the 3rd world a civil war is coming the government needs to fall and a new constitution will be installed

  • Sufian Rusman

    Discover "New Land". There is already people in there with established society and community. LOL WHITE MAN BURDEN.

  • Useful Revolution

    How come you didn’t mention about the massacres of the indigenous peoples in order for the colonies to survive?

  • false profit

    Cook was sent to claim Australia in secret, because the Dutch Portuguese French or Spanish would have eventually colonised,,,, overall not too bad an outcome considering the mess the others would have created judging by the way they colonised elsewhere and ran at every difficulty leaving the places in turmoil, noting WW2 the Japanese were on the northern doorstep but for the bravery of many never set foot on Australian soil, something one eyed historians are ommiting from teachings.
    The aboriginals here now have land title recognition, 35 billion dollars annually to handed out in social security money and all kinds of other assistance education jobs careers health care and still they complain refuse to actively participate in the community and disrespect non aboriginals with reverse racism on a grand scale.

  • Jaso AR15

    so our system can not be directly influenced by the British although we may be sympathetic for tradition. We are technically a parliamentary democracy with a monarchy as head, but it is disabled and for tradition still in this place until new system will eventually be re drawn.

  • clarence spencer

    the LAST continent to be explored and colonized by humans is Antarctica. Australia was already inhabited by humans some 70,000 years ago. babe, Europeans are not the only humans on this earth, mind you

  • ItzFamouzMe

    I`m from Germany and have to write an assay about the history of that country… Nice video but holy cow duude Ive never seen a video with that much backround noises and sounds, just show the pics and let the sound go pls.

  • 9055661140

    Was this sped up?
    Really good and informational with entertaining visuals – but, damn I wish I could keep up

  • Luke I

    Lots of misinformation… There are nomadic people everywhere, in the Middle East, northern part of Siberia or Canada etc. Aboriginals were massacred on many occasions. Australia is not free, the head is the queen from UK, the

  • Cameron Fecteau

    "Growing up as a white man, in a black man's country, in the region of Asia, was strange. Australia has a culture all about sport and racism, neither of which I was very good at… I didn't know what to kick." Steve Hughes, an true blue bloody Australian legend.

  • My Day

    Australia is a constitutional monarchy. In that order, The crown DOES NOT trump the Australian constitution. Meaning that the independent nation of Australia DOE SNOT answer to the crown. An if we become a republic the current constitution has to be scrapped and a new one will be infested with the dogma of the left wing cultural Marxist pro communist rot that's doing what it can to get at the constitution now but it can't because Australians aren't stupid and reject a republic every time the Marxist left push for one for that very reason.

    You were mostly correct up to about 7.06 and then you followed the left wing cultural Marxist re writing and demonising of White history.

    #1 There was no "white Australia policy" It was called the Immigration restriction act and excluded people who were uneducated, unskilled, diseased, criminal, mentally ill or likely to become a burden on the public purse or charity. This was to stop big business importing cheap labor from around Oceana and therefore undermining the governments effort to raise the living standards of Australian's by making the Australian worker a financially valued recourse. It was the big business opponents who labeled it the "white Australia policy" and accused the government of being racist. Of course big business just wanted to undermine the policy so that it could import cheap labour. Throughout the entire time of the Immigration Restriction Act black people and Asian people did immigrate but they were of course educated , skilled, healthy and would not be a burden on the public purse or charity. But it just so happened that the skilled and educated etc were only found in Europe and Northern Asia. Not in Southern Asia or the Islands of oceana.

    Not only were aboriginals allowed to vote, but they didn't have to, a number of aboriginals were granted farming land to start their own farming business in colonial Australia, and got all the same assistance, as the white man, they were entitled to including convict labor to help. Yes there was small numbers of conflicts between whites and aboriginals but not the genocide nor the "wars" that has been made out and no numbers support the claim of a genocide. The conflicts usually came when an aboriginal tribe would attack a homestead wile the men were in town and often kill the white women and children. The law was that the authorities had to deal with it and only the authorities. Very often the authorities were so slow to act and so at times the towns people would seek retribution before contacting the authorities and white men were actually hung by the crown on several occasions for taking the law into their own hands and killing aboriginals in retribution.

    There was no genocide. That myth was created by left wing activists in the 1990's and it was pointed out that 300,00 aboriginals compared to 600,000 today ( 1990's) is not how a genocide works. The left wing leaning Australian Bureau of Statistics then changed the estimated numbers from 300,000 aboriginals at the time of European arrival to 700,000-1 million aboriginal. They changed the estimated numbers only after it was pointed out that a genocide couldn't have taken place due to their larger numbers at the time of the claim. However it was then pointed out that without heavy engineering such as damns and water course structures, that now stop rivers from drying up each summer, as well as a farming industry and domesticated animals, all three of which the hunter gatherer stone aged people did not achieve , the driest inhabited continent on the planet could not support such large numbers as has been claimed by the ABS to have existed. There has been no response to those facts being pointed out to the "genocide" claimants.. However if you check the ABS website it continues to claim a genocide but does not commit to the its new numbers of 700,000- 1 million. It instead estimated between 300, 000 and 1 million. Now that is one massive amount of room allowed for era. In fact if you worked for an investment firm and presented 300,000- 1 million as a risk variable to a client you'd get the sack. it's just a made up number by the ABS and should be taken as such.

    There were about 300, 000 aboriginals on the continent when Europeans arrived. All striving to survive on the driest inhabited continent on the planet and a constant state of survival. They used to practice infanticide mainly on females, males were an asset, due to the harsh living and constant challenge for water and food to fight off starvation. When they needed breeding aged females they'd attack neighbouring tribes to kidnap females and put the men to death to stop retribution. Wife sharing was common due to the lack of available females. European arrival relieved this struggle over time. In fact the aboriginals were naturally accepted to be a entitled to help from the public purse and charity and programs were put in place to helped them get an education and skilled. Aboriginals weren't killed off as is the Marxist narrative today. They for the most part interbred with whites and adapted to the modern world. 80% of aboriginals alive today are white.

  • Sicarrio H

    Where ever the white man shows up all hell breaks loose. The white man killed every last one of the Tazmanian people. Nothing is safe from the white mans wrath not even the sharks in the ocean. The white man wants you to sign your name on his paper and shake his hand. 🤞🏻👺🤝

  • Elizabeth Glasby


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