ABB AF Series Contactors – A GalcoTV Overview

Welcome to G-TV! Today I will be showing you
ABB’s AF line of contactors. Within the unit are the contactor coils that utilize AF technology.
They have a wide range of coil voltage with 4 dual voltage coil ranges per amperage size.
The AF series also accepts both AC and DC voltage in same contactor. This is done internally,
where an electronic system rectifies the AC or DC control voltage to a DC voltage that
is applied to the coil, which safely operates the contactor in an optimized condition making
it virtually noise free. All AF contactors also have built in coil suppression. The low
coil power consumption allows for much lower Pull-in and Hold-in and can reduce the size
of a transformer or power supply. The contactor coils ensure that there is always enough energy
to keep its contacts closed. Its distinct pull-in and drop-out values ensure the contacts
are either open or closed, which eliminates contactor chattering, humming or buzzing related
to conventional contactor technology. Due to the AF technology, this line of contactors
is compact in size with a width reduction of up to 30% when compared to its predecessors.
These contactors can also be wired for reversing applications and require no spacing between
the contactors, even with the interlock. Most contactors would get wider by the width of
the interlock, while the AF series reduces the footprint. Contactors from AF09 to AF96
have coil connectors that can be moved from the top to the bottom. You can also add a
front mount accessory for coil connection with 1 normally open and 1 normally closed
auxiliary contact. AF 116 to AF 2650 can take up to 2 side mount auxiliary contact blocks
without adding to its width. The side mount auxiliary contacts are 1 normally open and
1 normally closed. All contactor accessories can be installed and removed without using
a tool. Lines from the AF 09 to AF96 can be installed and removed from a DIN Rail without
any tools. The ABB AF contactors from AF09 to AF96 and AF400 to AF2650 and all NF Control
Relays have been 3rd party safety certified and are certified to be used in safety circuits.
They can store enough energy to withstand voltage sags meet the Sag Immunity Standard
SEMI F47-0706. They also have enough energy to withstand Voltage Dips for approximately
20 milliseconds. Another great feature is the front accessible coil terminals that allows
for easier testing and servicing without the need to disconnect the contactor from cables
or bars. ABB’s AF line of contactors along with thousands of other products and services
are available at

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