All the iPhone, iPads and iOS Updates coming in March 2020

All the iPhone, iPads and iOS Updates coming in March 2020

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
March is finally here and it looks like we’re going to have a bunch of products
released this month now the first thing is being March we normally have a March
event with some new products but this time they may not do it through an event
because a lot of big events are being canceled right now due to concern for
infection but hopefully someone finds a cure and those affected get better
quickly but until then gathering in large groups
may not be a great idea and so people are taking precautions so whether or not
they actually have an event at the Apple Campus to show off new products is hard
to say but either way it’s expected that there will be new products this month or
at least it looks like it but Apple has been known to change things on the fly
now if everything is true that they’ve actually had information leaked about
the first thing is we will see new iPhones and this is not the new iPhone
neither is this but this looks very similar to what the iPhone se or iPhone
9 / se 2 will look like I think it’s going to be called the iPhone 9 or
something else but this is what it should look like
basically the iPhone 8 all only the Apple logo would move to the middle and
they’d remove the iPhone name they also would update the processor whether it be
an a 12 or an 8 a 13 is hard to say with an updated camera and touch ID with a
similar display to the iPhone 8 so keeping the LCD display and making it a
much less expensive phone around $500 depending on the configuration four to
five hundred dollars so expect this in March if all of the information is
correct also expect some new spring watch bands every year Apple updates
their watch bands and this is just a standard watch band that came with this
watch but they do update the colors and I’ll be doing videos about the cases and
the watch bands that we expect them to release so expect those sorts of things
now something that’s been a very long time coming is Apple TV and I would
expect Apple TV to have a new version this month that whether or not it looks
different is hard to say but it should at least have new internals to update to
what we have today the a13 for example the Apple TV has a
very old processor in it at this point and Apple should probably update it and
make it a little bit faster or maybe give it a little bit more RAM and things
like that now along with that there are two things
that I’m not a hundred percent sure on the first thing is the iPad pro and so I
would expect updated iPads but it’s hard to say whether or not this will be in
march or at the end of the year so it’s really hard to say that and the other
thing that’s kind of floating around that I think is more likely than not is
an updated MacBook Pro with a 14 inch display or a 13 inch display so this is
the 16 inch model with the new type of keyboard going back to the scissor
switch keyboard and this is the newer style setup and I would expect Apple to
do something similar to this with a 13 or 14 inch setup now if they do that
that would be great it will bring everything kind of in step to where they
should be and then of course other than that I would expect powerbeats 4 if
those were shown in the code I showed that in some of my video earlier last
month where it was actually in the code of I think it was beta 2 iOS 13 point
for beta 2 showed powerbeats 4 in the code so I would expect those to be
announced as well and then or they may not be announced in an event and then
finally software updates so coming this month I would expect iOS 13 point for to
be finally released whenever all of these products come out so when Apple
releases those products they usually release this the update the same day I
would also expect along with iOS 13.4 also watch OS 6.2 along
with Mac OS 10.15.4 Mac OS Catalina has actually been pretty good
for me on this MacBook but not so good for me on the Mac Pro and so it could
use a little bit of an update and it really should use some sort of changes
to Final Cut Pro and things like that so hopefully they’ll have some updates
pushing out for that and then we can expect a few things later in the year
hopefully it looks like air tags that I’ve mentioned before that allow you to
remotely locate things using the find my app those should probably be coming
later this year along with maybe some new air pods or
air pods like that we’ve heard and maybe over the ear headphones as well it’s
hard to say those have been rumored for a little while but I’m not sure that
that’s credible at this point but either way it looks like those things are
coming this month so again iPhone 9 Apple TV iPad pro maybe 13-inch MacBook
Pro and then the software updates to go along with it and that’s really all
there is with this particular month I would expect all of those things along
with maybe beta 4 of iOS 13.4 to come out on Wednesday if they keep with what
they’ve done this past couple of weeks so expect the beta update this week at
some point and then also again this month is usually when they send out
invites to WWDC or the worldwide developer conference where they show the
next version of Mac OS iOS 14 and watch OS 7 and all those things so expect all
of those to be announced in June but they usually send the invites out or at
least make it available in March so it’s hard to say when that will actually
occur but if they do send that out would be great hopefully we can have large
gatherings and fears worldwide will go away with hopefully a cure at this point
so hopefully all those things are taken care of but either way this is what we
should see in March at least some of them now if you’d like to get your hands
on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do
and let me know what you think might be coming out aside from these that I’ve
already mentioned I’d love to hear what you have to say about that if you
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please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time thank you for watching the entire video
I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far I thought I’d ask you a
question I’ve asked similar questions in the past but I wanted to ask do you
think I should make these sorts of follow up videos a weekly thing on
Mondays or Tuesdays depending on what news we had now obviously if there’s no
new news I wouldn’t be making them regularly but it seems like lately every
week there’s some new information about upcoming features or changes or products
and things like that and I could also cover other brands as well it doesn’t
just have to be Apple but I wanted to know what you think about that since you
made it to the end of the video and if you
you would like to give me some input on that I’d love to hear from you in the
comments below again thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time


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