• Brilliant Hooligans

    We def should send cash to IRAN to make this stop. I'm thinking on a pallet, overnight on a secret plane behind the USA's back.

  • Big Bear Hungry

    CNN is a ass hole. If Obama was still President Americans would have been killed. Can has no idea what they was doing. But that's normal.

  • Big Bear Hungry

    Hillary would have been sending Emails and doing nothing. But CNN is reporting it's Trump fault. Ya right stupid CNN reporters.

  • Kieran Clarges

    Why does America alway think its unaccountable for its actions? You bombed foreign soil without the permission of their government… How do you think America would respond to a American ally bombing American soil without youre permission?

  • sb

    CNN fake news is just pissed and out of their minds hoping Americans would be killed. CNN is a disgrace to the entire world. They're hoping to catch some marine beating the shit out of some protestor and get it on film so they can disparage more of our great military personnel. They're already calling these protestors "mourners". So now Iranian backed militia fueled by the terroist group Hezbollah are now " mourners". Geeze smh CNN are about some treasonous bastards.

  • Mark Romero

    Whose side are you CNN fucks on?! Fuck CNN you dirty ass TRAITORS! Invoke the insurrection act and WAISTE all of these radical Islamic sympathies!!! Fuck CNN!! Fucking TRAITORS!!#

  • Afro Samurai

    Idk why people even worry about foreign policy. We have the greatest military that we fund with trillions, we have the greatest scientists. No nation is a threat to the U.S.

  • Mark Romero


  • Susan Worrell

    I think the US should pull out all our troops from the Middle East, withdraw all funds from these countries, and let them destroy each other and their own people can fight their own battles.

  • db

    Sorry to poke your comfort Bubble… this is the year of perfect Vision 2020: “New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops For Disarmament And Reintegration Of US Civilians”

  • Edgar H

    #1 USA will demonstrate their democracy and strike human rights into these protesters. The military helicopters were just your hor d'oeuvre.

  • Suparna Kar

    I send (50 thousands Corors *50 thousands Corors )*5 U.S Currency To Destruction of U.S From SCT SUPARNA KAR Secrotoriel Genarel of RASTRA SANGHA DIRECTOR Of NASA DIREACTOR OF UNITED CRIME Organization withTADA AKT

  • antony michael

    Oh dear! …. You didn't see this coming?
    ….but wait!….
    What's #ForestTrump going to do now?….
    1. "Go cheat"…. at a game of Golf?
    2. "Tweet" …childish names and threats in Capital Letters?
    3. "Draw a Big Bang" …..on a map with a Sharpie?
    (my guess is all three!).

  • Suparna Kar

    I send (50 thousands Corors *50 thousands Corors )*5 IRAK Currency From SCT SUPARNA KAR Secrotoriel Genarel of RASTRA SANGHA DIRECTOR Of NASA DIREACTOR OF UNITED CRIME Organization withTADA AKT Direactor of UNECHAF

  • chaoreye

    Thanks to Trump.. everybody is angry with the Americans because of Trump's STUPIDITY lack of knowledge of CAUSE & EFFECTS of Stupid Trump DECISIONS !

  • pr0xZen

    Ever considered that Iraqis possibly don't want, never wanted a foreign state military invasion and occupation by the US? That a sovereign nation decides for themselves, what foreign influence, what foreign military bombings is acceptable on their own sovereign soil? We are violating a nation's – any nation's sovereignity by default just by being there with armed forces. Unless given explicit permission by the nation's governance saying otherwise. We were explicitly NOT given permission to bomb their national soil. We didn't even ask, nor care – being so ignorant and careless about invasion, war and killing that we seem to think a self-serving "heads up" curtesy call saying "we're bombing your military forces in a few minutes" means we're free to bomb whenever, wherever, whatever we feel like. And, that everyone – including the innocent civilians we kill (which has been consistantly over half of the 33 million people we've killed on foreign sovereign soil since after WW2), should be eternally greatful for that. The Iraqi govt even pleaded diplomatically that we refrain from bombing. We did not care one bit. Doesn't get much clearer a blatant violation of a sovereign nation than that; a hard, heavy arms act of war upon that sovereign nation.

    The US is the Manson family of the world – breaking into people's home, killing torturing and plundering the family members, then getting all surprised and righteous when the family and neighbors respond. While we're still in the bloody house. 39 countries in 75 years, not one of them a notable threat to the US, its population nor "our freedom". 33 million people killed by US troops – that is about as much as every service member from every country, and every jewish person – combined that lost their lives during WW2 and the holocaust. 17 million of those lives we've taken, are unarmed innocent civilians. Meaning statistically our military is a force of global mass murder sprees, more than military engagement.

    This is what we call peace. This is what we abuse and manipulate the will and heart of our sons and daughters to put their lives on the line for doing good, into doing. This is why America is furiously hated many places in the world. Because we are the grim reaper with an M16 and bombs. Our presence means death to civilians more so than combatants, and destruction of all they have and love. For what? Political crusading and plundering of resources. The bloody vikings were more righteous and merciful than us.

  • chaoreye

    Trump said he wants PEACE….🥴🥴🤪🤪🤪👹 Trump "solutions" aka bullying is NOT EFFECTIVE! This country is NOT his personally owned company other LEADERS don't comply with idiotic BULLY WAYS

  • MatterIsNotSolid

    Good morning lying CNN. How is Americas most despised fake news network this morning? What lies shall you tell today?

  • Larry Beasley

    why is CNN in the news feed? this is not a news organization… this channel is garbage does nothing but spread lies and hate daily….

  • Jimbo Frentizi

    Thank God we have a courageous and America- loving PRESIDENT!! The demtards would have apologized to the terrorists and helped them light the fires!

  • сукот

    After 20 years in Iraq, all money spent, all lives lost, They don't love us any more. So why just don't live them alone. They ok with shariah law, with dictators. Let them enjoy what they like.
    Be there for 100 years, result never change. Different religion, mentality, worship not a civilization and respect, but death and intimidation. The best was balance of the powers of Iran and Iraq before 1999.
    Hit, beat, exchange missiles to each other. Everybody was happy. Saddam Hussein knew how to behave with Ayatollah Khomeini. They love each other, because it's their sisters.

  • Johnny Johnstone

    Instead of reporting how President Trump didn't hesitate to send troops and no Americans were killed. Just the opposite of Obama and Clinton with a US Ambassador sacrificed for God knows what reason.

  • Are Gup

    2020 🙏🏽

    The president, under the Constitution, can be removed from office for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."
    High crimes and misdemeanors have historically encompassed corruption and abuses of the public trust, as opposed to indictable violations of criminal statutes.
    Former President Gerald Ford, while in Congress, famously said: "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history."
    No president has ever been removed as a direct result of impeachment. One, Richard Nixon, resigned before he could be removed. Two, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, were impeached by the House but not convicted by the Senate.


    What I get out of this is CNN is pro Americans enemies. It's just like they got to spin blacks and Hispanics attacking Jews in New York City and somehow try to blame those blacks and Hispanics attacking Jews on Trump which is Ludacris. Most of the hate in the world and here in United States is coming from the left. There is nothing positive when it comes to the left I mean killing babies anti religion, creating shithole cities,taxes with no end and race baiting for political gain. They truly suck the big one! What's so funny is the liberal Media and politicians are all on attacking America and attacking Trump thinking that will go against Trump but it's to clear and obvious to most what they're doing but it's actually going to be in Trumps favor and hopefully America's favor.

  • HKmaroLS1

    Maybe the US should stop fighting Israel's wars and get out of the Middle East. Twenty Years into this endless war on terror, enough is enough. No one is buying this crap anymore.

  • mike briganti


  • KK yue

    Funny the US Senators (Rubio and Pelosi and gang) attack HK Police for using Tear Gas and Water cannons to disperse protestors but NOT one syllable about US Army using the same tactics…

  • A_B_N AIRAQ أبن العراق

    هؤلاء. لا يمثلون العراقيين ولا يمثلون المتظاهرين في ساحه التحرير ,

  • N V

    Left media trying to spin this as a failure but we see through it. Unlike Benghazi we have a president that acts decisively and does not let good men die for political gain. Hello Hillary…..
    Funny now that Marines deployed the goat herders decided to leave.
    Go Trump, see you at 2020 re-election when Demorats will lose their minds lol.

  • MrDiscostu4u

    How wonderful to see the 100 person rapid response team come to the aid of those people. Imagine how scared they were after what happened to the Benghazi victims. God bless President Trump:)

  • Jackdevo

    They didn’t leave because they “gave America their message”, they left because they didn’t want bullets in their skulls😂😅

  • Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

    Sweden ended 2019 with a spike in bombings across the nation, which has prompted concern among security officials. The Crime Prevention Council estimated 236 incidents happened in the first 11 months of last year. The figure marked a major increase from all of 2018, when 162 incidents were recorded.

    An official with the Swedish Police Authority said bombings and explosions have changed over the past year.

    “The phenomenon of explosives as weapons in conflicts is relatively new,” stated Stefan Hector. “This means that we have considerable uncertainty as to where the parts for the explosive charges come from.”

  • Guy Lance

    The people of Iraq are sick of the brutal occupation of their country by nazi USA, of the daily slaughter of civilians by the yanks, and of the systematic plundering of their resources and assets by the yanks

  • MrQuartercent

    Everyone acts like she’ll die out there, we conducted 5 air strikes over one American death, what do you think they’ll do in response to another? They know not to touch her

  • Hajar Caraballo

    Hmm… Convenient that thumbs up in Iran is equivalent to the Western middle finger. Maybe it's the same in Iraq? Are they sending a message to Iran? Or to America? Anyway, it was lost in translation.

  • Man Of Mesopotamia

    Bombing militia by US at this time is a stuped movement, US now has distracted the attention of demonstraters. They were so angry on Iran. All their attention was to replace the corrupted Iraqi government which is terribly controlled by Iran. Now the militias belong to Iran will use this bad movement to push the demonstraters attention away from Iran😒.
    Knowing that most of those demonstraters are poor people. And of course They will affiliate any party that pays. Since The money is categorized in religious category

  • Smile Haha

    Only an american can ask the question; how could the irak people come so close to the american embassy…..pffffft! It is NOT your country! How is that! Americans act like Irak is a colony. You have NO rights,specially after all the exces abuse and war etc

  • simplicitDe

    These foreign countries don’t want the US in their countries. I don’t blame them. They’re telling us to go back to our country the same way the US tells foreigners to go back to their country. Everyone just go back home and leave each other alone for Christ sake. It’s not that hard… but every time a republican gets into office, their ego shoots up and then they look for war, making the US deficit accumulate even more than what we can handle… ego will destroy your life just so it can survive lol.

  • Earl Durant

    CNN you bunch of fake news, idiot's. You got blood on your hands including your useless journalist. You just hate Trump and all that is morally right and has logic.

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