Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Adam Schiff: Expect Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Release Next Week | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • Kenneth R Loper

    If the great (Rachel maddow) can pull up all these documents what do you think Congress has been able to get.presidents not too smart to leave such a vast trove of a paper trail 🤔

  • African Intelligence Report

    It's a real shame. They say 25% of Liberals are medicated…that leaves 75% who are not only dangerous to themselves but are a real danger to humanity. I suggest if you are a Liberal Democrat inclined voter that you seek Medical assistance… PRONTO"😳

  • jacky jacky

    A US woman was beaten up by Hong Kong police with no cause;; very brutal and inhuman by the demon police

  • Len Ovo

    Adam Shift will release the transcripts next week, as soon as he is done editing them behind closed doors. That's how he works because he doesn't want you to know the facts !!

  • Mark Diorio

    Ah yes, Lt. Col. Vindman says that there are parts missing from the transcript. Yet, 6 transcribers (who are not on Trumps staff) all were in agreement as to the accuracy of the transcripts. Imagine that. So at least 7 peoe on the call and ONE says it was not accurate, and the Dems believe THAT. 🤣

  • Robert Simonton

    Donald J Trump's impeachment should also include Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama selling 20% of America's nuclear radiation to the Russia

  • Doc Malthus

    Of course they locked up the notes. They know they are dealing with a psychopath who thinks the rules are for everybody else.

  • Yexus Hlub Hmoob

    As a Republican, I can see clearly that President Trump has turned the Republican Party into a Trumpican Party. No Republican members in the House nor Senate has the gut to tell their political leader that what he did was wrong and abusive of power.

  • clayton delanie

    I have to ask, why is Trump getting so many donations while the Dem's are barely scrapping by?
    Why are the Dem's Rally's having trouble filling a phone booth while Trump has 20,000 over flowing stadiums?
    Is impeachment the dem's only hope?
    Sure looks like they think it is.

  • the craw

    The Ukraine shakedown is bad enough… I suspect Trump has been making these deals with Saudi Arabia and China as well. Are the soldiers going to Saudi Arabia for the interests of the USA or the interests of Trump? What about the deal with China? Did Donald ask them to kick in some extra something for him personally?

  • Jerry Walker

    Potus held up funding approved for Ukraine pretty much a given. What happened to money approved for military use and diverted to build potus pet project. That by far makes America less safe

  • Toward Treatise

    Why are so many still listening to these people? They really don't want to be wrong, or something… I dont know. We all make mistakes right…

  • Simon Hansen

    U.S. Statutory Code 18-2394-Sedition Conspiracy is just as relevant today, as it was the first time I warned you not to break U.S. Statutes almost three years ago. The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but inexorably they do turn. oleg Gordievki's seminal 1992 expose on the KGB from inside the KGB explains in detail every Communist subversive organization the KGB knew of, which was about 100% of them, and what began as the Fabian Society, morphed into C.U.S.S. the Cambridge University Socialist's Society. British Spy Christopher Steele was a member of CUSS. So was Bill Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Late-Night Schill " John Oliver" ( Not his real name, and when Cambridge Colleges give an alumnus a name with John in it? They mean to perpetuate a multi-generational war that eases confusion by telling people to give those named " John" some lee-way, they are to ba an assumed Player in this game. Oh, SMOM Financed Rachael Maddow, CUSS card-carrying member of a Socialist Society.

  • Alvin Smith

    I am so depress at these news tRuMp and the P word I can't how could most powerful country manage to install a sleeps ball in the highest office where was the watch men to do all checks and balances if this horrible man can by pass security it means we are all in deep poo because it's is saying the world is for sale to the highest bidders we don't care wherever you are come from what ever you do now or the pass we take your Dow and we will fix you in the highest office I must give it to Putin he is the perfect puppet master he is pulling all strings recreating a world of caous this man t trump is a time bomb he start he a pre''dent for life as a joke

  • Keoki Ciervo

    Isn't it evident to any functioning adult that the GOONS OF PUTIN/GOP, their messiah, and his puppet master are attempting to overthrow our democracy? I'm amazed at so many individuals not understanding this. Well if Traitors get re-elected our Republic is gone. Oh then there will wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  • mw3516405

    Maddox ; There is a treaty I place with ukraine for investigation!! That's speculating ! Chairman Schiff misconduct with his parody is appalling !!

  • Milo Fonbil

    Must Watch
    CSPAN3: Rep Doug Collins remarks:
    Fox News Interview:

  • Wooly Bear

    If you demonrats practiced what you preached …you'd all be in jail …in accordance to your own measure of justice…. a thousand fold over …just think Hillary ..Hillary oh how Hilarious you've already set the bar. You people are so stupid.

  • Boss Hog Zoomer

    I realize Trump isn't the problem. The problem is an insidious, insider,elite,power driven,vicious political cabal that has been within our government that goes all the ways back to JFK assassination. Those are the forces Trump is at war with. The media is and has always been a part of this viciousness upon the American people and foreign governments. I am voting for Trump.

  • Brenda Novak

    These leftists are driving us away from the Democratic party. We see the lies, the bias, the scandalous foaming at the mouth hate and the appalling, dishonest things they do as they push for socialism. The democrats don't share our American values, that's not who Americans are. And how can Schiff be the lead of the intelligence committee when he so dumb he can't see he's driving democrats away?

  • Hildebeast Clinton

    Vegas has Trump winning in 2020. Odds +120. To put in this in perspective, the closest is Warren with odds +275. Psst: Democrats are going to lose badly.

  • Steve Jones

    Schiff's focused delusion is dangerous. Should listen to pelosi and focus on American interests. After Hillary and hating obama. Ppl could care less about a phone call. Economy good. America strong so socialism not coming. Biden will lose. Warren has make believe ideas lol

  • Tim Olsen

    Trumpeting The Trump Trumpet! Hey, YOU LEFTISTS, can you hear us yet! Well, DON’T worry about YOUR EARDRUMS “BREAKING” decibels are getting LOUDER! REMEMBER 2010, we VOTED, you WOULDN’T HEAR, the same in 12 and again in 14! In 16 you went knee wobbling ignorant, DEAF! You employed your ARSENAL of dirty, corrupt tactics AGAINST AMERICANS! By shoveling misinformation and lies, you had a paltry win in 18 against AMERICA/TRUMP! The truth is/has come out, AMERICA will NOW… “BREAK” YOU! Incoming…

  • stuartleetv

    Adam Schiff is a terrible example of what it means to being a JEW.
    If there is a way to get him kicked out of the Jewish people, they should immediately do it.

  • Exquisite Eva Grywalsky

    There are so many lies on this thread on both sides. Bunch uninformed crazies. BOTH SIDES!!
    People please stop listening to lies & start READING truth. For love of God. Our freedom is at stake here & only the fools who refuse to read will give our Country to Russia. Trump worked with Russia. It’s in the Report if you choose to read it like any intelligent person. Who wants to be informed. So you can actually know what you’re talking about when you comment. Then READ the Senate Intelligence Committee findings on HRC’s emails. Then read the 500+ pages of Mueller notes & memos just released from the investigation. Get a grip People!! Geezus. I worry more every day for my freedom because are so many stupid people in this Country anymore. It’s sad.
    I guess I should be more optimistic. The Nixon impeachment inquiry started with less people wanting it. Ended with a Country facing the TRUTH!!
    Perhaps will be same once all you delusional crazies face facts.

  • Racing Prospector

    🤣🤣 if you listen to anything outta Schiff's mouth then you really need to rethink you're life's choices! As well as MSNBC, cnn,fox ect..

  • Lynn Dragoman

    Giant nothing Burger until they put Adam Schiff in the electric chair. The whistleblower turns out to be a Paige Strok plant and Schiff and his staff are attempting a coup.

  • Indukuri Raju

    Rachel did discuss about the first attempt by the Presidents office. While discussing Konstantin Kilimnik that US and Ukraine have come to some agreement by allowing KILIMNIK to leave Ukraine, stop investigations on Paul Manafort and Ukraine got the weapons previously not allowed by Obama for fear of escalation of the situation in Ukraine

  • Indukuri Raju

    If nobody is above the law, why did Dems did nothing on the 10 cases of Obstruction of justice, Individual one indictment etc?

  • Simon Hansen

    Words Maddow actually said.. 2:47, " So the House has formally approved the " Process" going forward?".  " As by " Our" count, 1 or so witnesses have already testified".  " we" know you have four more you " Want" to, or " Expect-to"  interview on Monday, " Do you expect..that you, personally, or the Committee have the Facts, or are there still fundamental aspects of this you must understand?".       Attention Chronic Sufferers of TDS, there has been a major Class-Action Suit that could make you a small large amount of money, if you can answer a few simple questions.   " Did you, as a viewer of Main-Stream News, get the impression that the President is being Impeached?".  Because he is not.  Adam Schiff is INVESTIGATION INTO THE POSSIBILITY OF AN IMPEACHMENT.   Or, read the above.

  • Simon Hansen

    I have some pertinent information in regards to this entire Russia Hoax, plus a lot of other hoaxes that all tie together through one individual, a NON-AMERICAN CITIZEN, a SPY named Christopher Steele.   He is a U.K. Subject, not born in England, he was born in Aden, when the British were enslaving the place looking for Yellow-Cake Uranium, no doubt.   Steele's business is about 50% Nuclear related, and maybe  30% A.I. Spy computer related, ( He updates Palantir, so make your own assumptions), he is a big fan of " Open-Source Intelligence", " Exploiting Meta-Data then using the IMEI number on each individual's cell-phone in conjunction with Twitter, to target individuals for Death by Drone based only on meta-data alone.    Don't think this cannot be used in America, on Americans.

  • Simon Hansen

    Christopher Steele " Ran for his life" the Guardian reported one day, so I figured he would be too busy running to pay attention to his business.   I spent about 12 hours watching every YOUTUBE video he posted, he was BROKE for years, the Clinton promotion to Sec/State was his ticket back to the big-time.   He actually sold Clinton on his idea, the Open-Source intell, plus the meta-data as enough evidence to murder wedding parties.    He even described capturing the more subversive users of the interweb by creating his own " dark-web" of P-2-P servers, but always running all of the communications through his scanning hub first, and thus running a honey-pot of global proportions that has fooled lots of idiots.  But, he also said he could take all of the open source stuff he wanted.

  • Simon Hansen

    Steele provided a pretty good argument that all information that is publicly available on the internet, cannot be stolen through espionage as it was legally common knowledge.   So, I went to Spy Christopher Steele's Orbis business website, he offers a service for Western Investors who wish to make money in the emerging markets, who want to make sure they are not going to be in cahoots with some former genocidal general from Croatia.    Steele pays to get all that publicly information that credit-card companies use to give you a credit-score, he also gets all flight information worldwide, who is going where, and when, and for how long.   He then creates a story of He-Said/She-Said in which the times, dates, and names and locations are correct, the rest is not.

  • Simon Hansen

    You would think that a British Spy who helped not help the former Soviet Union transition into the World Capitalist economy, in his position as the head of the Russian Desk from 1990-2000, but you can assume that any business that Bill Clinton conducted with Russia from 1992-2000 was done with the full firm grasp on the buttocks approval of Christopher Steele.   America is under no threat from Russia.  Never have, and never will.   The British?  They FEAR Russia.  Mainly because the British are viscerally Weak.    So, I went to research Steele's Corporation online, and hit the right click button, this gibberish appeared on the screen, " HTML" something.   Somehow, I was able to understand it enough to see that Steele had no password to protect his most private information.  So, I took it all.

  • Simon Hansen

    As far as I can tell, from the 12 hours of study I put in, with Steele himself the proclaimed expert on how if it is freely available online?  It's not espionage to take it.   So, I took it.  Over 6,000 invoices that put Steele in over 14 Nations, including China, working with about 70% of the Nuclear Physicist's alive, and upgrading Palantir, Five-Eyes A.I. Spy in America.  Steele even leases Suite 700, 1414 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C, it is on the seventh floor, with a large picture-window with an unobscured view of the front porch of our White House.  From 400 yards away, I have to wonder why he is there, and why he has a Palantir Workstation installed.   The side-walk cafe' being the closest to the White-House,  using mocha-cups to perform dead-drops of White-House leaks has not escaped me.

  • Simon Hansen

    Steele's many spreadsheet entries show he has had PLENTY of access to Polonium 210, so as he was the last person seen with the " Russian reporter who died of Polonium 210 poisoning", it's more than suspicious when MI-6 assigns Steele to solve the crime, he implicated Russia of course.   He got his Polonium 210 from Lawrence Livermore's Short Half-Life Isotope Breeder Reactor on Bikini Atoll Road, ( Not on an island).    Steele even made money selling the frozen dead heads of homeless men found in Las Vegas with untreated brain tumors.   He sold over 300 heads.  He also sells the test equipment used by the so-called independent investigators of nuclear and biologic attacks, so he is in a great position to taint a machine to give a false-positive to suit the needs of his masters.

  • googello grump

    Schiff another weaselly Haman like the Haman in the book of Esther. He is now putting the final touches on the "gallows" he has been preparing for Trump…The gallows upon which he, himself will ultimately hang…..

  • Simon Hansen

    With over 6,000 individual contracts that British Spy Christopher Steele billed the ARRA for, and with ARRA contracts not being exactly top-secret, just writing down around ten entries a day from now until next October should provide Adam Schiff with all the evidence he could possibly need to convict himself.

  • AttyCPA1

    Adam Schiff —  Stanford, Harvard Law, Former Federal Prosecutor — is coming after you, Mr. Donald "Putin's Puppet" Trump.  Be very afraid, Donald.  You have no one on your side, Mr. Putin's Puppet, who is even close to as good and honorable a lawyer as Adam Schiff.

  • Al Bundy

    SCREW the "Transcript" Unlock The actual recording of the call and play it for the whole world to hear..
    Trump should be Demanding his "perfect" call is heard.

  • David Stone

    Lying 🤥 Angry Trump hating Democrat Adam Schiff, every time you move your big ugly lips 👄 out pop’s more lies. 🇺🇸President Trump gets my conservative Democrat vote again in 2020. I hope your voting constituent gives you the boot 👢 when you come up for re-election.

  • Dee Shiznittlebaum

    Anyone that takes anything Adam Schiff says into ANY consideration are

    A. People that champion corruption and love people that blatantly lie and then assume the majority of Americans are not intelligent enough to see through the half assed retraction as they grin and laugh behind closed doors.

    B. people that have listened to Roswell Rachel spew lies and theories that never came into fruition since 2015 and still think that she has anything but extreme disdain for an elected leader and opinion to try and force feed weaker minded people their opinion to manipulate them.

    C. People that don’t like the results of 2016 because the media has brainwashed them into the opinion of the CEO of the news companies choosing, all the while ignoring the obvious violations of the democrats while they try anything and everything to try to subvert a legal 2016 election.

    D. Mental midgets

    E. All of the above

    How did you score……..It’s a waste of time because people still are watching this BULLSCHIFF and Rachel here has a team of fake YouTube trolls that post positive comments because she thinks all people are dumb and will read them and just go along. ALL OF US ARE NOT IDIOTS……ASK YOURSELVES……Why do I watch a program that condescends and takes everything out of context and supports claims that never produce the results I expect and never so questions why? Because you are simple and these people love simple people because it’s easy to manipulate them.

  • Gus Gozar

    Say goodbye to Adam Rachel. He is about to lose again for his weak and unintelligent handling of the
    Impeachment. Dems are running short of reliable brains.

  • Diane Gagnon

    Talk about a "cooked goose" !!! His is fried, broiled,baked,grilled,braised and barbequed !!!!! No wonder his talons extended on the Justice Dept., Ya think he knew that he would sink like the Titanic unless he was able somehow to smear them with feces and convince us that they were up to no good and out to get 'em to keep his behind out of trouble???? BAM !!! It has back fired big time ! The good people have stayed the course and prevailed dispite the verbal filth thrown at them time and time again ! Tell me that this vile human, so called genius was sweating blood when Mr. Comey first made the scene, remember the look of ," Oh, no " what might this guy know about me ? The image of the genius seeing this tall man and knowing that he ,the "genius"
    may end up becoming the naked emperor and looking so guilt ridden and worried at the thoughts, as it appeared to me while I watched that day along with the rest of us back when.

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