Alex Trebek Is Back for Season 36! | JEOPARDY!

(uplifting music)
– It’s another day at the office for me,
and an exciting day, because so many
great things have been happening.
We had Jeopardy! James last season,
and got tremendous publicity
for himself and for the show.
We have a new champion in Jason this year,
a typical Energizer
Bunny, I gotta tell you.
– I’d like to welcome you all
to the first day of season 36.
So put your hands together.
(audience applause)
– I’ve gone through a lot of chemotherapy,
and thankfully, that is now over.
I’m on the mend, and that’s
all I can hope for right now.
– [Announcer] The host of
Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek.
(audience applause)
– Who would I want to play me,
if they ever did a
biographical film about me?
Betty White.
(audience laughter)
It’s my birthday, as you all know.
They have a cake.
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
(audience applause)
– We have some exciting things coming up,
and I can’t wait to share
them with all of you.
Let me tell you, it’s
going to be a good year.
(soft electronic music)

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