Unconfirmed information got into the network, that in the new
season, Yaman to join the series “Revival
Osman “, which will be broadcast on ATV, for the role
from the main character’s moons.
Previously, Mr. Yaman was offered this role, but the actor refused
from her, because of the filming of the TV series “Early Bird”.
Let’s see how events unfold, but it would be interesting
see Jan in such a new role, and what do you think
write in the comments.
Jan caught the bird of luck by the tail, popularity
which took off after the release of the Turkish series
“Early Bird” (Erkenci Kus), got into the top 3000 IMDb ranking, taking
2281 place.
He took a leading position in the world’s largest base
This is a sign of great success and recognition.
Among 11 million actors and actresses of the service, Jan Yaman
(Can Yaman) is the first Turkish representative
movie industry ranked so high
position in STARmeter, with which we heartily congratulate him
and wish him new achievements. That’s all for us, sign up
to the channel and see you soon.

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