8 Weeks Pregnancy Update! Pregnant Belly Shot And Symptoms

8 Weeks Pregnancy Update! Pregnant Belly Shot And Symptoms

hey guys welcome to my channel today I
am 8 weeks pregnant and I’m gonna fill you in on all of my 8 week pregnancy symptoms
in details I’m not questions listed in the description box below so you guys
kind of know what to expect every single pregnancy update I have a sweet friend
Breanna Kay and she used to do these questions every single update a long
time ago when she had baby pee and I loved it I thought it was the cutest
thing ever so I’m gonna go ahead and do those questions as well and let’s dive
into this pregnancy so the very first question is how far along are you and I
am actually just about to turn nine weeks but since I’ve kind of walked
through the eight week journey I felt like it was appropriate to kind of talk
about eight weeks now if I sound a little off I have been super nauseous
lately to the point where I’m kind of dry heaving all day long so I apologize
in advance if I don’t sound super peppy or super awesome I’m still like totally
struggling right now but I’m excited to share these with you I’m gonna be doing
updates every Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time so definitely pop on here
on Sundays if you want to fall on the pregnancy journey and if you too are
pregnant let me know in the comments below how far along you are and if you
know if you’re having a boy or girl boy or girl let me know in the comments
below so how much we if I date I’ve gained a total of 1 pounds as I’ve
started I started at 137 and I know a 138 am I wearing maternity clothes so
the answer to this is that I’m kind of in a funny place right now my jeans that
I traditionally wear are really tight like just super tight and that’s kind of
the way that I like them but I noticed when I wear them even though I still fit
into them they really hurt the baby like it causes me to feel a little crampy so
I immediately take them off I bought a ton of like maternity pants
and I bought them actually a size up because I was like okay these are a
little bit more expensive ones I got AG genes so they were a little bit more
pricey so I was like since they’re so expensive I want to size up for when I
get to this size but because I sized up they don’t really fit right they’re
super baggy to the point where it honestly looks like it just looks like a
mess like it looks so sloppy because they’re so incredibly baggy and the
maternity belly part like since I don’t really have a big belly it hangs down
really low so what I’ve been doing is trying to wear my regular pants and just
kind of leave them a bun I know it sounds so weird I’m not gonna be able to
do this much longer but that’s what I’m kind of doing so today I have on regular
pants and a regular just oversized sweater and then I have like a bra tank
top on that it’s been really nice because it holds in but it’s long enough
to like cover up my pants so that’s what I’m wearing today do I have any stretch
marks I don’t have any stretch marks yet I have noticed my skin has felt really
like sticky and itchy lately and I’m trying to avoid itching at all
costs how is sleeping boys sleep it’s actually
going really really good I think the only thing that’s kind of stinking is at
nighttime my belly bloats up a lot just since the pregnancy it’s not a normal
symptom I’ve ever experienced and it bloats up a ton at night and to the
point where it’s so uncomfortable like honestly the most uncomfortable crampy
yucky feeling ever so I feel like right when I’m trying to go to bed like I feel
like I have to like rotate my belly around a couple of times just to kind of
move things around to calm it down a little bit and that’s been irritating I
gots a good word is just irritating not a big deal but totally irritating best
moment this week the best moment this week was seeing the baby’s heartbeat at
our OBGYN we saw it a week prior like one of those sneak peak places but going
to the OBGYN and having her give her professional
and kind of looking at the baby and saying wow everything looks really good
from my eyes so far it was a huge breath of fresh air and in the very beginning
of my pregnancy I noticed I had some symptoms that were similar to my last
miscarriage that I had symptoms were kind of similar and I was really nervous
I had weight loss it at the very beginning of my pregnancy I was a little
crampy I didn’t have a ton of symptoms and I was just nervous I was really
really nervous to be honest with you seeing that heartbeat was honestly just
the biggest breath of fresh air and it’s been the best part of the week for sure
am I missing anything I think the biggest thing that I’m missing this week
has been my clothes I missed out fitting into anything like I said the maternity
pants like the pregnancy part goes solo it just doesn’t work and I am only eight
weeks pregnant guys like what are we gonna do if I already miss my clothes if
you have any solutions for like maternity clothes or tricks or hacks
that you did to kind of wear clothes a certain way or things that you bought in
a certain way like I’ve done this before I had been pregnant before but I can’t
remember like honestly I think what I did in my previous pregnancies as I wore
size large yoga pants because they were big enough to stretch and oversized guys
teacher t-shirts like all of the time so the question is how do you be stylish
and still be comfortable and still fit good sorry guys I keep gagging so if my
eyes look really red like I’m crying in between these questions and we’re really
sorry I’m like I keep driving I’m so sorry guys
oh okay am i noticing any movement for the baby no I haven’t noticed any
movement yet food cravings okay guys so the cravings that I’m having right now
are just so different from any pregnancy I’ve ever had I am craving salads
biggest craving is salads apples I really AM into grapes water lemonade
which I’m not surprised don’t know that’s like a continuation of all
pregnancies is eliminated for me and my biggest craving right now is actually
dry toast crunchy dry toast with vegan cream
cheese on top with a little bit of vegan butter so weird but I’m definitely
thinking that’s why I’m starting to bloat up because in the last couple days
back to my craving so I’m like oh okay it’ll work is anything making you queasy
or sick oh my gosh this has been the worst my gag reflex is insane and if I
have any like blend in my throat or anything like that
I am literally puking or gagging or dry heaving when I brush my teeth oh my gosh
I literally have to like hold on to the sink rail kind of lean over the sink and
my tummy just like Quivers like almost like a seat tell me if you know what I’m
talking about I just like shake for a second like you’re just about to puke
but you don’t puke because you’re trying to brush your teeth you’re in your
tongue so you don’t smell nasty around other people who brushing my teeth is
easily the worst thing for me but another thing that’s kind of made me
queasy is Indian food and this is so bad but I had a rug in my bedroom and it
kind of had like an Indian pattern and I told my husband in the morning that it
made me so sick to my stomach just seeing the pattern because it reminded
me of the food and I was like I’ve never had such an extreme like headspace ever
but I have heard of other people having extreme like queasiness for weird
reasons and that is easily the weirdest thing I’ve ever had everything makes me
queasy greasy food fried food the idea of meat makes me sick to my stomach
um what else makes me really sick it you wouldn’t even think of the smell of soda
pop makes me want to vomit oh I don’t even know why what else like
there is so much this time around that I can’t even explain it like it’s never
been this bad usually like I’m
I usually have a food aversions like Indian food it kind of bothers me a
little bit and something oh but this one’s like I am everything grosses me
out my husband’s like honey I don’t know what to make you because everything
dresses you and I’m like I don’t know what to tell you man I have no clue
gender guesses what do I think the baby is gonna be I totally think this baby is
a girl 100% because of the time that was conceived the heart rate has been really
really high our first heartbeat was 162 our second heart rate was 185 I think so
I’m just like totally thinking it’s a girl having any labor signs no thank
goodness symptoms my biggest symptoms like I already
mentioned I’m kind of having a lot of gag reflexes everything’s making me gag
really bloated like I talked to you guys about I’m noticing a little bit of this
stretching in my tummy so I’m not remember stretched ligaments is that
what’s called I have to be a little bit more than normal which is surprising
seeing as it’s so so early in the pregnancy but that’s for sure
I’m definitely thirsty more and I’m a little bit short of breath which I am a
little bit short of breath prior to that because I have pots but this is a little
bit different like a little bit more than normal it’s my belly button in or
out it is in my wedding ring on or off on how have I been feeling lately happy
or moody I would say I’m a little bit more snippy than usual hopeful which
sounds horrible but it’s true I told my husband the other day hey just a heads
up I think that I’m being a little bit more agitated easier so stay out of my
line of fire because I don’t want to upset you and I don’t want to like
irritate anyone so it definitely moody right now what am I looking
forward to most I think this week one of the things I’m looking forward to most
is getting to that twenty week mark and just feeling really good like feeling
not good because the symptoms have gone away but feeling good like she’s in
there nothing’s happening I can start preparing for the baby to get here kind
of thing so I am looking forward to the 20 week mark I know that so ahead and
that’s so rushing the pregnancy to think that far but it’s one thing that I’m
kind of excited about okay now for the belly shot let me show you and let me
tell you before I show you this my belly is literally just blow like this isn’t
the baby the baby’s this big like the size of a grain so this isn’t baby
popping out like she’s huge lady like this is just homegirls bloating up like
hardcore this is like I said my pants unbuttoned so don’t be alarmed again like I said like you’ll notice
like I am a little bit more pudgy’s and typical and this is super super soft and
not super firm so this is totally just blue but all right guys that’s
everything for the update you have any questions for me leave them in the
comments below if you have any video requests while I’m pregnant let me know
and if you two are pregnant and we know how many weeks you are down below I’d
love to hear that and I can’t wait to see you guys next Sunday and my nine
week bye guys


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