Army Combat Fitness Test

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Army is introducing a
new physical fitness test. The current test, the Army
Physical Fitness Test, has been the test of record
since it was developed and implemented in 1980. It consists of two minutes
of push-ups, 10 minutes of sit-ups, and a two-mile run. The new test, the Army
combat fitness test, or ACFT, consists of six
events that are based on tasks a soldier
might encounter in training or combat. The ACFT tests all of
the major muscle groups, and provides an
accurate assessment of a soldier’s physical
readiness for military duties. The events are
completed in order, and take 50 minutes or less
for an individual soldier to complete. The uniform for the ACFT is the
Army physical fitness uniform. The events are the three
repetition maximum deadlift, the standing power throw,
the hand-release push-up, the sprint-drag-carry, the leg
tuck, and the two-mile run. The three repetition maximum
deadlift is the first event. The event is a test of lower
body muscular strength, coordination, and balance. Soldiers are required to
lift the maximum weight possible three
times under control, replicating a litter carry
or the movement of ammunition and supplies. The standing power throw
is the second event. The event is a test of
explosive power and coordination in the legs and arms. Soldiers are required to throw
a 10 pound ball up and backwards over the head for
maximum distance. The event replicates
the movement required to assist a buddy
over an obstacle, or the power required
to leap across a ditch. The hand-release push-up
is the third event. It tests endurance in the
muscles of the shoulders, arms, and trunk. The number of successfully
completed repetitions is counted over a
two minute period. The event is similar to hand
and arm movements required in combatives or repetitive
loading of ammunition and supplies. The sprint-drag-carry
is the fourth event. The event is timed and tests
a soldier’s movement skill under anaerobic conditions,
sprinting, dragging, carrying, turning, and moving sideways. The event replicates moving
a casualty to safety, moving supplies, or
moving under fire. The leg tuck is the fifth event. It develops upper body,
abdominal, and hip strength. From a straight
arm hang, soldiers must raise their legs up so
their knees or thighs touch their elbows. The number of successfully
completed repetitions is counted over a
two-minute period. This event replicates climbing
up and over walls, obstacles, or exiting disabled vehicles. The two-mile run
is the sixth event. The event tests
aerobic capacity. This event replicates
movements to and from contact. At the completion
of the two-mile run, the Army combat fitness
test is completed. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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