2020 March 03 BBC One minute World News

2020 March 03 BBC One minute World News

this is BBC World News the headlines
South Korean president moon jaein has declared war against the coronavirus
placing all government agencies on a 24-hour emergency footing the country
has nearly 5,000 confirmed cases the largest in the world outside of China
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared victory in the
country’s third election in a year latest results put his lahood party on
35 seats ahead of his chief rival been against with 31 Democratic presidential
hopeful Joe Biden has been endorsed by former rivals Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar it comes as Democrats in 14 states prepare to cast their votes in
the race to choose the candidate who will face Donald Trump in November and
the BBC has uncovered evidence that police acted alongside Hindu rioters as
religious violence swept the capital Delhi last week the death toll has now
risen to 46

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